צפה בתפילת בקשות

אנא הוסף התפילות שלך לשלנו ולעמוד באמונה לצרכי הבאים שנפגשו.

  • דיק ולינדה עפו ממפיס, TN to California when one of the motors on the plane stopped. Their flight was unable to continue and they had to return to Memphis. Pray that they will be able to leave for California tomorrow and that they will have a safe and uneventful flight!
  • רנה איבדה כל הרצון ללכת לכנסייה ו, כמובן, if she doesn't go the rest of the family doesn't either. She requested prayer for this. Pray that she will have a real encounter with the Lord and be delivered and be totally set free.
  • Claudia's son, מי הוא 54 ומרותק לכיסא גלגלים מאז שהיה 14, has been without a job for over a year. Pray that the Lord will open a new job for him and that he will not have to be so dependent on his parents. The enemy has stolen much from him. Let's pray and believe that what has been stolen will be recovered and more!
  • שחר הוא מורה בתיכון עם תלמיד שהוא השטן! He seems to flaunt his satanism by carrying a satanic Bible some days. Recently he came in with a new tattoo of a goat and pentagram completely covering his leg and showing it to his classmates. He is tremendously angry. Dawn has a burden for him and also asks for prayer for herself, גם כן. The spiritual warfare is horrific! Pray for Christopher to be delivered and for Dawn to be able to have the Grace to walk through this time.
  • מתפלל לונדה, Amanda's sister who recently had surgery for the removal of a benign tumor. She has been fainting since then and had to be taken back to the hospital. Pray that she will be totally healed from all side effects of the surgery and whatever is causing her problems.
  • Pray for our daughter Jackie who has cancer in her uterus. She will be having surgery soon. Pray that it will not have spread and is contained and will be removed and will not cause further problems. מתפלל להחלמתה הכוללת!
  • Kristin graduated with a Master's Degree in Healthcare Administration and Education in 2013, yet she has been unable to find a job in that field. She currently is working at another job but asks for prayer that the Lord will open a door for her to work in the field for which she is more suited.
  • Pray for Debbie as she travels to Mississippi to be with family following the sudden death of her brother. Pray that the Lord will strengthen the family in this time of bereavement.
  • Pray for Becky's son Sam, who is still vomiting since he has had surgery. The situation is very serious! HE NEEDS A MIRACLE!
  • טפיחה, Grandma Char's niece, is in the hospital with some heart issues. Pray that they will get to the root of the problem and that the Lord will touch and heal her!
  • Pray for Becky's son Sam who needs a real miracle in his body. He is undergoing testing in St. לואיס. Pray that the Lord will give the doctors wisdom in making a diagnosis.
  • אליזבת כותבת: "I watch your show every night and I enjoy your teaching. Thank you for your prayers and support. I love you both!"
  • הבא היא בקשת תפילה ודו"ח שבחים! ורה, recently fell at a Senior Center and hit her head on the floor. She was not breathing and her daughter began slapping her and telling her to wake up! The ambulance was there within 2 minutes and they shocked her heart into beating. In the ambulance on the way to the hospital they applied the paddles again. She quit breathing again and again they shocked her back to life. She was not breathing for herself and she found out yesterday that was why her throat was sore. Her family prayed, אמר שלום, and they removed the life support and she's still alive. A MIRACLE! Connie requests that we continue to pray for Vera, and ask God to remove the plague building up in her veins. Vera called Connie from the hospital and she asked Vera if she could pray for her. Vera said, "למה אתה חושב שהתקשרתי אליך?" Let's continue in faith and believe that the Lord will complete the healing in her body! A little footnote: Both Vera and Connie have frequented the show and say that they appreciate the ministry.
  • Elizabeth's two daughters who were at one time walking with the Lord have both turned completely away from the Lord and bought into the prevalent thinking of the world today. כמובן, Elizabeth is very concerned for them. Pray that both of them will have a real encounter with the Lord!
  • Pray that Sandra's son will find it in his heart to contact his parents. They do not know his whereabouts as he has moved out of state. Pray that the Lord will change his heart and that reconciliation will take place with his parents in the days to come. Pray also for healing for Sandra's husband who has diabetes and for salvation for the grandkids.
  • Pray for Philip's son, מי הוא אלכוהוליסט, and who is alienated from his parents with no desire to see them. He does not know the Lord and his parents are very concerned for him. Pray that the Lord will work in his heart and soften his attitude towards his parents, and that he will have a real encounter with the Lord!
  • Pray for Dale who has cancer on his jaw. Pray and believe for his total healing!
  • Marilyn's grandson, מי הוא 11 בן שנים, is being bullied at school. The family wants to relocate. Pray for wisdom from above for them and that they will not make a hasty decision.
  • ורוניקה היא מתכננת לעבור לאירלנד ללמד קתולים איריים. מתפלל שיהיה לה חוכמה בהחלטות הפיננסיות וכו '. היא צריכה לעשות בימים הבאים.
  • Willie has some property that she would like to sell. Pray that she will get the right buyer and the right price. She wants to sell the land so that she will be able to bless her daughter, מי שיש לי MS, ובן גיסתה.