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Always give God the glory and praise for your answered prayers. Let’s brag on Jesus. It is because of His love and great sacrifice that we can approach the throne of God with our petitions. (Psalm 23:6)

Thank you, Lord, for all these praise reports!

You are such a good God!

  • Lori has a son, who is 21, and recently came down with pneumonia, but now is on the mend. She, herself, has had some fatty growths removed. She writes: "We praise the Lord Jesus and give Him glory for healing and all His help and protection!"
  • Betty writes: "We thank God for you Jim! Be encouraged!"
  • Wilma writes: "Thank you so much for all the prayers that have gone up for Brock Guynn, a 15 year old, who was severely injured in a 4-wheeler accident 23 days ago. Praise God! His life was spared and God has been doing a marvelous work in and through his recovery!"
  • Jerry writes: "Keep up the good work! Nobody else seems to be sounding the trumpet."
  • Thank you Lord for Lori's healing. We pray that you will continue to heal her from the top of her head to the soles of her feet!
  • Thank you Jim and Lori for sounding the alarm to the world, especially to the church that seems to be asleep! Don't let the enemy stop you from putting the trumpet to thy mouth!
  • Shirley has been a diabetic for 20 years. She woke up recently and the toes on one of her feet were black. She feared that it might be a problem caused by diabetes. The doctor told her that it wasn't caused by diabetes, but that she probably had hit her toes on the bed or something. She had been fearful that she might lose her toes. She is praising the Lord for this outcome!
  • Charles recently came to the prayer room for prayer. He was having severe back pain and was on heavy pain medication. When he called a few days ago , he was praising the Lord! He reported that he is doing great! He has been helping a neighbor trim trees, and he is feeling fantastic! He has much less pain and has cut way back on the pain medication. He has been studying the Word and is so grateful to God for what He has done! Praise the Lord!
  • Marie writes: "Just had to write and tell you how much I enjoy your show! You have wonderful guests and great music." "Thank you for mailing the 1 year of food so fast! It came within one month--Awesome! And--I am enjoying the pillow I ordered--so comfy!"
  • Steven's grandmother is doing much better. She was hospitalized the recently with a possible stroke. She won't be able to drive anymore, but Praise the Lord, she is recovering!
  • Sharon writes: "Thank you all for your ministry from Blue Eye, Missouri. I always enjoy the guests, messages, and music from the Jim Bakker Show. It goes without saying, I learn a lot, and weep some too!"
  • Brenda writes: "Thank you for preaching and spreading the Word of God. You, Lori and your staff are the greatest!"
  • Paul writes: " Your program has been a huge blessing to me and my family. We enjoy the fact that you bring current events to light through Biblical prophecy and principles."
  • Jeannie called and shared: "Silver Sol has been a huge part of my feeling better. I love the show!"
  • Elinore called with a praise report that her husband is coming home from the hospital! Thank you Jesus!
  • Five years ago Beverly called the prayer team. She had suffered greatly from food allergies. Recently she called to let us know that since that time she has been completely healed of the food allergies.
  • Crystal writes: "I love your show and have bought survival items from you and I am very pleased with them and your staff is always nice on the phone. Love all of you and I enjoy the Jim Bakker show!"
  • Denise writes: "God bless you Jim Bakker and your entire ministry staff! I have been buying Jim's food, Silver Sol, Seychelle filters and other survival supplies for the past 3 years. My friends and family scoff, but I know who they will run to in time of disaster."
  • Bobby and Cheryl were released from their contract with a realtor regarding the sale of their home and land in Texas. This now enables them to sell the home themselves. This is a real breakthrough! Believe with us now for the sale of their home to be completed in God's perfect timing!
  • Chuck has had severe back problems and came into the prayer room for prayer. In just an hour or so he reported back that he was feeling much better! Praise the Lord!