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Siempre dar a Dios la gloria y la alabanza por sus oraciones contestadas. Vamos a jactarse en Jesús. Es a causa de su amor y gran sacrificio que podemos acercarnos al trono de Dios con nuestras peticiones. (Salmo 23:6)

Gracias, Dios, para todos estos informes de alabanza!

Tú eres un Dios bueno tal!

  • Doris has had many trials in her marriage and had almost given up. She cried out to the Lord and said, "I must see a miracle this weekend!" Her husband came home and said he was going to church on Sunday! He really had a touch from the Lord that day, for which she is grateful.
  • Gina sent us a Praise Report. After she had posted a prayer request for a job, she was hired back at a job that she liked and has been there ever since. She is grateful for all the prayers.
  • Tina called recently for prayer and a week later she called back to tell us that her request was answered beautifully! Gracias Jesús!
  • Rachel is rejoicing that two days after she had prayer, her needs were met! Hallelujah!
  • Patty is persevering in the midst of a physical trial and is standing in faith for her total healing. In the midst of being in and out of the hospital she has been a powerful witness to many. She is praising the Lord for how He is using her!
  • Gina called for prayer as she needed a good job. She later called back to report that she now has a good job! ¡Alabado sea el Señor!
  • Ben is praising the Lord! They were praying for a car and they were able to find just what they wanted at the right price. They were also very thankful that they were able to borrow a pressure cooker for canning and food preparation.
  • Betty has suffered with muscle spasms for a number of years. Recently when she had a painful spasm in her big toe she felt prompted to take authority over it and commanded the muscle to relax and the pain to go in Jesus' Name. Immediately the toe straightened out and the pain stopped! ¡Alabado sea el Señor!
  • Larry and his wife have been partners for at least 6 año. Acerca de 3 years ago Larry had MRSA on his leg and foot. The doctor wanted to amputate his leg and foot. Larry started lathering Silver Sol Gel on his leg and foot and they healed up! ¡Alabado sea el Señor!
  • Shirley was in a coma for 3 1/2 día. Her kidneys were failing and she had 8 0r 9 blood clots on her lungs. Jesus appeared to her in a white robe and told her how much God loved her......It has totally changed her and she is now full of love! Hallelujah! It is wonderful what one touch and one word from the Master can do!
  • ¡Alabado sea el Señor! Norris' face was completely healed after prayer!
  • Catalina escribe: "I have been watching your show since early this year and God has blessed me as I have gotten back into my Bible and I have been sharing as much information as I can."                 g
  • Norris is so thankful for all the prayers for his niece who has battled lupus. Her face had been terribly swollen, but praise the Lord, her face has now returned to normal and they are thanking God for her complete healing.
  • Wayne was having great difficulty with the equipment in the duplication department so he sent Gary over to the prayer room to ask for prayer. Later in the day Wayne came back to the prayer room rejoicing and to report the equipment was working well! Hallelujah!
  • Nate was recently diagnosed with a mass on his liver. Many intercessors began to pray and the doctors were amazed when the mass disappeared. Gracias Señor!
  • Lou wants to thank all those who prayed for her son Larry after he was bitten by a 'Feral' cat. He is so very grateful for all those that bombarded Heaven for him.
  • This is a great testimony! Fred relates: "On October 22, 2013, I had Whipple surgery for pancreatic cancer. The doctor determined after extensive testing that it was a slow growing, well defined tumor in the head of the pancreas and recommended this radical surgery. They were able to remove all of the cancer and as of 2 weeks ago a cat scan and blood tests showed no cancer. Thanks to God and the prayers of countless relatives, friends and especially the Prayer Team at the Jim Bakker Show! Dios los bendiga!"
  • One of our partners who recently attended the taping with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn was prompted by the Holy Spirit to be baptized. He had previously been sprinkled, but now in obedience he was immersed. The baptism was held in the swimming pool down in the valley. ¡Alabado sea el Señor!
  • Dick has been using the Seychelle PH bottle. He was on pain medication for arthritis. He is now off the pain meds and is telling everyone about alkaline water.
  • Suzie, who is a senior citizen, is so thankful that she found favor in court recently. ¡Alabado sea el Señor!

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