Ordenes de Oración

Por favor, añadir sus oraciones a las nuestras y de pie en la fe para las siguientes necesidades que deben cumplir.

  • Pray for Gwen's son Garrison, que es 13 años de edad. He was diagnosed with Chrohn's disease, but later they said that it wasn't. They have not been able to determine what it is, but he is on chemotherapy. Ore por su curación!
  • Jennifer desperately needs healing. She has had a brain injury, has chest problems and poor circulation in her hands and feet. Her mother is suffering with diabetes and back trouble. Pray for both of them!
  • Suzanne is a widow and is asking us to pray that the Lord will send someone to her that she can partner with. She does not want to be alone when everything breaks loose. She has been stocking up and dehydrating foods.
  • Sally and her family want to relocate to the Branson, Missouri area. Pray that they will have clear direction from the Lord. There hearts desire is to relocate to this area to do their part!
  • Pray for David and Barbara. Pray that their historical home in North Carolina will sell. It has been on the market for about a year. Pray that the Lord will bring a buyer soon!
  • John and his family need prayer as they are in the midst of a complicated situation involving relocation, a job search, church affiliation and the calling of God on their lives. Pray that they will not move in haste but will hear clearly from the Lord. We ask you to bless them financially, Dios, también.
  • Ruthie has been in and out of the emergency room twice and yet the doctors cannot find out what her problem is. Pray that they will find the root of the problem and that she will be healed!
  • Arthur is contemplating suicide. He is bound by drugs and pornography. Pray for his deliverance!
  • Curley has had two strokes and needs the healing touch of the Master. Oren por su curación total de!
  • Lorinda requests prayer for her son Louie. He is struggling with drug addiction and is being tormented by something in his past. Please pray for his deliverance and complete and total surrender to God!
  • Please pray for Jackie's daughter to be delivered from alcohol. The enemy is trying to destroy her and she is unable to keep a job because of this bondage!
  • Pray that the Lord will lead Kate to a fellowship of other believers where she will feel at home. She has a desire to be with those of like vision and faith.
  • Please pray for Peggy who recently had brain surgery. Oren para que ella tendrá una recuperación completa. Pray that she will come to Christ. También, please pray for Julian who is a nurse and is suffering with scoliosis and arthritis. Ella es única 39 years old and the curvature of her spine has grown worse the last several years. The prognosis is not good.........But God!!! Let's pray and believe for her to be completely healed!
  • Pray for Chuck's grown children who are both living in the world. His daughter is in an abusive marriage and his son is not responsible and may be on drugs. Chuck's wife is suffering from Cirrhosis of the Liver. Pray that Chuck will have the courage and strength to go on. He and his wife have been married for 40 año. His wife needs a miracle of healing!
  • Pray for Jo's granddaughter Linzy who at one time was a worship leader, but now has turned her back on the Lord. Please pray for her deliverance!
  • Jennifer is suffering with a traumatic brain injury and poor circulation in her hands and feet. Ore por su curación.
  • Sandy is dealing with a tax situation. Pray for divine intervention and a fair decision for her and her husband. They could end up being homeless.
  • Pray that Melody will be able to sell her home and be able to get the needed money from the sale. It is a lovely home, but she is not able to take care of it as she once was.
  • Jeff is battling pneumonia and is on a ventilator and feeding tube. Ore por su curación!
  • Rose needs a miracle! She has something wrong with her lungs.

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