Afficher les demandes de prière

S'il vous plaît ajouter vos prières aux nôtres et se tenir dans la foi pour les besoins suivants doivent être réunis.

  • Patricia's 65 year old brother is battling cancer. Let's believe for his complete healing. We rebuke this cancer in the Mighty Name of Jesus!
  • Pray for Vera who is suffering from depression following the death of her husband three years ago. Pray that she will be motivated and have the energy to reach out to others and be totally delivered from all this.
  • Pray that Janet's 21 ancien petit-fils l'année aura faveur quand il va au tribunal.
  • Deborah has just had extensive testing done at Stanford University and has been diagnosed with a very serious disease. She is very devastated and needs to be lifted in prayer. Pray and believe with us for the Lord to heal her.
  • Priez pour Brenda ait faveur sur son travail.
  • Marvin has requested prayer for his Uncle Raymond. Raymond is currently in rehab and needs healing. A number of years ago his son was killed in a farm accident and he has been grieving since then with a broken heart. Pray that the Lord will touch him in a special way and set him free!
  • Tony has been standing in faith for the restoration of his marriage. Pray that the Lord will work in both of their hearts and that healing will come!
  • Esther a besoin d'une percée financière. Pray that she will be able to find employment soon.
  • Pray that the blessing of the Lord will be upon Barbara's Business and that God will give her wisdom and open doors for her.
  • Steve had reconstructive surgery on his foot and it has healed except the swelling has not gone down. Pray that the swelling would subside and the healing would be complete.
  • Shirley's husband walked away from their marriage and is living in adultery. Pray that this ungodly soul tie will be broken and that he will surrender his life to the Lord!
  • Sharon souffre de douleur chronique de la maladie dégénérative de disque. Pray for her healing. She has a desire to spend time with her children. Let's believe and stand in faith upon the Word of God!
  • Debra is in need of a miracle of healing. She is suffering with sores all over her chest and has no saliva in her throat. She has to live in the dark with no light at all. Pray that she will be totally healed and delivered from all the enemy has put upon her.
  • Helen is a realtor and would like prayer for several things. 1. Pray that one of the homes she has listed will sell. 2. Her husband has been diagnosed with depression and needs to be set free. 3. They need a real financial breakthrough. 4. Pray that her son- à- law will be set free from an addiction to alcohol. God is on the Throne and He hears and answers prayer!
  • Priez pour Sharon d'avoir l'aide médicale nécessaire et que la paix du Seigneur son ombre.
  • Pray that the Lord will lead and guide Bobby and Cheryl as they are seeking to buy a home. Pray that they will have favor as they negotiate.
  • Pastor Keith has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer and will be undergoing treatment to shrink a tumor. We stand in faith with Pastor Keith and we too declare, "Cancer, you have no right to exist in his body. We curse you at the root just as our Master Jesus did with the fig tree!" We are believing for a good report in the days to come!
  • Helen est une survivante du cancer, but has some difficulties with swelling in her right hand and arm due to the cancer treatments. This has caused her great difficulty and pain in being able to live a normal life. She needs a miracle in her body as well as a financial increase. Let's believe God for that miracle!
  • Judy a demandé la prière pour son fils-frère, Jacob, who is moving his family across the country due to his job situation. Pray for their safety in traveling, et aussi pour la délivrance et la guérison de la dépression et de la détresse émotionnelle.
  • Esther's mother is living in Taiwan and is near death. Esther is very concerned that her Mother comes to Christ. Pray and agree with us that she will have an encounter with the Lord prior to passing into eternity!