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Always give God the glory and praise for your answered prayers. Let’s brag on Jesus. It is because of His love and great sacrifice that we can approach the throne of God with our petitions. (Psalm 23:6)

Thank you, Lord, for all these praise reports!

You are such a good God!

  • Dick has been using the Seychelle PH bottle. He was on pain medication for arthritis. He is now off the pain meds and is telling everyone about alkaline water.
  • Suzie, who is a senior citizen, is so thankful that she found favor in court recently. Praise the Lord!
  • Anna called to share that she is so blessed by the program and that it is helping her a lot. She is praying for Pastor Jim and Lori.
  • Steven called rejoicing that they found a match for a little girl in Winnipeg, Canada, who was needing a liver transplant!
  • Kristy is moving to be more involved with Lori's House full time, and we are thrilled that the Lord has brought Carol on board to be in charge of the volunteers. She is such a blessing and has a real heart of a servant! She will be a great example to all she has under her. Praise the Lord!
  • Susan is an elderly lady who is having to face some situations in court. She is so thankful that she has found favor with one of the judges and more than that, she heard the Lord speak to her and say, "Lean on Me!"
  • David is standing in faith for the manifestation of his healing from COPD. We are agreeing with him according to the Word of God in 1 Peter 2:24, that By His stripes he is healed!
  • Ali is a Jewish friend of one of our prayer team members. She is attending church and received Yeshua as her Messiah. She needs to be baptized. The Lord has blessed her family as well and her sons are born again believers!
  • Praise the Lord! Linda rededicated her life to the Lord!
  • Darrell is rejoicing that his father called with a good report about his mother. The tests they took were good and they did not find anything. She is going to have rehab. God is good, and He is our Healer!
  • A partner shared with us recently how much his mother meant to him. She didn't have a ministry title, but she was a godly mother who put the Lord first in her life and imparted that to her children. Her life radiated the Lord! She would get up every day at 4 am to pray for her family and others. She prepared food for the family before the sunrise and her silence made her son realize how much she valued her family in spite of their arrogant behavior towards her at times. She lives in India and he is in the USA, but through prayer they are connected.
  • Praise the Lord! Brother Lawrence reports that at their recent Crusade many people accepted Christ as their Savior. Among them were four Moslem ladies. Hallelujah!
  • Betty, one of our prayer team members, recently lost a ring which was of great sentimental value to her. The next day she checked back at the Imax complex where she was the day before and was thrilled to find that someone had turned it in. Thank you Jesus!
  • Devora called to share about a very bad car accident. What could have been very serious turned out far better after prayer. A little 4 year old girl suffered a broken pelvis and the man with her had an injury to his shoulder, but no bones were broken. The occupant in the other car had to be airlifted out, but praise God, they are all alive!
  • Joyce recently ordered 2 of the Seychelle water pitchers. She had been a missionary in Bolivia for 48 years. She knows what it is to have to boil water for safety's sake, so she is very grateful to have the Seychelle pitchers.
  • Shelia has a friend who was told by her Doctor in March that she had less than 6 months to live and that the cancer in her brain had spread throughout her body. I ordered the ph2 bottle and gave it to her and she has been drinking the water for 3 months. The doctors could not believe that the cancer had died. Unbelievable! But God.................... Hallelujah!
  • Steven called for prayer and Dianne prayed with him for a full time job. He knew that he 'd lose his benefits and have to pay for his own meds, if he got a job. So, they prayed that God would make a way for him. Today his pharmacy put him on a special program and his cousin told him about a job at a hotel where he works. Steven is going to apply for the job very soon. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!
  • Lori moved and planned to work at a school in a friend's hometown but that didn't work out. Instead, she was able to find another job. What happened was way beyond her expectations. She was hired without prior experience, was given over a week of fairly in-depth training, placed in a beautiful school, and had help finding housing. Her apartment complex is amazing and includes a gated parking lot with a night guard, a convenience store and a dry cleaners. Her landlady likes her and Lori is truly amazed at how the Lord has led her and how He has gone before her and made all the crooked places straight! God is so good!
  • Praise the Lord! Ruben was backslidden with addictions, but now has recommitted his life to Christ!
  • We were praying for a woman who was very irritated, frustrated and depressed. After prayer she visibly brightened up and started smiling, thanking us for our love. Although we hadn't prayed for her back, as she walked out the door she said her back felt much better. So, the Lord healed and released her back as He healed her emotions. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness!

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