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Siempre dar a Dios la gloria y la alabanza por sus oraciones contestadas. Vamos a jactarse en Jesús. Es a causa de su amor y gran sacrificio que podemos acercarnos al trono de Dios con nuestras peticiones. (Salmo 23:6)

Gracias, Dios, para todos estos informes de alabanza!

Tú eres un Dios bueno tal!

  • Steven led Alona, who is in her 70's, to the Lord recently. She gave her heart to Jesus and Steven is going to disciple her and pray for her eyes to be healed, también.
  • Sharon wants to thank Pastor Jim for his love for God and the heart that he shares. She has been so blessed! The Lord has shown her much that goes along with what Pastor Jim has shared.
  • Debbie has sold her RV and will be moving soon to Morningside. Nos regocijamos con su!
  • We are rejoicing with Steven. He has a new job delivering newspapers in Canada. Pray that he will do a good job and have favor with all his customers!
  • Patty and her husband recently purchased a home that had a well on it. They wanted to get the well up and functioning. The well man came out and said it was a shallow well and that the price they gave them to replace the old well was a miracle. Dios es tan bueno!
  • ¡Alabado sea el Señor! Patty is being healed from serious back problems! God is So Good!
  • Janelle is highly allergic to wasps and certain foods. She recently was stung three times by wasps and had no reaction after she prayed! Even after a week there has been no swelling whatsoever. Alabado sea Dios!
  • Margaret is so grateful! She called for prayer for her brother who was bleeding internally. He is now back at work! ¡Alabado sea el Señor!
  • Lynda's daughter was out of work for surgery. After prayer and a note from Patty she is now back at work with all the benefits restored! Dios es tan bueno!
  • Rosalee called and shared that she had been suffering from depression, but that the Lord had touched her and she was now "totally changed." Hallelujah!"
  • Judy escribe: "I pray that Jim Bakker's ministry will continue as a lighthouse to us all. That gives me encouragement! "
  • Daniel is grateful that God has provided employment for his daughter and thankful for all the prayers.
  • Cynthia and her family have been concerned about the coming days. She called to share this testimony. Her daughter called her awhile ago and relayed this story to her. The daughter's little 3 year old girl came up to her Mom and said, "Mama, God's gonna rock this place." A little later she came back and said, "Mama, God is smiling at me!" Cynthia said that they had not been talking about any of this in front of the little girl, so they were quite shocked, por decir lo menos,!
  • Jason wants to thank everyone for praying for him. He is rejoicing that he was given a school bus driving route of his very own. He knows that it is only by God's blessed Grace that he got the job!
  • Avis writes, "Thank you for your ministry and all you do for the Lord!"
  • Kathryn writes, "I thank you and bless you for "standing on the wall". I watch daily and record when I have to work and can't wait to get home to watch. Thank you and God Bless."
  • Lynn is so thankful for the Lord and what He has done for her. She has been offered a live in job as House Manager for a new recovery house called New Beginnings where they will have prayer and Bible study in the mornings. She is so grateful for everyone that prayed for her as she has been job hunting for months.
  • Glenn has been diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney disease and has requested prayer. Many people have been praying for him and the doctors have been amazed at his improvement. He has been able to testify to them that he has followed his diet, but God has made the difference. He is giving God all the praise and glory for the change in his numbers. Keep praying and believing for Glenn. Everywhere he goes people remark how healthy he looks! His sister has had some people offer to donate a kidney for him. Let's keep believing and standing in faith for his miracle! Dios es tan bueno!
  • Pam from the state of Washington writes, "I would first like to thank you for all of your prayers for us up here in the Pacific Northwest. The fires are still burning but we have at least gotten a bit of rain and even though the wind can make the fires more dangerous it can also push some of the smoke out so that air quality is some better. We live in Yakima, Washington on a small horse ranch and this air is very hard on the farm animals. Allergies are on the rise and breathing is getting difficult but at least we can stay indoors but they are out in all the ash and smoke. I would hose off the decks and within 2 o 3 hours they would be covered with ash and even some pine needles and we are miles from the fires! Thank you for continuing the warning for we are surely in dire times! God is in control and it will be a time of great harvest as we labor for the Kingdom but it is still hard to watch so much devastation on the land. Jesús viene!"
  • Irene had been hunting for an apartment for quite awhile and recently was able to move into a new apartment. She is grateful for the favor the Lord gave her with the apartment manager and is happy to finally be settled once again.

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