Sehen Gebetsanliegen

Bitte fügen Sie Ihre Gebete zu uns und stehen im Glauben für die folgenden Anforderungen erfüllt werden.

  • Judy's daughter Peronica is away from the Lord and needs to be saved! Betet, dass die Überzeugung von dem Heiligen Geist und der Güte Gottes wird sie dem Herrn bringen!
  • Susan angefordert Gebet für sie 4 Kinder. None of them know the Lord.
  • Ziva braucht ein Wunder! She has been diagnosed with cancer and has started chemo. Please pray that she will be completely healed and that it will not come back! Es ist nichts zu hart für unseren Gott!
  • Pray for Patricia's friend, Jim, um geheilt zu werden. He recently had to go to ER with heart issues. Her granddaughter Melanie also needs to be saved and healed. She lost her job due to illness. Let's pray for God to work in both of these lives.
  • Betet für Pastor und seine Frau Clete, Carol. They are on a trip visiting family. Pray that they will be kept safe as they travel and be a blessing to many while they are on the trip!
  • Pray that the Lord will work a work of healing and restoration in Lucy and her husband's marriage. Pray that the love will be rekindled in both of their hearts and that they will forgive each other and be willing to begin anew. They have been married for 38 Jahre.
  • Clay has found himself in a desperate situation. He is on SS disability and his mother had been helping him with the mortgage payments. She recently passed away and now he fears he will find himself homeless within a few months. Pray that the Lord will work in this situation and a solution to the problem will be found.
  • Thomas angefordert Gebet für seine Frau, Violett, who has recently found out that she again has lung cancer. We curse this cancer in the Name of Jesus Christ!
  • Marty needs to sell her house. Pray that it will sell soon to the right buyer at the right price! Marty is also battling arthritis. We speak to the pain to go in Jesus' Mighty Name.
  • Please pray that Carolkay's daughter will call her. Pray that the Lord will work in her daughter's heart and that their relationship will be restored.
  • Steven's grandmother recently had surgery and later one of her lungs collapsed. Pray that the lung will heal and she will soon be up and about, ohne weitere Rückschläge.
  • Pray for Elaine's son, Tochter, und Tochter-in-law, um gerettet zu werden.
  • Shayla ist schwanger und hat eine seltene Lebererkrankung. The baby is to be taken 6 weeks early because the disease could harm the baby. Pray for both them to be kept safe and that all will go well with the delivery. Let's also pray for Shayla to be healed! Jesus paid the price for her healing at Calvary!
  • Diana angefordert Gebet für ihre Ehe. She has been married for 32 Jahren und hat 3 Kinder. Her husband does not know the Lord! Pray that the Lord will work a miracle in this situation and bring healing!
  • He has been having chronic pain since his cancer surgery. Pray for his total healing and that the pain will be gone in Jesus' Mighty Name!
  • Michael, a disabled police officer has had assault charges filed against him. A dog was poisoned, and Michael needs legal favor. Pray that God will intervene in this situation and that justice will be served!
  • Helen muss geheilt werden! She has contact dermatitis all over her legs, as well as a prolapsed bladder. Pray that she will make the right decision regarding whether to have surgery or not.
  • Sue and Chet need a motorhome so that they can come and stay and help in the ministry. Pray that the Lord will lead them to the perfect one that will suit their needs! They are always such a blessing when they come!
  • Beten Sie für Amerika heute! Pray that attempts of the enemy to destroy our nation will be thwarted! Pray that the Lord will move powerfully by His Spirit and many will be saved in a mighty spiritual Awakening!
  • Pray for Penny who has recently been saved and delivered from drugs. Pray that she will continue to be able to resist drugs as she grows in the Grace of God!