Ordenes de Oración

Por favor, añadir sus oraciones a las nuestras y de pie en la fe para las siguientes necesidades que deben cumplir.

  • Ruth's little 9 año nieta, Mandy, necesita un milagro de sanidad! She is suffering with brain tumors and now has developed severe pneumonia. She definitely is in the Hands of the Lord. Pray for this little gal who has been a real testimony to all in the hospital. In spite of all she has been going through, ella siempre está pensando en los demás, especialmente las personas sin hogar. Ore y creer y permanecer en la Palabra de Dios por su sanidad! (Echa un vistazo a los testimonios y leer el testimonio de lo poco Mandy está ministrando a otros)! You will be blessed!
  • Pray for Kevin who is mentally ill and needs deliverance. The family's roots were in Hinduism and this needs to be broken off of him!
  • Clarissa es adicto a los cigarrillos y beber. She wants to be free! Pray for her to be totally delivered. Pray also for God's protection over her home and for God's grace to sustain her as she walks forward in faith and believes God!
  • Glenda loves the Lord but is living in an unevenly yoked marriage situation. Her heart's desire is for her husband to be saved so that they will be yoked together and complete restoration can take place in their marriage.
  • Pray for Clifford to have a real encounter with the Lord. He has real problems believing in his heart that God really loves him. In the past he got mad at God and family members and because of this anger in his heart, he has been tormented by the enemy. He is begging for everyone to pray for him. Please pray that he will let go and let God and that he will come to the Lord in full repentance. Repentance activates the Grace of God in our lives!
  • Nancy would like us to stand in prayer with her for her husband's salvation and deliverance from living in adultery. Pray that the Goodness of the Lord will lead him to repentance!
  • Pray for Ruby's family to be saved and that the whole household will be set free from any evil spirits. Pray for divine protection over their home.
  • Ruega por poco Jonathan que es 3 months old and needs a miracle. He is in critical condition because of a heart defect.
  • A Sally está teniendo un problema con la ansiedad y la preocupación. Pray that fear will not overtake her and she will be touched by the Lord and come to the place where she can relinquish her cares to Him. Pray that they will have a breakthrough in their finances and that her family will be saved.
  • Pray for a young Muslim man that Dianne recently witnessed to. He is seeking the truth.
  • Pray for Serena's family to be blessed financially and for Serena to be totally healed from lung cancer. We stand in faith with Serena upon the Word of God and curse that cancer in Jesus Name!
  • Oremos para que Cindy tendrá un gran avance en sus finanzas y que ella será capaz de encontrar un hogar adecuado donde ella y su mamá puede vivir juntos.
  • Pray for Elmer who had a stroke in December and now has paralysis on one side. He is having difficulty adjusting to all that has happened to him and thinks that God hates him. Pray against the doubt, fear and unbelief that is afflicting him. Pray that he will have an encounter with the Lord and that he will begin to rise in faith and be healed!
  • Pray that Brenda will have favor in dealing with a Reverse Mortgage situation. She really needs a miracle to get out of mess she has found herself in. Oremos para que el Señor abrirá un camino donde no parece haber manera. Con Dios todo es posible!
  • Pray for Brenda's husband William, who has been diagnosed with cancer of the blood. We curse this cancer in the Mighty Name of Jesus and speak to every cancer cell to die!
  • Elizabeth requested prayer for her daughter Natalie and her husband Tom that they will come to the Lord. Pray also for protection over the grandchildren.
  • Cathy ha escrito un libro oportuno, especialmente para las mujeres cristianas. She had a near death experience and the Lord has given to her and showed her much to share with the Body of Christ. Pray that this anointed book will touch many lives!
  • Kathy ha sido contratado como un emisor de facturas médicas y codificador para una empresa de prestigio en Tampa, Florida. Pray that she is successful in her new position and that she has God's favor!
  • Oren por la intervención y la liberación divina para Julie que está sufriendo con la depresión clínica crónica.
  • Charlene suffers with chronic headaches. She will see a specialist soon. Pray that they will be able to find the cause and will find the best method of treatment. Her brother Allen is in pain and needs healing as well in his spirit, alma y cuerpo. Pray that the Lord will touch and heal both of them!