צפה בתפילת בקשות

אנא הוסף התפילות שלך לשלנו ולעמוד באמונה לצרכי הבאים שנפגשו.

  • Sally has been diagnosed with glaucoma and a retina problem in her eyes as well. Pray for her total healing!
  • פטרישיה ביקשה תפילה לשני בנים שלה כדי להינצל ונמסר מאלכוהול.
  • מתפלל שגרייס ודוד תהיה כמה פריצות דרך רבות עוצמה בחיי הנישואין שלהם, ministry and all that the Lord has called them to do. We rebuke the enemy in the Mighty Name of Jesus and speak peace over them. "יש לנו להתגבר, על ידי הדם של השה ודבר עדותנו!"
  • התפלל לראש העיר רוב פורד, from Canada who is suffering from a rare form of cancer. Pray that the doctors will have great wisdom from above in dealing with this.
  • התפלל עבור אוסטרליה, that Divine protection will be over that country and that many will come into the Kingdom of God in this hour. Pray that the attempts of ISIS will continue to be thwarted.
  • Pray for Dave who is now homeless. Pray that he will be able to find a job and a place to live.
  • Abel's daughter, מי הוא 26, needs a heart transplant. Pray for a miracle for her and that this may be a time when the family members will come to the Lord!
  • מרי ביקש תפילה לבת שלה, רחל, who is bi-polar. Pray for her healing and deliverance!
  • Pray for Diane's protection from the attacks of the enemy. She needs a miracle healing for her knees. Pray that everything will fall into line for her upcoming trip to Israel and that the Lord will use her mightily.
  • Connie was recently laid off at her job. Pray that she will be able to find another job where she will be fulfilled.
  • Bonnie's granddaughter was admitted to the hospital recently with a stroke. She is only 13 בן שנים. Pray for her complete recovery.
  • Mary requested prayer for her son Perry and his children to be saved. Mary needs healing for some stomach issues and osteoarthritis in her knees.
  • Pray that Greg's wife will be delivered from alcohol. Greg is battling depression and needs courage and strength. Pray that his friend Ben will come to Christ.
  • מתפלל שאלברט יירפא ברוחו, נשמה וגוף.
  • Janet desires to be able to hear the Lord more clearly. Pray that any hindrances will be removed and she will come into a more intimate walk with the Lord.
  • Pray that Angela's marriage will be restored.
  • Pray that the Lord will open a job for Samuel so that he may be able to rise above his financial difficulties. גם, לנכדתה ליאן שהיא עלולה למצוא עבודה.
  • I would appreciate prayer concerning the conflict between my adult siblings and our parents. We are all Christians but hurt and pain has driven a wide wedge in our relationships. This conflict has overflowed to our spouses. We have just begun counseling and we pray for a spirit of forgiveness that covers the whole family.
  • Pray that Deborah's daughter, מי הוא נוצרי, יתעורר לפני שיהיה מאוחר מדי, ולא להיכנס לנישואים עם לא- נוצרי.
  • Elizabeth and her husband need a real breakthrough in their finances. Her husband was forced out of the military because of medical issues and his disability was shut down. They are now in desperate straights financially. They have remained faithful in their tithes and offerings through all they have had to go through. They need a miracle!