Sehen Sie Zeugnisse

Immer geben Gott die Ehre und Lob für Ihre Gebete beantwortet. Lassen Sie prahlen auf Jesus. Es ist wegen seiner Liebe und große Opfer, dass wir den Thron Gottes mit unseren Petitionen nähern. (Psalm 23:6)

Danke, Herr, für all diese Berichte Lob!

Du bist so ein guter Gott!

  • Jennifer schreibt: "Ich meine Wasserfilterpumpe heute gerade erhalten! Thank you Jim Bakker for caring to warn us and provide great products for us to prepare."
  • Ann called for prayer and she made the decision to forgive all her enemy's today. Hallelujah! This was a great victory in her life!
  • Stephanie schreibt: "I truly enjoy your show and I liked it when Tammy Sue and Kevin sang, "Das Blut wird nie verlieren ihre Kraft."
  • Pam writes from Washington state where they have had such horrific fires of late. "Today's program on disaster preparedness was very helpful. The program was right on target with the issues we will all be facing as things progress towards the coming of the Lord. Thank you so much for getting us all ready!"
  • Grace is rejoicing that the Lord intervened and things are going better in their marriage. Unser Gott ist so treu!
  • Laurens schreibt: "Gott segne die Jim Bakker Ministerium! Halten Sie sich die gute Arbeit. Ich jeden Abend sehen Sie Ihre Programm!"
  • Marianne was watching the Jim Bakker Show recently and Philip Cameron was sharing about sowing seed. He stated that if you have property to sell and you sow a seed to the ministry that God will honor your commitment. Marianne had her farm for sale for two years now. Since sowing her seed she has received a buyer for her farm. PTL!
  • Stephen wurde ein für geschlossen 10 years and wouldn't go anywhere or leave his home. He is rejoicing that the Lord has set him free from fear and he is leaving his home now and going about the Heavenly Father's Business! Hallelujah!
  • Brenda hatte Krebs und durch den Verzehr der richtigen Lebensmittel und, für die gebetet, sie geheilt hat! Preist den Herrn!
  • Brenda bezeugt: "I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2013. They also wanted to do a total replacement of my hip. I also had an Andaman tumor on my spine and two places in my chest. I have been faithfully taking my kale and beet and coconut powders, auch meine Chiasamen und nahm Rat von einem Gastredner auf Einnahme von Vitamin C bei Krebs und letzte Woche ging für meine 3 Monat Knochen-Scan und CT-Scan und Labor, and to God's glory the tumors on my chest are all but gone! No tumor on spine and new bone growing in hip. I am feeling strong and healthy which has the Dr. in amazement. He doesn't even know how to diagnose my situation anymore! Glory to God I am healed!"
  • Sharon is so thankful for the ministry as the Lord has really ministered to her through the show when she was in a desperate situation. She is so thankful for the prayer team and the love extended to her when she called for prayer. She writes: "Ich so brauchte Hilfe und die schöne Gebetsdienst hat mir geholfen, wieder auf die Beine zu kommen wieder."
  • Fred genannt, um dem Herrn für Carolyn Martin loben, die gegeben wurde 2 Tage bis August leben 1, 2013, aber jetzt wird deutlich verbessert . She is expecting a complete recovery from cancer. Hallelujah!
  • Preist den Herrn! Donna called us to say that she has come back to the Lord! What a testimony! Die Engel im Himmel jubeln! Lift her in prayer that she will continue to be steadfast in her pursuit of the Lord and that all hindrances and big mountains will be removed. Pray that she will have wisdom, Wissen und Verständnis! Hallelujah, ein verlorener ist zurückgekehrt!
  • Tammy genannt zu Gebet und wir beteten für sie, vom Rauchen geliefert werden! Preist den Herrn, she hasn't smoked for almost two months!
  • Debra's son, Brian, wurde mehrere Tage fehlt, jedoch wurde nun gefunden, und in ein Krankenhaus einge! Thank you Lord for keeping him safe!
  • Ruth schreibt: "It is truly refreshing to see and hear such compassion being spoken outwardly from you and I ask that God continue blessing you, your family and the ministry...Keep looking up and listening for the voice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!"
  • My young Grandson who has severe problems was much better after prayer. Preist den Herrn!
  • Kürzlich Jennifer verloren ihre Handtasche. She called the prayer line for prayer, trusting the Lord and believing that it would be returned with everything in it. Preist den Herrn! Her purse was returned with nothing missing!
  • Barbara hat ein wunderbares Zeugnis über die "Kissen für Gesundheit" pillows that she recently purchased. She has had trouble sleeping well for 44 Jahre. She would toss and turn all night long and would wake up with a stuffy nose and have to clear her throat for several hours each day. Jetzt, she is staying asleep all night long and is so thankful to have her new pillows. She is going to order them for her whole family!
  • Her daughter had been wrongly charged on a credit card for purchases she had not made. After prayer the matter was resolved! Preist den Herrn!