Ordenes de Oración

Por favor, añadir sus oraciones a las nuestras y de pie en la fe para las siguientes necesidades que deben cumplir.

  • Petición de oración urgente para Terry, quien es un pastor. He is having heart issues. His heart is beating too fast! Pray that his heart rate would return to normal and align with the Word of God! By His stripes he is healed!
  • Kathy has been sick and the root of the problem remains a mystery. Her temperature keeps spiking. Pray that the Lord will give the doctors wisdom and that she will recover soon!
  • Prayers needed for friend Ellen who has been diagnosed with bone and breast cancer. Another friend Greg is under stress with a heart condition and needs to lose weight. Barb herself needs more clients in her business and favor from the Lord!
  • Oren por Ed que está luchando contra una infección respiratoria!
  • Joanne is suffering severe nerve pain from shingles. Pray that she will be healed!
  • Darlene needs a real breakthrough in her finances. Pray that she will be able to find a job.
  • Pray for Mary Ann. She has endured terrible pain in her heart for years over the tactics of her daughter who has made false accusations against her. Pray that the Lord will work in both of their hearts and that God will work a mighty work of healing in their relationship.
  • Dana is very concerned about the spiritual condition in America. Ella escribe: "I wish more Americans would listen to the Word of God and WAKE UP!" Keep interceding for America! "If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, entonces yo oiré desde los cielos, y perdonaré sus pecados y sanaré su tierra!" 2Crónicas 7:14.
  • Becky is seeking God's wisdom and direction in dealing with a very difficult young student. Este niño es muy perjudicial para toda la clase y se encuentra frente a él un gran desafío.
  • Oren por Annie a ser liberada de la anorexia, arthritis and that her goiter will dissolve. Thank you Jesus for paying the price at Calvary for our healing and our redemption. We stand upon your Word according to 1Peter 2:24 que por sus rayas ella está curada!
  • Debbie's son Jason is not walking with the Lord at the present time. Pray that he will be apprehended by the Holy Spirit and have a Damascus Road experience. May the Fire of God burn the dross and set him free!
  • Juan nos pidió que rezara por su hermano, mother and aunt who need to be saved. También, John wants to be able to forgive his mother from his heart. Pray for the Grace of God to enable him to truly walk in forgiveness!
  • Gardenia está sufriendo con dolor en la pierna. We rebuke this pain in the Mighty Name of Jesus! Nos hallamos en la Palabra de Dios y creer por su curación total de!
  • Oren por Kevin que se ha ido a la universidad, that a hedge of protection will be around him and that he would choose friends that would have good values etc. Pray also that he will have a real encounter with the Lord and come to real repentance and a turn around in his life.
  • Hay, que es 8 years old has had a heart transplant in the past and now has stomach and lung cancer. She needs a miracle! Carol's husband is losing his job and needs to find another one asap! Pray for miracles for this whole family!
  • Gabriel called for prayer. His heart's desire is for his whole family to be saved and he himself wants to have a closer walk with the Lord. Let's stand with him in prayer.
  • Janice necesita una curación verdadera! She has a growth in her mouth and also has TMJ problems. She has also had a triple by pass and has a strained neck. Ore para que ella estará totalmente curada!
  • Alegría se enfrenta a una cirugía en septiembre. 24ª, but there is a danger that she might not make it because of her heart. Pray that all will go well and that she will come through with flying colors!
  • Carol pidió oración por Debbie, who is a missionary in Kenya. Debbie is traveling with an evangelist into some areas that may be dangerous. Pray that they will be kept safe and that the Lord will bless their ministry. Pray also for an increase in finances and for complete healing for Debbie.
  • Ruth Ann is in a desperate situation with back bills and severe financial problems. Pray that the wisdom of the Lord will lead her and guide her, y que el Señor hará una manera donde no parece haber manera!