Ordenes de Oración

Please add your prayers to ours and stand in faith for the following needs to be met.

  • Denise tiene problemas de sinusitis y necesita curación! Pray that she will be made whole--spirit, alma y cuerpo!  
  • John Paul Jackson recently had extensive surgery where they removed a lot of muscle mass and a very large tumor. The sciatic nerve was not touched so that is very good. Pray that the pain level will decrease. Let's continue to pray through to full victory!
  • Vicky has requested prayer for her son who seems to have a generational curse that has followed him. Pray that her son will have favor as he applies for work and will not be hindered by anything in his background, y que va a tener el favor!
  • Grace is planning to move soon and needs God's guidance, direction and peace regarding every aspect of the move.
  • Joyce is having vision problems and still battling the side effects from Shingles. She has numbness, itching and pain in the right side of her forehead. Pray that she will be completely healed. She is the sole driver for her family as others have health issues and are unable to drive. She has been healed in the past and is believing again for a total healing. Let's stand in faith with her!
  • Alonza has a real burden for California. Dice: "Ore para que los que están dormidos espiritualmente despertáis!" "Pray that the leadership in our government will begin to stand for America!"
  • Por favor oren por mi hija Melody, that she will have wisdom and begin to make right choices in her life. También, la protección divina para ella y sus hijos, así.
  • Please pray for Ziva. She has a lump on her abdomen and they are not sure what has caused it. Let's stand in faith upon the Word of God and believe for her to be healed!
  • Shirley has been diagnosed with macular degeneration. Let's believe the Lord that the disease will not progress and that she will be totally healed!
  • Pray for Kathy who is battling depression. "Señor Jesús, te damos gracias porque has pagado el precio en el Calvario para nuestra sanidad y liberación!"
  • Pray for Hazel who has some very serious health issues. She is having difficulty breathing as well as a heart ailment. She is very discouraged. She also has a daughter at home who is ill. "Que el poder de la resurrección del Señor Jesús Cristo vivificará ella y curarla! " Nos encontramos en la fe, sobre la Palabra de Dios por su sanidad!
  • Gene necesita un nuevo puesto de trabajo, has financial problems and realizes that he needs the Lord! His girlfriend broke up with him and he is feeling desperate. Pray that in his desperation he will surrender his life to the Lord!  
  • Martha is suffering with severe back pain. She is also plagued with unbearable fear and depression. We bind the power of the enemy and his deception in the Mighty Name of Jesus! We curse this pain in Jesus' Name and command it to leave!
  • Patricia's heart is to sell her car so she will be able to buy a van for her family. She wants to take in and care for unwanted children and they will need the extra room.
  • Doris's son and his wife are having marriage problems. Pray that the Lord will draw them to Himself and that they will be saved.
  • Juanita was the victim of a violent crime. She thinks it was gang related. Pray that she will be healed in her spirit, alma y cuerpo! We bind the spirit of fear in Jesus' Name!
  • Cassandra está en la universidad en un programa de gobierno. She has requested that we pray that she will find a new home, tener un gran avance en sus finanzas y la dirección clara del Señor!
  • Sarah está sufriendo de ansiedad y miedo. Pray that she will be set free and come into new liberty in the Lord!
  • Pray that Angelica will hear from the Lord as she seeks His guidance. Pray that her mother will be healed!
  • Elizabeth ha solicitado la oración que el Ejército va a liberar los fondos que se deben ellos y que Dios les ayudará a conseguir comida para prepararse para los próximos días.