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Pastor Jim & Lori Bakker welcome Larry Randolph as they discuss Discerning the Times for Day 1 on The Jim Bakker Show.


You are so Beautiful to Me

Unchained Medley


When the world’s coming apart, Dino is going to play the piano and we’re going to dance and sing because the King is coming back! – Pastor Jim Bakker

I want to sit here and cry because people don’t get it. This thing is so real. God is so real. – Pastor Jim Bakker

Rick said…we should be living so much in the supernatural realm, that that’s our reality. [And] whenever we come back to this world, it should seem odd. – Zach Drew

That’s what I love about our Lord. He works in the supernatural, and He will do so much more than you can possibly imagine. – Lori Graham Bakker

Miracles don’t always come in a second. My miracles have come over this lifetime. – Pastor Jim Bakker

It’s either a dead-stop calamity for you or an opportunity depending on your posture in God…God is a redemptive God that know s how to capitalize on bad situations. – Larry Randolph

Obedience and preparation, I love it. That’s what our whole ministry is about, right there! – Lori Graham Bakker


Genesis 41:28-52 Joseph Prepares for Famine

Genesis 6-9 The Story of Noah

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