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Always give God the glory and praise for your answered prayers. Let’s brag on Jesus. It is because of His love and great sacrifice that we can approach the throne of God with our petitions. (Psalm 23:6)

Thank you, Lord, for all these praise reports!

You are such a good God!

  • During recent months Linda called for prayer as she was diagnosed with Stage 3 uterine cancer. She underwent chemotherapy and had a hysterectomy.  Her husband called the other day to report the wonderful news that she is now cancer free!  Praise the Lord!  We are rejoicing with her!
  • Kindra is so thankful for all the prayers.  They were in a financial bind, but her husband has been offered a full time job that offers a salary 3 times of what he currently has been making.  They are ecstatic and cannot wait to give it back to God and bless others!
  • Recently Linda called and it was such a blessing talking with her.   She was an atheist to whom the Lord revealed Himself a number of years ago.  The Lord actually took her to Heaven and her life was changed forever.
  • Lina shared with us the prayer she prayed for Pastor Jim and Lori.  "Dear God, I pray that you shelter Jim and Lori Bakker and all of the land that he has claimed for the Kingdom.  Shelter them with your hands, like a great dome over all that is there.  We claim this land as territory of the Kingdom of God.  It shall be a City of refuge.  I ask your anointing upon Jim and Lori and all who have joined in to bring this  vision to fulfillment.  Blessings upon their hearts, souls and minds.   Clarity of thought.  Ears to hear your words and direction.  Lift them up, hold them close.  Minister to the secret dreams and wishes of their hearts.  I pray it all in Jesus' Name.  Amen."  Thank you Lina for that precious prayer!
  • Dave had a financial need.  After he received prayer his financial need was met.  Hallelujah!
  • Linda called for prayer and after prayer she was healed!  Praise the Lord!
  • After coming home from work one day, Mike felt impressed by the Lord to sit outside and study the Word of God.  He had been reading in the book of Revelation and was studying about the 7 seals and the 4 horses of the apocalypse.  He began to ask the Lord about the Tribulation and whether or not we were going to go thru it.  All of a sudden he heard a rumbling and as he looked to his left the sound was getting louder and then he could see running in the next pasture a red and then a black horse.  He couldn't believe it!  The horses were running full blast.  He knew that instant God was telling him that it is coming.  He knew that God was warning him of what was to come.  Instantly, he thought of Pastor Jim and felt it was a true sign from God!
  • Mona writes:  "Jim and Tammy Bakker are the reason I became a Christian in the 1970's.  I still read from their PTL Parallel Bible.  I am so grateful for their program that led me to Jesus Christ!"
  • Lisa witnessed to a man she knew at Walmart over several weeks duration.  He had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and had lost so much weight that he looked terrible, and was unable to eat.  Praise the Lord, he is eating now and has gained 15 pounds.
  • Eugene called in a praise report regarding his mother Molly Faye.  Forty years ago she gave her heart to the Lord while watching the Jim Bakker Show.  She was a severe alcoholic and very abusive.  Since then, she has brought many to the Lord.  At the time of her salvation Eugene was only 10 years old. What a wonderful report of God's Grace working in a life!
  • Margaret called in earlier to ask for prayer as she had backed her truck into her girlfriend's car.  All worked out and Margaret's insurance covered all the repair.  She is so thankful that their friendship will not be affected.  She is praising the Lord!
  • Praise the Lord, Patty's daughter Julie is recovering from the emergency surgeries she had 10 days ago.  She has even been able to work for a few hours each day.  Patty, who is one of our Prayer Team Members  here at Morningside is so very grateful for all the prayers!
  • Recently they replaced David's aortic valve with titanium. Pray that the infection will completely subside and he will have a swift recovery, in Jesus' Name!  The surgery was successful Hallelujah!
  • Janelle fell over her vacuum cleaner and hurt her left knee.  She  is rejoicing that after prayer there was no swelling!
  • We are rejoicing with all those who have found Christ and many who have been miraculously healed in the Miracle Revival in Branson.  Hallelujah!
  • Virginia, who is a widow, is so thankful for the ministry.  She is a faithful viewer of the Jim Bakker Show.  She is so thankful for the Prophets who come here and share the Word of the Lord as well as what the Lord speaks to Pastor Jim, since the news media is so biased.
  • Shawn underwent 8 hours of surgery to remove metal in his leg, as well as 2 hours of plastic surgery.  They are rejoicing and thankful that he still has his leg.  They want to say "thanks" for all the prayers!
  • Barbara from Illinois writes:  "Thank you so much for the great programming and the Word of God."  "I  believe we are in great need of the Lord's supernatural guidance and direction!"      
  • Julie is home from the hospital.  She is feeling better. Praise the Lord they were able to remove the draining tube.  She is very happy to be home!  Patty, her Mom, thanks all of you for the prayers.  It has been a real comfort to the family as Julie is in Michigan.  Patty is a member of the Morningside Prayer Team, here in Missouri.
  • Patti is praising the Lord for sparing her daughter, Arlene.  The store where Arlene works was robbed recently as she and another co-worker were closing one evening.  Pray that the police find the men who committed the crime.  Pray also for Patti who needs healing.  She had foot surgery recently.

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