Voir Témoignages

Toujours donner à Dieu la gloire et la louange pour vos prières exaucées. Vantons sur Jésus. C'est à cause de son amour et de grands sacrifices que nous pouvons nous approcher du trône de Dieu avec nos pétitions. (Psaume 23:6)

Merci, Seigneur, pour tous ces rapports de louange!

Vous êtes un si bon Dieu!

  • Marie from Texas writes: "Thank you both for having the courage to carry on and do the Lord's Will. Thanks for having the prophets and other concerned speakers on the show. Ils, and you all, and the singers have all been a blessing to me!"
  • Carol, from Tennessee writes: "Thank you for being so passionate about bringing the Gospel to the people and letting them know the times we are in now. So sad that many are unaware!"
  • Patty had two great Praise reports! Her Dad, Dominique had a biopsy on his shoulder and it showed that there was no cancer! Patty and her son were not feeling well as they were fighting allergies, and Praise the Lord they have both been healed!
  • Lilly is rejoicing as she has been blessed with a new job. She is believing the Lord to help her to remember all she needs to learn so that she will do well on the job.
  • Jordan writes, "I want to thank you for praying for my Aunt. She came through surgery fine!"
  • Michael requested prayer for his granddaughter that had surgery and she came through real well. Praise the Lord Jesus and thanks for your prayers.
  • We are rejoicing with the angels in Heaven! Doris has received Jesus as her Savior and Lord!  
  • Corey was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctor's operated and then did an MRI and there were no longer any tumors! Louez le Seigneur!
  • Katherine writes, "Just a line to say thank you, for all you are doing, to help all of us out here, with our physical body, and our health. I need the PH water so much!
  • Mary Edith goes way back with the ministry. Elle est 94 years old and was an avid PTL watcher. She shares, "I also sent money every month. I loved the ones that sat and talked about the Bible, I loved it!"
  • Gianni called for prayer because her tv was not working. After the call, she went back to the tv and it was working fine. She called to share with us! Unusual praise report, but God takes care the little things too!
  • Diann from Oklahoma wrote recently to say, "I've been watching your show for a few weeks now and I want to thank you for your teaching on the Book of Revelation!"
  • Mark from Pennsylvania wrote: "Nous vous remercions de votre ministère. You help me physically, mentally and spiritually. God bless your ministry which by His Grace is eternal."
  • Marie from Texas writes: " Thank you for all that you do to prepare us for the return of our Lord and Savior, Jésus-Christ. I enjoy all of your guest authors. I will continue to uplift your ministry in prayer."
  • A partner wrote saying he enjoyed the programs about what the Holy Spirit is doing. "The Kingdom of God is near." Amen!
  • Cheerie writes: "Thank you for your obedience to the call of God. You have been a tremendous blessing to me and the entire world."
  • Lana from Oklahoma wrote, "Thank you for your prayers for me and my family since the passing of my husband, Gerald and my mother. I appreciate your faithfulness to the call of God on your lives and being willing to be "watchmen" and sounding the alarm." "God sees your hearts of compassion, love and faithfulness and is well pleased. He will make a way where it seems there is no way for He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow."
  • After we prayed for Ken, all of his swelling went down and the bleeding stopped. Hallelujah!
  • Alexander from Alaska wrote recently, "Thank you for your TV ministry and for all the good things you offer us who donate to your ministry. Some day I would like to get some more of the products you offer."
  • Lydia wrote to us from Illinois to thank Pastor Jim for the program and for all that he is doing for the Lord and His people.

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