Ordenes de Oración

Por favor, añadir sus oraciones a las nuestras y de pie en la fe para las siguientes necesidades que deben cumplir.

  • Annie necesita un milagro! She is suffering with arthritis in her back and neck and has neuropathy and numbness in her right arm and hand.
  • Janelle is seeking God's direction on whether she should go back to work or if she should teach a Bible Study with some friends. Pray also that she will be victorious in overcoming the attacks of the enemy she has had recently.
  • Agustín se enfrenta a un momento difícil en el trabajo y le pide oración por la protección, y que Dios reivindicaría ella en la situación.
  • Pray that Jean's eyes will be healed!
  • Don requested prayer for Holly who has multiple health issues. Pray that she will be approved to receive disability benefits.
  • Michael is feeling pressure on his brain and has a headache. He has been under a spiritual attack and would appreciate all of us praying for his healing and deliverance.
  • Joyce would like prayer for her sister who is in severe pain. Pray that she will be totally healed!
  • Peggy asked us to pray that she will know the time and have wisdom to deal with a situation in her life ......and that she would be willing to wait if she has to do so.
  • Pray that the Lord will bring healing to Esther and her sister in their relationship.
  • Sylvia is having some difficulties at her workplace and needs God's favor!
  • Barbara está sufriendo con el dolor de artritis y crónica de las articulaciones. She believes in the power of healing through our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord for your healing virtue! May your Resurrection Life flow through Barbara's body and make her whole!
  • Mike necesita un milagro! No es más que 51 años de edad y acaba de tener 3 a 4 accidentes cerebrovasculares y ha dañado su corazón, que está trabajando en sólo 25 por ciento. He is a minister and is believing God for a real miracle! We speak health and wholeness into Mike's heart in the Mighty Name of Jesus!
  • Por favor oren por Brock, un 15 muchacho años, quien se encontraba en una 4 wheeler accident. He has brain trauma and internal injuries. Let's believe with Wilma for a miracle in his life! There is nothing too hard for our God!
  • Mary has requested prayer for her son to be saved and also that he would be healed. Jesus paid it all at Calvary. Hallelujah!
  • Matt nos ha pedido que oren para que Dios traiga un comprador con una buena oferta, on their home in South Dakota, so they can be debt free. When something happens they want to be financially able to help their family and friends.
  • Stephanie necesita un verdadero milagro de la curación! She is suffering with Crohn's disease, anxiety, and other health issues. Pray that she will be protected from witchcraft also.  
  • Nancy requested prayer for her son who needs a real encounter with God. Pray also for favor in a court case.
  • Lorin has battled an eating disorder for eight years and wants to be set free. She knows it is an obstacle in her life and that it is keeping her from total freedom in Jesus Christ. She loves the Lord very much, and is going to YWAM to become a missionary. Let's pray and believe for her total deliverance! Amén!
  • Anne's 3 años de edad hijo está luchando contra la leucemia de células T y actualmente está en remisión PTL! He is still facing 2 1/2 more years of chemo. Pray that he will continue in remission and be totally healed! Pray also that there will be no long term effect from chemo and radiation, no hay infección, y no hay complicaciones.
  • Esther has several prayer requests. 1. Pray for her brothers to be set free from alcohol addiction. 2. Pray for her family's salvation. 3. Pray for financial restitution of what the enemy has stolen. 4. Pray that relationships with her siblings and family will improve.