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S'il vous plaît ajouter vos prières aux nôtres et se tenir dans la foi pour les besoins suivants doivent être réunis.

  • Nancy is on disability and needs to find another place to live as her current landlord will not keep the place in good repair.
  • Kelly's son Kyle who is 25 needs the Lord. Pray that the Holy Spirit will draw him and that he will have a real encounter with the Lord!
  • Pray for Ali, who is now is a paraplegic through the mistake of a doctor during surgery. He has now become very bitter and blames God for his circumstances. He is in constant pain 24/7. Pray that he will open his heart to the Lord.
  • Gina is a single mom with 3 enfants. She has recently been laid off work and needs work to support her family. Pray that the Lord will give her favor as she applies for work and that she will find work soon!
  • Violet recently fell outside on her porch and broke some ribs as well as her arm. She had formerly had a stroke so that did not help the situation. Pray that her bones will heal and that she will recover quickly.
  • Tamara, Paul's wife has been very ill with H-Pylori and possibly Crohn's disease. She has begun a new regimen now and is praying that it will alleviate the stomach and intestinal pain. Pray that she will be healed in her spirit, âme et le corps. They have asked for prayer also for their five children, that they will all come to Jesus and be saved and live their lives to edify and glorify our Lord! They have a small business that they started last fall. Pray that the Lord will bring the increase as they seek the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness first in their lives!
  • Leisa and her husband Warren need a real financial breakthrough, and direction. Pray also for their parent's relationship to be healed, and Adrian, a brother, to be restored and for the blessing of the Lord to be upon their children.
  • Pray for Nellie who recently had a stroke. Pray that her speech will return to normal, and that she will regain strength in her right arm and leg. We are believing for her full recovery!
  • Deborah has suffered for a number of years with osteoarthritis and severe pain in her spine and lower back. She is in constant pain. We stand in faith and rebuke that pain and command it to go! In Jesus' Mighty Name!
  • Barry is suffering with kidney failure and is very discouraged. He is weak in faith but hoping for a miracle. Pray that the Lord will touch and heal Barry in every part of his being!
  • Pray that Rose will be able to get rid of the bedbugs that have invaded their home. Pray that she will have the funds for the treatment and that the bugs will leave quickly.
  • Kim's mother Joanne recently received news from her doctor that she has cancer in her breast. Pray that the surgeon will have God's wisdom and that she will be completely healed!
  • Julius has requested prayer for total healing of his body, eyes and blood and deliverance from demonic oppressions.
  • Tami rented out her house and property hoping to be able to survive financially if she did so. Malheureusement, the two women to whom she rented her home have turned out to be dishonest women and are actually in the process of trying to steal her home by devious means. Pray that she will be able to evict them and that she will not lose her home.
  • Theresa is suffering from a severe chest infection. Let's agree in prayer with Kevin for her total healing as we together touch the hem of the Lord's garment!
  • Diane has just begun chemotherapy. She is standing in faith upon the Word of God and believing for total healing! Let's agree with her!
  • Rebecca has recently found a lump under her throat. Pray that the lump will go down and that she will be healed!
  • Tammy is a fulltime nursing student employed as a CNA. She is hard pressed financially as she is heavily in debt. Pray that the Lord will give her wisdom and knowledge as to which steps to take to get out of this situation and to live free of debt.
  • Please pray that somehow the Lord will make a way for me to pay my college tuition. My creditors are upon me and my bills are unpaid for this month.
  • Joyce is sad as her daughter-in-law moved and took her granddaughter. They do not live very far away but their relationship is not good. Pray that the Lord will bring healing and restoration!

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