צפה בתפילת בקשות

אנא הוסף התפילות שלך לשלנו ולעמוד באמונה לצרכי הבאים שנפגשו.

  • Cassandra is in college in a government program. She has requested that we pray that she will find a new home, יש פריצת דרך בכספים שלה וכיוון ברור מאלוהים!
  • Sarah is suffering from anxiety and fear. Pray that she will be set free and come into new liberty in the Lord!
  • Pray that Angelica will hear from the Lord as she seeks His guidance. Pray that her mother will be healed!
  • אליזבת ביקשה תפילה שהצבא ישחרר את הכספים המגיעים להם ושאלוהים יעזור להם להשיג מזון כדי להתכונן לימים קדימה.
  • ג'קי מחזיק למטה 3 משרות חלקיות, והוא נתקל בבעיה עם הקרסוליים וכפות רגליה וצריכה להירפא! Believe with us and stand in faith for her healing!
  • Pray for Ann and Raymond who both need the Lord to heal them. Ann has arthritic stenosis and Raymond is suffering from headaches and needs physical healing as well.
  • שירלי ביקשה תפילה לבעלה ואחיו לישועה וריפוי.
  • ראסל היה חולה במשך 3 חודשים. He is suffering with pain in his head and numbness in his limbs. We rebuke this pain and numbness in the Mighty Name of Jesus!
  • Patricia's 65 year old brother is battling cancer. Let's believe for his complete healing. We rebuke this cancer in the Mighty Name of Jesus!
  • Pray for Vera who is suffering from depression following the death of her husband three years ago. Pray that she will be motivated and have the energy to reach out to others and be totally delivered from all this.
  • Pray that Janet's 21 נכדו בן שנה יהיה לי טובה כאשר הוא הולך לבית המשפט.
  • Deborah has just had extensive testing done at Stanford University and has been diagnosed with a very serious disease. She is very devastated and needs to be lifted in prayer. Pray and believe with us for the Lord to heal her.
  • להתפלל עבור רנדה לי טובה על עבודתה.
  • Marvin has requested prayer for his Uncle Raymond. Raymond is currently in rehab and needs healing. A number of years ago his son was killed in a farm accident and he has been grieving since then with a broken heart. Pray that the Lord will touch him in a special way and set him free!
  • Tony has been standing in faith for the restoration of his marriage. Pray that the Lord will work in both of their hearts and that healing will come!
  • אסתר זקוקה לפריצת דרך פיננסית. Pray that she will be able to find employment soon.
  • Pray that the blessing of the Lord will be upon Barbara's Business and that God will give her wisdom and open doors for her.
  • Steve had reconstructive surgery on his foot and it has healed except the swelling has not gone down. Pray that the swelling would subside and the healing would be complete.
  • Shirley's husband walked away from their marriage and is living in adultery. Pray that this ungodly soul tie will be broken and that he will surrender his life to the Lord!
  • שרון סובל מכאב כרוני ממחלת דיסק ניוונית. Pray for her healing. She has a desire to spend time with her children. Let's believe and stand in faith upon the Word of God!