Sehen Gebetsanliegen

Bitte fügen Sie Ihre Gebete zu uns und stehen im Glauben für die folgenden Anforderungen erfüllt werden.

  • Pray that the Lord will open the doors for Wynetta to have new and meaningful friendships with those she can trust. Pray that her trust in the Lord will grow and that all fear will leave in Jesus' Name! Pray for her to have good health and to be totally made whole!
  • Ann requested prayer for her son to be healed in his body and marriage. Pray that he and his wife will go back to church and will surrender their lives to the Lord.
  • Leslie wurde im Krankenhaus für eine Weile gewesen und braucht eine echte finanzielle Durchbruch, da es Rechnungen, die bezahlt werden müssen!
  • Olene is a powerful woman of God. She is suffering with Pulmonary Fibrosis and is on oxygen full time. Recently the FDA has approved the usage of a new drug for her on a trial basis for 2 - 5 Jahre. Let's believe God for a healing miracle in her body and complete deliverance from this disease that has so greatly affected her breathing.
  • Please continue to pray for Debra who has various severe health issues. She is having trouble sleeping at night and is chronically fatigued. She cannot go outside, cannot stand any lights on in the house and is suffering from a rash on her arms. She is beside herself and her husband is also worn out. Pray that she will be totally set free from all fear and that these symptoms will go in the Mighty Name of Jesus!
  • James called for prayer for himself and his wife. His wife has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and has been sick for 4 Jahre. James is a retired military man and is caring for his wife at home as he is faithful to his marriage covenant and is committed to his wife "für besser oder schlechter". Pray for James too as he too has some health issues.
  • Doris hat eine schwere Belastung für ihren Sohn Anthony, who is a prodigal. Pray that he will return home and go back to his job. Am meisten, dass der Herr sein Herz fassen und er wird seinen Weg mit Jesus zurück.
  • Nancy was stretching in her chair recently when extreme pain started in her back. The Doctor thought it might be a kidney stone, but she still has no relief after treatment. Pray that she will be completely set free from the discomfort and pain. We rebuke this pain in the Mighty Name of Jesus!
  • Jake and his wife are Meth addicts. Sie haben 4 children who are 1,3,4,and 6. Pray that Jake and his wife will come to the Lord and that in the days to come the whole family will be saved!
  • Ellen is in a battle with cancer and needs prayer to be healed. "Wir stehen auf Ihrer Word-, O Lord, dass durch Ihre Streifen sie geheilt wird!"
  • Pray for Mark who had a kidney removed and has lost his job. A friend David is having seizures. They are having to confront a phone issue today regarding their son and his cell phone. Pray that they have wisdom for what they are facing and also pray for healing for Mark and David.
  • David, wer ist 24 years old and autistic, wurde erhängt in seiner Gefängniszelle, but he did survive. He is under a 30 day evaluation and then will have a trial. Pray that a pastor will be able to get in and minister to him and pray for him.
  • Peggy is suffering with terrible pain and inflammation in her lower back and hip. She also is requesting prayer for God's protection to surround her in the place where she lives. Let's believe God to do a mighty work of healing and deliverance in her spirit, Seele und Körper!
  • Jean, who is elderly lives up in the Sierras. Her well has gone dry and she has no water. She hasn't been able to bathe. She has no church fellowship. Pray that the Lord will work a miracle for her!
  • Belva had a mastectomy and is now undergoing chemo treatment. Pray for her complete recovery and healing!
  • David's cousin Linda has had an Aneurism and has been taken to the hospital in Tampa, Florida. Pray for a miracle of restoration to take place. Herr Jesus, may your Resurrection Life flow into Linda's body and mind this day!
  • Barb had a spot on her left hand which came back positive from the Lab. The Doctor removed it. Pray for a complete healing!
  • Pray for Ginny's grandson Bryce. Er ist 24 and was told by his physician that he has a dark spot on his brain. They have done several scans and will have an MRI soon. Pray that the Lord will heal him and that the spot will be gone when he is examined the next time. Bryce recently had a fall, but the doctor doesn't seem to feel that the spot is a result of the fall.
  • Betet für Philip, der von Hepatitis B leidet. Es ist nichts zu hart für unseren Gott!
  • Patty's oldest daughter was diagnosed with MS five years ago. Sie ist 26. She has various other health issues including sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome and fibromyalgia. She is also overweight. Pray that the Lord will give her the desire to lose weight and that He will touch and heal her from these other problems. Gott ist in der Lage!!