Voir Témoignages

Toujours donner à Dieu la gloire et la louange pour vos prières exaucées. Vantons sur Jésus. C'est à cause de son amour et de grands sacrifices que nous pouvons nous approcher du trône de Dieu avec nos pétitions. (Psaume 23:6)

Merci, Seigneur, pour tous ces rapports de louange!

Vous êtes un si bon Dieu!

  • Penny, qui a eu un problème avec étourdissements et des évanouissements à l'occasion, is doing much better. She is very grateful for all the prayer that has gone up for her. God is so faithful!
  • Duane écrit: "Merci Jim et Lori pour être un "Gardiennage sur le mur" to the Body of Christ. Blessings to you and the whole team"... "
  • Bertha is so thankful for the prayer team and that we have always been here for her and have prayed her through a lot of hard situations.
  • Lanah écrit: "You and Jim have a wonderful ministry. You really care about people and I love that about you. I know that God's face is radiating with joy because of you. I am asking the Lord to send the angels from the North, Sud, East and West to bring high favor for your ministry. In Jesus's Name. Amen!"
  • Ron écrit: "Wow, that's great! I love you guys caring about health. More people should be like you and share on the inner depths of great health. Dieu vous bénisse!"
  • Claudia écrit: "The show with The Crabb's was one of the most touching shows you have ever had and shouts out the love of Christ to all who listen."
  • Myrtle Pfister écrit, "Je veux juste dire "Merci" pour la diffusion des feux d'artifice de Morningside! I felt like I was almost there! Été!
  • Barbara écrit: "I love watching your show and I just ordered your food. Thank you so much." "I live in Pennsylvania I was able to find your Sunday show on Daystar!"
  • Ben called to report that the suspicious spots on his sister's chest turned out to be fibrous. Louez le Seigneur!
  • Kathy a appelé dans un rapport d'éloges au sujet de peu 2 year old Caleb. He had been paralyzed and had other health issues and was expected to die. Louez le Seigneur! He is now walking and eating!
  • Muriel écrit: "I was looking at your website and I am thrilled and awestruck at what God has done in restoring you. It is truly incredible and I so want to come and spend some time there. May the Lord continue to bless you above and beyond your wildest imaginations."
  • "He has known the infamous and the famous. He speaks to millions daily but is never more happy than when he is serving. Young preachers take notice."
  • Jeanne, an older lady in Kansas, is so very thankful for God's protection during all the bad storms. An added bonus recently was when a neighbor of hers brought her a plate of food while she was working in her yard. God is so good!
  • Betty is so grateful that she was not injured when she was recently rear ended in traffic.
  • Clay has been encouraged in the Lord and blessed by the Ministry. He writes, "Votre histoire et la vie me donnent l'espoir et le courage de croire que la restauration totale est possible et que Dieu va utiliser un homme brisé." "Dieu vous bénisse!"
  • Riki écrit: "Que Dieu bénisse votre ministère!" "Merci pour vos mots d'encouragement!"
  • Virginia's son Riley was recently injured while chopping down a tree. The entire tree collapsed and he was hit on the head and knocked unconscious. He is now conscious. Continue to pray for his complete recovery! Praise the Lord for his healing power!
  • Louez le Seigneur! Patty and Bill closed on their new home recently and they are already settling in and enjoying its spaciousness. Dieu est bon!
  • Louez le Seigneur! Shawn has given his heart to the Lord. Pastor Clete prayed with him and sent him a Bible. The angels in Heaven are rejoicing with us!
  • We are rejoicing with Debra and her husband. Her husband had been out of work for 6 ans. They called for prayer and a job opened for him soon afterwards. Louez le Seigneur!