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Pastor Jim Bakker and Zach Drew report on the Second Blood Moon of the Tetrad on The Jim Bakker Show.


The bad news is that the good news is Jesus is coming back. The good news is really the bad news because all these things must come to pass. All of Matthew 24 has to come to pass in order [for Jesus to return]. -Pastor Jim Bakker

I believe the other gospel the Bible talks of…it’s the love of money… – Pastor Jim Bakker


Genesis 1:14 KJV And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

John 14:1 KJV Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

Matthew 24 – Jesus Describes the Signs of the End of the Age

Psalm 37:3-5 KJV Trust in the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed. Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

Hebrews 10:31 KJV It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

Proverbs 22:3 NCV The wise see danger ahead and avoid it, but fools keep going and get into trouble.

Deuteronomy 28:1-14 – Blessings for Obedience to God

Deuteronomy 28:15-68 – Curses for Disobedience to God

Deuteronomy 28:58 NKJV “If you do not carefully observe all the words of this law that are written in this book, that you may fear this glorious and awesome name, THE LORD YOUR GOD,

Deuteronomy 28:60 NKJV Moreover He will bring back on you all the diseases of Egypt, of which you were afraid, and they shall cling to you.

Deuteronomy 28:59 NKJV then the Lord will bring upon you and your descendants extraordinary plagues—great and prolonged plagues—and serious and prolonged sicknesses.

Exodus 20:1-21 The Ten Commandments

I Timothy 6:10 KJV For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Matthew 6:24 NIV “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

Deuteronomy 28:5 NKJV “Blessed shall be your basket and your kneading bowl.

Deuteronomy 28:3 NKJV “Blessed shall you be in the city, and blessed shall you be in the country.

Acts 2:17 KJV And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

Esther 4:14 KJV For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father’s house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?

Deuteronomy 28:49-50 NKJV  The Lord will bring a nation against you from afar, from the end of the earth, as swift as the eagle flies, a nation whose language you will not understand, a nation of fierce countenance, which does not respect the elderly nor show favor to the young.

Proverbs 1:20-33 – Wisdom Calls Out

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