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Sempre dare a Dio la gloria e la lode per le vostre preghiere esaudite. Diamo vantarti su Gesù. E 'a causa del suo amore e grande sacrificio che possiamo avvicinarci al trono di Dio con le nostre petizioni. (Salmo 23:6)

Grazie, Signore, per tutti questi rapporti lode!

Tu sei come un Dio buono!

  • The Expo was held here at Morningside from October 20th - 24Th. We had an excellent turn out and everyone went away excited and blessed. Seminars were held throughout the day. The featured speakers at the meetings and on the Jim Bakker Show were Dr. William Forstchen, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Pastor John Kilpatrick, Mark Biltz and John Shorey. We heard many positive comments.
  • Diane scrive: "Amo i vostri ospiti, però devo dire, Mi sto godendo Pastor Jim e Zach condividere i loro insegnamenti tempo finali! They need to do this more often!"
  • Gloria scrive: Jim hit the nail on the head about the darkness when Jesus returns. I know because Holy Spirit showed me years ago, the darkness and Jesus' Glory shining, and breaking through the darkness. It's not long now!
  • Joyce scrive: "Amen Pastor...you are such a treasure to those of us who watch carefully for your teaching and encouragement daily. Keep strong....we need you!"
  • Recently Janice requested prayer for a young man who suffered severe brain damage due to being administered an experimental drug. The doctors have been amazed that the brain damage is completely gone. He is completely normal! Lode a Dio!
  • Huey scrive: "Desidero ringraziare Dio per tutti i suoi doni, misericordia, and the forgiveness He has shown me. Despite all the problems in my life, things could be infinitely worse. Father has a way of making the bad seems less bad, e lo ringrazio per la Sua Santa Parola, which gives me strength to keep going. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!"
  • Betty has suffered pain in her knees and has not had the energy she needs to function. She has lost 15 sterline e si gioisce che lei si sente molto meglio e ha poco dolore.
  • Rita enjoys the programs with the prophets and the information they bring. Even though she may need time to digest what was said, she is thanking the Ministry for the much needed information.
  • Ambra ringrazia il Signore e il Ministero per tutti gli insegnamenti circa il nostro Signore e Salvatore. She also enjoys the stories of healing and miracles that God works in or lives everyday. Lode a Dio!
  • George used Silver Sol on the sores he had on his foot and heel and they were healed. The doctors had prescribed other medications, ma nulla ha fatto il lavoro come argento Sol.
  • Lodate il Signore! Barbara had called for prayer regarding the financial scam that she had been taken in by, and said that she would be meeting soon with the bank. She called back today to say that the bank has tracked down the person, lui arrestato e che i suoi conti saranno ripristinato! Our God is so Good!
  • Marie wrote to express her thanks to Jim and Lori for preaching the truth and for saving our precious little babies.
  • Recentemente,Jill ha perso la figlia, Chris, who was hit by a truck and killed as she was walking home from a friend's house. Chris would have been 50 in December. In spite of the sorrow of losing her daughter, Jill has been pressing into praise during this whole time. God's Grace has surely sustained her. She writes: "Il Signore è buono e la sua misericordia dura in eterno." "Lei è la mia unica figlia, e lei è più viva oggi di quanto non sia mai stato qui."
  • Dianna scrive: "I love your show Jim and Lori....Of course, I have watched it for years....Great info...I use coconut oil in all things as a result. Our health in part is our wealth! Keep up the great shows. Benedizioni!"
  • Edie expressed her appreciation for all the prayer for her husband Glenn. He is doing much better! Lodate il Signore!
  • Brenda sta dando lode al Signore per la recente occupazione per Wes e la sua fidanzata. Lodate il Signore!
  • Doris would like to give Praise to Pastor Jim and the Ministry for sharing God's Word and addressing current world events.
  • Theresa had a vision recently regarding things that are coming in the future. When she shared with her husband he confirmed that John Shorey, così come un altro profeta, had shared this same vision on the Jim Bakker Show. Hearing this really encouraged her faith!
  • Mary's daughter Kami was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year. It was the size of an almond and located on her pituitary gland. Last week she had an MRI and the tumor is GONE! Lodate il Signore!
  • Carol's son Tom had surgery today to repair a hole in his heart. He had suffered a stroke a year ago. Praise the Lord he came through with flying colors!