Sehen Gebetsanliegen

Bitte fügen Sie Ihre Gebete zu uns und stehen im Glauben für die folgenden Anforderungen erfüllt werden.

  • Betet für Ronnie, die in und aus dem Gefängnis gewesen ist für 12 Jahre. He currently is in jail now. Pray that he will have a life changing encounter with the Lord!
  • Patricia is dealing with colon problems and has an abdominal hernia. Let's stand in faith upon the Word of God and believe for her total healing! Amen!
  • Pray for Sandy's husband who is involved in a work related lawsuit. It has been going on for 4 years now and it has been a very draining situation. Sandy is very concerned for her husband's spiritual condition. Please pray for his health, Heilung, und die Wiederherstellung körperlich, mental und vor allem geistig.
  • Roger has Heart Arrhythmia and two of the chambers in his heart are enlarged. He needs a miracle of healing!
  • Doris hat Gebet für kleine Tyler angefordert, sie 3 year old grandson who may need spinal surgery. Es ist nichts zu hart für unseren Gott! We are standing in faith and agreement for complete healing for Tyler!
  • Stephanie is suffering with pain in her shoulder and rib cage. The doctor says she has 5 fractures. She is fearful as the doctor has given a negative diagnosis. We bind this spirit of fear and Lord we stand in faith and curse all sickness and disease in her body. By Your stripes she is healed!  
  • Pray for Lisa's daughter Sarah who is having a hard time swallowing food. She has seen a gastrointestinal doctor recently and we are believing for her healing! Danke Jesus!
  • Pray for Ruth who fell recently. She is elderly and she does not know the Lord. We know that the Lord is not willing that any should perish but that all should be saved! Let's intercede for Ruth so that her heart will be open to receive Christ! We pull down those strongholds that bind her mind in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!
  • Melody's daughter has a very high fever. Ihre Temperatur ist 106 and she has been rushed to the ER. Pray that the fever will subside and they will get to the root of the problem.
  • Doreen wurde die Betreuung von ihrem Vater, who has Alzheimer's, für das letzte 5 Jahre. She has not been able to work outside the home because of this and is living in a poverty situation. Pray for divine intervention and that the Lord will send a financial miracle!
  • Sharee requested prayer for wisdom in her own life and that she would walk in an attitude of love that comes from God. She also asked prayer for her daughter who is living in a homosexual life style and needs deliverance.
  • Robert und Betty sind eine wertvolle älteres Ehepaar. They need our prayers as they have several health issues. Robert has thyroid issues that were caused from radiation he received when he was young. Betty is battling pernicious anemia. Let's believe God that their latter years will be better than their former years and that the Lord will touch them by His Spirit and strengthen them. Hallelujah!
  • Pray for Jill's daughter who has had a drug addiction for 10 years and is in need of God's touch. She has been in prison and will be returning home in September. She has told her mother that she is living for the Lord now. Pray that she has had a total deliverance and that she will be kept by God's Grace and not fall back into her old ways! She is a gifted person whom the enemy has tried to destroy.
  • Natasha has three children and is suffering from symptoms of MS. It is difficult for her and she is crying out to the Lord! Let's stand in faith with her and believe God to totally heal her! The price was paid at Calvary for her healing and redemption! Durch seine Wunden sind sie geheilt wird!
  • Betet, dass Ivan wird Weisheit und Gnade bei der Arbeit haben in der Verwaltung einige schwierige Mitarbeiter.
  • Carol's mailman shared with them that he and his family need prayer. He wasn't specific but God knows! Pray that whatever the situation is that God will bring comfort, Heilung, Führung und Schutz.
  • Betet für buffey und Dale, die in der Ukraine jetzt die Annahme eines sind 5 year old orphan girl. Pray that the adoption process will move along quickly and they will be able to return to Indiana soon where their two boys are waiting and wanting Mom and Dad back.
  • Paul is having problems breathing due to lung disease. He prayed the prayer of faith and is believing God touched him. Agree with us that it is a done deal for him. James 5:15.
  • Melvin needs a financial breakthrough to enable him to meet his obligations.
  • Lou von Phlebitis leiden und hat Fieber. Pray for total healing!