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Always give God the glory and praise for your answered prayers. Let’s brag on Jesus. It is because of His love and great sacrifice that we can approach the throne of God with our petitions. (Psalm 23:6)

Thank you, Lord, for all these praise reports!

You are such a good God!

  • Carl and Marian are so very grateful for the cards they have received from the ministry. Marian writes: "Allow me to thank you for the cards you send....with such loving words hand written. They are very special to me and my husband Carl. I am caregiver to Carl, but God is caregiver to both of us. Some days are pretty rough and our sleeping habits are way off. However, it always works out that we can catch your program at 12:00 or 1:00 a.m. We sure enjoy every moment with Jim and Lori. Pastor Jim, we stand in agreement with your teachings. As we say--we're going to get some truth teaching when we tune in to your program!"
  • Carolyn is so grateful for the ministry and expressed her appreciation to the prayer team for the special card that was sent to her. She said: "I received a special card and my heart was glad and an overwhelming peace coming from God above was my assurance of His compassion and love." She also is thrilled with the Silver Sol products and is faithful to use them. She also was very thankful for the kind way she was treated on the telephone by the lady in Partner Services.
  • Serena writes: "I just wanted you to know that I think your and Jim's work for the Lord is amazing! I used to watch PTL and was supportive when Jim went to prison. I am so happy he found you. You are a beautiful woman of God!"
  • Cassandra is praising the Lord for the financial increase that enabled her to buy a computer for her college classes. God gave the increase when she needed it the most!
  • Praises to our Lord and King for breakthrough! Frank was facing a hearing for back pay and disability for years. The hearing was in his favor and he will receive the restitution owed him! What an answer to prayer! Hallelujah!
  • Judy, who runs a non-profit clothing center for the needy writes: I watch Jim and Lori often and love them!
  • Betty has had a struggle with her weight since she was in third grade. As she has gotten older she began having pain in her knees and had difficulty walking. She has recently began a new eating program and is so thrilled, as she is feeling much better, she has much more energy, and to top it off she has now lost 23 pounds!
  • Recently Conrad came to a Sunday night home meeting and he was in great duress with pain in his heart and chest. The following week he came back and reported that he had not had any pain since then! God is so Good! Conrad is so very thankful!
  • Randy called in a praise report. He received $2400.00 for court costs. When he went to court, he had favor and all went well. He heard from the woman he is interested in and she told him that she loves him. So, he is praising the Lord!
  • Art was healed from stomach and chest pains one hour after Pastor Clete prayed for him. Praise the Lord!
  • John and Sue write: "We watch your program Monday through Friday on Channel 46 in South Bend, Indiana. We like the music! We like Rabbi Jonathan Cahn! We love the shows!"
  • A marvelous healing testimony! Barbara called to say that a blood disease had been in her family for 3 generations. Jim called out during one of the shows that someone was being healed of that problem.... She has been totally healed since that time! Praise the Lord!
  • Genevieve writes: "I watch you on WHT @ 9:00 a.m. I can get you on two other stations also. I truly enjoy the programs and am so blessed by them!"
  • Shari writes: "As a Messianic Jew I am so thankful that you have become friends with Rabbi Cahn. Blessings!"
  • Janet writes: "Wish I lived near by. I love your programs and all the survival stuff you offer on your show. I would not miss it for anything!"
  • Armida writes: "Lori, what a blessing you have been in my life, together with our Brother Jim Bakker! I watch the program every day and share the blessing with those that can't watch the program. I am so excited about Lori's House and the ministry that will be there!"
  • Eric writes: "I just wanted to drop a line to you to tell you thanks for all you do. My wife of 9 years just passed away last week out of the blue from a heart attack at the age of 51. She loved your show and it helped us out a lot."
  • Robbie writes: "I praise God for your ministry and I have ordered quite a few things from you all. God Bless you!"
  • Amy shared: "At a very important two day cattle auction, the auctioneer showed up and quietly shared with me that his throat was kind of sore and scratchy. He was very concerned because he was the only auctioneer scheduled to be there. I went out to our truck, and got my package of Silver Sol lozenges. He is a Christian man, and he was so very grateful for the answer to prayer. His throat was healed, and he did great auctioneering for the next two days! Praise the Lord!"
  • Carla had been praying about a job that she applied for and she felt that the Lord spoke to her that she would be hired. She kept that in her heart and mentioned it to her mother. Well, the Lord did open this job and she is very grateful!