צפה בתפילת בקשות

אנא הוסף התפילות שלך לשלנו ולעמוד באמונה לצרכי הבאים שנפגשו.

  • Diane has just begun chemotherapy. She is standing in faith upon the Word of God and believing for total healing! Let's agree with her!
  • Rebecca has recently found a lump under her throat. Pray that the lump will go down and that she will be healed!
  • Tammy is a fulltime nursing student employed as a CNA. She is hard pressed financially as she is heavily in debt. Pray that the Lord will give her wisdom and knowledge as to which steps to take to get out of this situation and to live free of debt.
  • Please pray that somehow the Lord will make a way for me to pay my college tuition. My creditors are upon me and my bills are unpaid for this month.
  • Joyce is sad as her daughter-in-law moved and took her granddaughter. They do not live very far away but their relationship is not good. Pray that the Lord will bring healing and restoration!
  • Please pray for my daughter and 2 נכדים. The husband/father is an atheist. I fear for them everyday. Pray that the angels will protect them and that their eyes will be opened to see God's love. I know they are safe in the arms of Jesus. אני מאמין בניסים!
  • Pray for Lawrence to be saved and healed from church disappointments, hurts and wounds and that he will come to know the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for himself.
  • Gage has been diagnosed with brain cancer. Colleen suffers with bad depression. Joby has had several heart attacks and strokes. Cathy has been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Pray and believe for each of these to be healed. Ps. 107:20 He sent His Word and healed them, והעביר אותם מההרס שלהם. לעשות. 10:23 תן לנו לדבוק הווידוי של התקווה שלנו בלי התלבטויות, להוא שהבטיח נאמנה.
  • Maddie, a little new born has some heart issues and is having difficulty breathing. Pray for a miracle for this little one! In Jesus' Mighty Name!
  • Linda has several prayer requests: Pray for Dewey who has had complications from all the radiation he had 5 לפני שנים. Pray that he will remain cancer free. Pray for Tessa to be healed from cerebral palsy and that her pituitary gland will begin to function normally. Leslie has COPD and rheumatoid arthritis. Pray that he will be raised up to wholeness. Pat has been diagnosed with lung and brain cancer. היא זקוקה לנס! טיילר, is a troubled teenager who needs the Lord's touch. Tanner is being bullied at school. Pray for his protection and that the situation will be handled properly. Roger has severe heart issues and has only about 25 percent of his heart functioning. לינדה, את עצמה, has health issues. Pray for all of these, for God's Divine intervention!
  • Kathy is battling cancer in her body and also recovering from nerve damage from back surgery. Pray for her to be totally healed! We curse this cancer in the Mighty Name of Jesus!
  • Patrick's father Richard recently had heart surgery. Cancer was discovered in his lungs also during a CT scan. למרבה המזל, it was caught early enough that it is operable and curable. אולם, the heart issue had to be taken care of first. Pray that he will recover quickly and that they will be able to go ahead with the surgery to remove the cancer in the lungs. תודה לך ישוע!
  • Pray for Gabrielle's safety, deliverance and restoration to the Lord. She has been bound by the enemy and needs to be freed. Let's stand in faith and agreement with her Dad for her total release from the grips of the evil one!
  • Jerry has been told by his neurologist that he has too many damaged nerves to be a candidate for surgery. He will be referred to a specialist for a pain management program. Saints, pray for our brother and his medical team to be led by the Holy Spirit. Pray also that the pain will go and he will be totally healed!
  • Linda has been diagnosed with cancer in her head and neck. She is going through a very difficult time with the disease. בעלה, who is not a Christian ,curses the Lord and has actually invited the devil to live in their home. Pray for her healing and for her husband to be saved! Pray also that the Lord will bring another Believer into Linda's life who can minister to her and be a mentor to her. אין שום דבר קשה מדי עבור אלוהים שלנו!
  • Loretta is a widow and has a teenage daughter. She needs to get a job soon as they have a desperate financial need. Pray that the Lord will lead her and give her favor as she applies for work!  
  • Karen requests prayer for her family. שלה 85 year old mother and her sister have been at odds with each other and the whole family is estranged from each other. Pray that the Lord will use Karen at this time to pray as well as speak into the situation. Pray that there will be a supernatural baptism of love in this family!
  • Norma has requested prayer for her son Derrick who is on drugs. She has not heard from him in almost a month. Pray for the conviction of the Holy Spirit to fall on him and that the goodness of the Lord will lead him to repentance and complete deliverance. Pray that he will be kept safe and that as they go to look for him that they will be led by the Holy Spirit and that they will find him.
  • Jacob has requested prayer for his Mom. A little over a year ago she was in a car wreck and suffered a concussion. מאז, she has suffered severe headaches every day for a year due to Post Concussion Syndrome. Pray that the Lord will touch and heal her! She needs a real miracle!
  • Diane is recovering from a complete hysterectomy and has begun chemotherapy. Pray that she will not lose all her hair, that she will stay strong and that there will be no more cancer! We speak life, healing and wholeness into her body in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

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