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Pastor Jim & Lori Bakker welcome Pat & Shirley Boone as they discuss Lori’s House for Day 3 on The Jim Bakker Show.


Let Me Live

Thank You Billy Graham


It’s the new beginning. Harvest time! -Pastor Jim Bakker

God is going to restore everything you lost. -Pastor Jim Bakker


Romans 13:7 AMP Render to all men their dues. [Pay] taxes to whom taxes are due, revenue to whom revenue is due, respect to whom respect is due, and honor to whom honor is due.

Psalm 106:38 KJV And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood.

Matthew 25:36 NCV I was without clothes, and you gave me something to wear. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me.’

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