Sehen Sie Zeugnisse

Immer geben Gott die Ehre und Lob für Ihre Gebete beantwortet. Lassen Sie prahlen auf Jesus. Es ist wegen seiner Liebe und große Opfer, dass wir den Thron Gottes mit unseren Petitionen nähern. (Psalm 23:6)

Danke, Herr, für all diese Berichte Lob!

Du bist so ein guter Gott!

  • Dianne schreibt: "Aufgrund von Allergien, my eyes have watered constantly since moving to the Branson area one year ago. I would often go to bed with runny eyes and wake up with my eyes overflowing. It was fatiguing and my eyes were usually red. Über 2 Monaten, ein Freund, Dr. Sandy Kimmel, prayed for me and immediately the tears stopped. She warned me that it could return and if it did, I should call her. After about 10 days it did return and I called her. She prayed for me and again it stopped. It has been over 2 weeks now and my eyes are still fine. If even the least watering begins, I bind it in Jesus' Name and it stops. Praise God for healing!"
  • Pastor Clete prayed with Charlene recently. Her husband was in the hospital. She called back with a marvelous praise report. Her husband has been healed! Preist den Herrn!
  • Wir sind so dankbar für Nelwyn, who very faithfully calls and prays for the ministry. She is a real encourager and blessing to all of us here in the Prayer Room.
  • Rene is very thankful that the Lord enabled her to get a loan modification which prevented her from losing her home. Danke Jesus!
  • Teresa is praising the Lord that the infection in her gum subsided and she was able to have her tooth filled! There was a possibility that she might have to have the tooth pulled.
  • Patty's friend Charles was to meet a lady who had a chair for sale. (Sie war eine 80 jährige Witwe.) He was unable to get there for a few days. The Lord impressed him to go there a few days later when he was enroute to another appointment. When he got to the mobile home he could smell gas. The lady was not aware of it. She had started her gas burner and the flame didn't come on so she thought the burner was off. It wasn't! The pilot was on and the home had filled with gas. Had Charles not stopped she would probably not have made it and the home may have exploded. This was definitely a Divine intervention! Gott ist so gut!
  • Amber's little daughter Grace was suffering with a very high fever that had reached 104.5. Aber, Grandpa Mark brachte die gute Nachricht, dass sie Fieber hat pleite! Preist den Herrn!
  • Mandy braucht eine heilende Berührung von Jesus! Her grandmother writes: "Dieser kleine Engel liebt Jesus von ganzem Herzen und ist die selbstlose kleinen Schatz habe ich persönlich je gesehen! When her Daddy asked her what she wanted for Christmas, , sagte sie, "Papa, Mandy doesn't want anything for Mandy, aber alle Mandy will, sind Walmart Geschenkgutscheine, so Mandy can do what God told Mandy to do...buy warm blankets and snacks to give to the homeless people so they don't freeze!!" Her Nurses took the cards to Walmart and got blankets for her and snacks to roll inside of them. Mandy, war dann am 5:00 Rolltücher mit Snacks im Inneren, so they would have something in their tummy's. Mandy sent out around 160 or more warm blankets to the homeless veterans and other homeless people. She told the nurse to have me tell all her "Gebets-Krieger" betet für sie, dass sie keine Angst! Gefallen, pray for a Miracle for our little Angel with the heart of Gold! "
  • Martha was so grateful for the Christmas food box she received from the Ministry. She also wanted us to know that she loves Silver Sol and has been helped greatly since she has been taking coconut oil each day. She can really tell a big difference in the way she feels. Preist den Herrn! We are so blessed to hear this good report and thankful that others are being helped to live healthier lives.
  • Kürzlich Pastor Clete betete mit Phillip Christus empfangen. We are rejoicing with Phillip as he begins his new relationship with the Lord!
  • Dieses Zeugnis ist leistungsstark. Es wird von Dianne geteilt, who is a member of the Morningside Prayer Team. She relates: "About three weeks ago I was at the food court at a nearby mall and noticed that the older man at the cash register was wearing a back brace. Without thinking about it, I took his hand and prayed for his healing. He was very surprised, but receptive. I was there again yesterday and noticed he wasn't there. The young Middle Eastern man said he remembered me and how I prayed for his boss. When I asked how his back was doing, the young man said it was healed and his boss was no longer wearing a back brace. He told me that he is a Muslim and started talking about Christians. I was able to tell him how kind and good Jesus is. I told him that it is very easy to give yourself to a spirit of anger and hatred, but love and kindness and forgiveness are often very hard and we can only do it with Jesus' help. I promised him that if he asked Jesus to reveal himself, Jesus würde, und Jesus würde kommen und sein Leben zu ändern." The Lord has called us to go to the highways and byways as there are hungry people out there who really need the Lord! God is so faithful!  
  • Shirley gefordert und Gebet für ihre Nichte Debbie, who had gone to the doctor. Upon examination, the doctor suspected that she had a rare form of cancer. Debbie went for testing. Shirley called back to report that the tests came back negative. Preist den Herrn!
  • Amelia schreibt: "Thanks for your prayers about the computer issues and lost inventory. One of the main guys from the store where the merchandise was purchased, wurde auf dem Computer den ganzen Tag gearbeitet, und denkt, er hat alles, was verloren war! This is a miracle and we so needed it!"
  • Nach vielen Hindernissen und einigen Schwierigkeiten, Bobby und Cheryl, , die von Texas nach Morning bewegt, are now in their new home and getting all settled. They are so grateful for all the people that helped them in this transition time.
  • Pastor Lawrence schrieb Dank für das Beten für den Kreuzzug in Uganda zum Ausdruck, Afrika. He reports that two hundred were saved and many miracles also took place. Unser Gott ist ein mächtiger Gott!
  • Colleen forderte Gebet für sie 4 year old grandson Ben who was admitted to the hospital with a high fever and a urinary tract infection. She is praising the Lord that he was able to come home after a long day and night in the hospital.
  • Mary wrote to express her gratefulness for praying for a child. The child is now well and back in school! Preist den Herrn!
  • Maureen schreibt: "Jesus Lob! Thank you all who prayed for my daughter's family, when they were in a crisis. God restored peace to the family and although there are still many issues on the table, Ich sehe, wie Gott hat damit begonnen, in der Lage zu arbeiten!"
  • Jim, aus Illinois, loves the show and the ministry. He is so thankful for Jim and Lori and the Morningside family. He wants to come here in the future to live, möglichst.
  • Amber has a glorious praise report. Sie schreibt: "Für mehr als die Hälfte meines Lebens habe ich auf Medikamente gegen Depressionen gewesen, anxiety and PTSD caused by events in my childhood. I can now say that as of today I am no longer medicated and no longer suffering. I have been completely set free and all of the glory goes to God. I never thought I would see the day where I no longer live in fear, where I don't constantly feel the need to look over my shoulder, the day where I can say I'm starting to like myself, cracks and all. I am so thankful to be in the place now, Diese scheinbar unmögliche Ort.