Sehen Gebetsanliegen

Bitte fügen Sie Ihre Gebete zu uns und stehen im Glauben für die folgenden Anforderungen erfüllt werden.

  • Pray that Wanda and her husband will begin to learn to relate properly to each other and that the Lord will totally heal their relationship
  • Barbara has a great burden for her Granddaughter, Joanna, wer ist 16. Joanna is a "cutter". Her mother died 3 years ago and she has suffered much emotional pain. Pray that Joanna will come to Jesus and be set free!
  • Pray for little Michael, wer ist 9 Monate alt. He had a liver transplant and now may need a biopsy. Please pray for complete healing.
  • Tina is concerned about her friend Terry, who is planning 0n getting married. Pray that if this is not the right person to be her husband that something will happen to stop the wedding plans.
  • Pray that the veil will be removed from Paul's mind and heart and that he will make a complete surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray that the Lord will reveal Himself in a mighty way to Paul!
  • Ann is suffering with severe arthritis in her hands, fingers and wrists. She also is dealing with obstructions an an undiagnosed disorder of the lymph system. Pray that the Lord will heal her, Geist, Seele und Körper!
  • Pray for Scott's family and friends to be saved.
  • Pamela is desiring a closer relationship with her family. Pray that restoration will take place.
  • Joseph is struggling and not sure about God. He is uncertain of his belief in God. We bind this spirit of unbelief in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, that Name that is above all other names!
  • Pray for Jane's 19 year old Grandson to come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ!
  • Pray that Jenelle will have favor with her rental properties.
  • Pray for Annie. She is suffering with a pinched nerve and is in a lot of pain.
  • Please continue to pray for David who is battling COPD! The price was paid at Calvary for his healing!
  • Pray that Barbara's children will all come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ!
  • Nelwyn, the precious Evangelist who prays regularly for the Ministry, is going through some hard times and trials. Pray that the Lord's Grace will cover her and strengthen her at this time.
  • Pray for little Joseph, die nur 17 Monate alt. He is having some body muscle issues. He is not able to sit up and stay up or move as he should at this age. He needs a miracle of healing! Let's stand in faith for this little guy! By His Stripes he is healed! 1Peter 2:24.
  • Pray for Pat who has been diagnosed with cancer in her lung and bladder. She also has pneumonia and an infection. We curse this cancer in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!
  • Marilyn has a heart condition and is fearful as her father and sister died from heart disease. Pray against this spirit of fear and pray for her healing!
  • Abbey has severe low blood sugar issues as well as thyroid problems. Betet für ihre Heilung!
  • Pray that Michele will find employment soon as she is in desperate straights.

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