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S'il vous plaît ajouter vos prières aux nôtres et se tenir dans la foi pour les besoins suivants doivent être réunis.

  • Pray for Uncle John who has recently had a kidney transplant. Pray that his body will not reject the new kidney.
  • Pray that Annie will be set free from the spirit of infirmity that has bound her for a long time!
  • Pray for John's Uncle Tom. He is in the hospital on a feeding tube and does not know the Lord. Pray for divine intervention and a miracle salvation!
  • Kristina is a young lady who has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Pray and believe for her total healing! We curse this tumor in Jesus' Name!
  • Jonna desperately wants to be delivered from smoking. She is ashamed and feels guilty that she is out of control in this area of her life. Pray for her to be totally set free!
  • Pray for a dear partner whose husband has dementia which is progressing. Pray that she will have wisdom in making decisions and will get the care her husband needs.
  • Sheila needs a financial miracle before July 1st or she will lose her home. Pray with us for that miracle!
  • Pray for a friend of Brian's who is in a coma. He does not know the Lord and Brian is praying that he will have another chance to witness to him.
  • Beverley needs a breakthrough in her finances. Due to sickness she has not worked for three years and now the disability payments have been stopped. Pray for her to be healed and be set free from dependency upon the government.
  • Sally wants to be delivered from cigarettes and alcohol. She has been bound by cigarettes since she was 12 and she is now 50. Pray for her deliverance! Jésus est venu libérer les captifs!
  • Shelby has had numerous small strokes. Pray for her total healing and for restoration to normal function of parts of the brain that are affected.
  • Pray for Nick's Dad who has meningitis and is in a coma. Pray that the Lord will minister to him even though he is not conscious. Pray also that the Lord will raise him up.
  • Pray for John who was injured on the ice last February. Il est 25 and now is unable to work and has no medical insurance. Pray that the Lord will do a miracle in his life both physically and spiritually!
  • Pray for Linda's total deliverance and healing from severe pain in her neck, shoulders and knees!
  • Marlene is asking us to pray for her to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Pray also for the salvation of her daughter and her husband!
  • Please pray for my daughter Rebekah. While playing volleyball she was bumped on her jaw and has been having problems with her jaw. It seems to be dislocated.
  • Mary's husband Joe needs healing in his lungs. His lung tissues are scarred. Priez pour sa guérison!
  • Jerri Lynne is battling leukemia and post traumatic stress disorder as well as degenerative disc disease. Let's come against all of these diseases in the Mighty Name of Jesus! We bind the power of the enemy and we speak healing and deliverance in Jesus' Name! Loose her and let her go!
  • Pray for Patty who is currently undergoing tests in preparation for surgery. She has been transferred to the University of Missouri Hospital in Columbia, Missouri.
  • Please pray for my Mom, Sandra who has Stage 4 COPD and emphysema. She has great difficulty breathing. She needs a lung transplant. Pray that they will find a lung suitable for her or that the Lord will do a miracle! He is the God of miracles!

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