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Siempre dar a Dios la gloria y la alabanza por sus oraciones contestadas. Vamos a jactarse en Jesús. Es a causa de su amor y gran sacrificio que podemos acercarnos al trono de Dios con nuestras peticiones. (Salmo 23:6)

Gracias, Dios, para todos estos informes de alabanza!

Tú eres un Dios bueno tal!

  • Bob, suffered a stroke on April 11th and had to have brain surgery to stop the bleeding. His friend, Marie, just found out on April 18th and began to ask her friends to pray. He has been making amazing progress since him. ¡Alabado sea el Señor!
  • The Lord has taught Tammy a lot through the years and she shared: "I want you to know. What you are saying, seeing and telling us is the truth. This is all lining up with what the Lord has showed me. Mantente fuerte! Live strong! You and Lori are loved! You both need to keep doing what you are doing...you are saving many lives."
  • Patrick's sister recently went to be with the Lord. He has fond memories of her singing in church. Dijo, "She sang like an angel and I can just imagine how wonderful it sounds in heaven today!" He has been blessed as he listened to Tammy Sue singing a few days ago and he felt God strengthening him. He also shared that it was actually Jim and Tammy Faye doing the Lord's work back in the 80's that actually saved his life. He had been severely depressed, hiding in closets, y más, but he watched the show everyday. Tammy sang, "Don't give up" and she preached all the way through her singing that day, and she pointed to the camera and said, "Don't you dare give up today, God is not through with you yet!"
  • Clara from Arkansas wrote to us recently, "Thank you so much for your informative guests. I have learned so much these past years. Please thank your great staff and all the kids on the show for me. They do a great job!"
  • Sue from Illinois writes, "Thank you and God Bless you for your ministry. The Lord has re-awakened me to things regarding His return that I used to pay attention to!"
  • Catherine wrote: "Ante todo, I want to give thanks to God for leading me back to your show. I can hardly wait each and every day to receive the blessings through the Word of God and your very special guests. I wept yesterday while Rabbi Jonathan Cahn said prayers. It was so moving and beautiful. I have rededicated my life to the Lord and am back to reading my Bible and praying."
  • Linda from Pennsylvania writes, "I recently discovered your program on Cornerstone TV and I was so happy. My daughters and I were PTL members and visited Heritage USA. I'm so glad you have a new ministry. You were missed! I've learned so much about Revelation concerning the Tribulation and the Rapture."
  • Cher wants to thank all who prayed for her. Ella dice, "I am not just on the mend, I am mended! To all who prayed for my son to be found....blessings and thank you so much! He is safe. I am well."
  • Colleen wants to thank everyone for their continued prayers for her Grandson Ben. "After going home from his last surgery to untether his spinal cord, he had another battle with severe headaches, MRI's and he had a layer of spinal fluid around his brain. After the prayers of the saints were lifted up there were no more headaches and no more fluid on the brain! Alabado sea Dios! He is so faithful! Además, Ben has been cleared to have his colostomy bag removed in April. A heartfelt thank you to all the prayer warriors!"
  • Maria watches the Jim Bakker Show on TCT. Ella escribe, "I will always be grateful for your having Silver Sol. It's been almost 2 año. It was my last chance for something to work. It is very clear now. I use it for burns, rashes, cualquier cosa! Muchas Gracias! Salud!"
  • Michael had a heart attack a few weeks ago at work. His arms got heavy and he had chest pains. The doctors caught it in time and he now has 2 stents. When he came home we laid hands on him and then we sent prayer requests to everybody, incluido usted. Ahora, the doctors say there is no heart damage and he is back at work in the office and able to do just about everything he did before this happened! God Bless you for praying! God is awesome!
  • Jackie is rejoicing that her friend's surgery went well. Hallelujah!
  • Felicia wrote to express her thanks for the recent Expo Conference here at Morningside. Dijo, "My mind is blown. I am amazed about the Revelation teaching, and the information about the Pope and the Hadron Collider. You are right about churches not preaching on Revelation. Thank you for bringing the truth forward. It is time to get ready for the return of Jesus!"
  • Barbara called with a great Praise report. Her friend Ellen, who has battled breast cancer has found that the cancer is now in remission. Let's continue to pray for absolute and total healing! Gracias Jesús!
  • Lisa from North Carolina writes, "I love watching the Jim Bakker Show. I watch almost every day. I learn so much. It is like having great friends in my home each day. Los amo a todos. God bless each one of you! Thank you again for caring for me, just a simple country girl."
  • Janice wrote: " Thank you for your good prophecy programs!"
  • Tracy was watching the Expo live from Hawaii. She wrote to express her appreciation for how she was being blessed by the program. She enjoyed Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and was thrilled to hear Tammy Sue and the group singing. As she put it, "Me encanta Tammy Sue, Me encantan todos, pero, esa niña está cantando el cielo hacia abajo!" "Dios los bendiga a todos!"
  • Pablo wrote to express his appreciation for all the prayers that have gone up for his sister Inez. He writes that she is so much better in a short time and may be going home from the hospital soon! "May God bless all of you in Jesus' Name I pray!"
  • Donna escribe: "Please tell Jim that I appreciate him for warning us all about the end times and about being prepared. Gracias por todo lo que hacen!" "We are thankful for the products we have been able to purchase from you. We are praying for all of you!"
  • Cher estaba teniendo problemas con sus dientes y después de la oración estaba sana! ¡Alabado sea el Señor!

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