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S'il vous plaît ajouter vos prières aux nôtres et se tenir dans la foi pour les besoins suivants doivent être réunis.

  • Nancy recently had spinal surgery. Pray that she will recover quickly and that she will be able to walk more and that the feeling will return to her feet.
  • Don has been away from the Lord for 40 ans, and now sees how blind and foolish he was. Recently he fell to his knees and asked the Lord for forgiveness. Pray for Don that he will be strong in the Lord and that he will walk in the Grace of God and that he will forgive himself! He us back in church now and his soul is being restored! Please lift him in prayer each day!
  • Suzanne's son has been waiting to receive his green card since last November. He is a Canadian and has been working as a Health professional in Arizona for 8 ans. Pray that the Lord will work in this situation and that the procedure will be accelerated and that he will receive his green card soon!
  • Linda's heart is heavy due to family problems. Her sister is very angry and needs deliverance. Linda desires to have a good relationship with her sister again and to see the family relationships restored. Pray that the Lord will move in this situation and that hearts would be mended!
  • Pray for Mary's sister who has a torn rotator cuff. Her son is addicted to drugs and wants to be free, but can't stop on his own. Pray that he will have an encounter with the Lord and be saved!
  • Greg is crying out for help! He is miserable and feels he needs deliverance. Please pray for him until you feel the burden lifted! Il a besoin d'un miracle!
  • Tamila is a single Mommy raising a daughter with Down Syndrome and severe Autism. Section 8 housing in her area is losing funding and she and little Margaret Ann need a miracle from God in providing a small home for them. Tamila writes, "Please agree with me. God is an awesome God and He always takes care of His children. Merci beaucoup!"
  • Pray for Dorothea's grandson who is addicted to prescription drugs. He has pain and this seems to have contributed to the addiction. Pray that he will return to the Lord and be set free. He was in a nice relationship with a girl, but she doesn't want to get serious if he's on drugs.
  • Pray for Brad, who had a heart transplant 4 il ya des années. His wife divorced him and he doesn't have a job. Others have tried to reach out to him but he doesn't want to be a bother. Pray that Brad will realize his need for the Lord and that he will be saved and will also be able to get a job!
  • Please pray for Rory and Adrain and their families for peace, protection and salvation! Didi is also trying to sell her house. Pray that the Lord will send the right buyer at the right price!
  • God has called Sherry and Michael to Israel. They will be leaving the end of August. Pray that all will fall into place for them and that they will be able to leave on schedule.
  • Karen's daughter is 6 months pregnant and is having complications. Pray that she will be able to carry the baby to full term and that she will have healing and peace.
  • Rollanda needs a real financial breakthrough to end her over 8 years of being homeless. Pray that she will be able to pay all of her bills and have the funds to prepare for what is coming.
  • Cindy and her family are living in California and are right in the middle of the drought. Many of their neighbor's wells are going dry. She asks prayer that when well company comes to assess the situation that they will find they have enough water to sustain their family until the rains come.
  • Tammy needs a total healing in her back, neck and pelvis. Pray that the atlas and axis vertebrae in her neck will stay in place always.
  • Carol says that she has not prayed for years, but she is now starting to pray! She has repented of her sin, but she still is not sure God is listening. Thank you Lord that you are drawing her unto yourself. Pray that she will be set free from all doubt that the enemy has put upon her and will fully trust the Lord for salvation!
  • Stephen and Kaitlin are trying to sell their house. Pray that the Lord will send them a buyer soon!
  • Please pray for Lori, who is Dorothea's granddaughter. She is very depressed with her life. She is not very attentive to her first child. Pray that the goodness of God will lead her to repentance.
  • Pray that Crystal will be able to find an apartment. She only has until August 2nd! She is in Section 8 logement.
  • Dana is addicted to cigarettes and cannot stop on her own. She is also suffering with Graves disease, which is a thyroid condition. Pray that she will be delivered from cigarettes and healed from Grave's disease!

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