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Sempre dare a Dio la gloria e la lode per le vostre preghiere esaudite. Diamo vantarti su Gesù. E 'a causa del suo amore e grande sacrificio che possiamo avvicinarci al trono di Dio con le nostre petizioni. (Salmo 23:6)

Grazie, Signore, per tutti questi rapporti lode!

Tu sei come un Dio buono!

  • Sabrina scrive: "I watched the Ready Now Expo on Monday the 16th. The evening speaker was Rick Joyner, and you said something at the end. It was on letting God heal you and becoming a friend with Jesus even if you have been hurt by others. Bene, I have been hurt by others. I know what a tough, rough situation is when hurt by church folks or even family. You were speaking to my heart and God is still healing it. I've learned to let go and let God! It's hard at times but it can be done. Thank you for your teachings that show us how to prepare."
  • Grace is very thankful that Pastor Jim speaks up and tells it as it is. Dice: "Grazie e che Dio vi benedica per il vostro ministero!"
  • Jane scrive: "I listen to your show rather faithfully and have tucked these things in my heart. God bless you and keep me in your prayers."
  • Karl wants to thank the Lord for healing my wife Terry. A Dio sia la gloria!
  • Judy scrive: "Gary is doing great and got to come home from the hospital. Thank you and bless you all so much for praying for him. Grazie Gesù!"
  • Grazia scrive: "Thank you and God bless you and your ministry! I watch you everyday and I am glad you tell it like it is in these days!"
  • Karl chiamato a riferire che sua moglie è guarita! Lodate il Signore!
  • Sherry, che è uno dei nostri partner, has a wonderful Praise Report. Recently she noticed a boil under her arm and went to the doctor. The prescribed medication did not help. Infine, she remembered Silver Sol and she began putting the gel on the boil each day as well as taking the liquid. In a few days, she was amazed as the boil came to a head and started draining on its own. Lodate il Signore!
  • Renee scrive: "Grazie Jim per essere una benedizione per noi, as well as telling us the truth in love. God loves you a lot, Jim."
  • Shayla e suo marito e 5 mesi di età bambino sono stati sull'isola di Ono, which is near Fiji. They had notified family to pray as a Category 5 storm was very fierce and approaching them. God answers prayer, and the storm has turned into just strong winds. Shayla will be able to return home in a month and is very thankful! Praise the Lord for answered prayer!  
  • Lynndy had hip replacement surgery a few days ago and she is returning home today. All went well and she is feeling great! Lodate il Signore!
  • Patty scrive: "Mia figlia Julie aveva cercato di vendere la sua casa per oltre 4 anni. Not only did it sell, God blessed them with a beautiful home in the area of my grandson's school. God made a way and it all happened in less than ten days." Lodate il Signore!
  • Pastor Greg scrive: "Jim, I watch your program every day. I can't tell you and Lori how much your ministry has meant to us...especially now. Bless you all for the work that you do!"
  • Colleen scrive: "God has answered our prayers for our Grandson Ben who recently underwent another surgery to untether his spinal chord from surrounding fatty tissue. His mother said the surgery and his recovery has been "notevole" e sappiamo che questo è il risultato diretto delle preghiere dei santi! Grazie Gesù!
  • Lungo, chi è 90 anni, e aveva stenosi spinale è lodando il Signore per la sua guarigione! She no longer is on oxygen, has no more leg pain and does not have to wear her brace. Ci rallegriamo con lei! Lodate il Signore!
  • Kerrie got a good report from a recent mammogram. It showed no sign of cancer! Lodate il Signore!
  • Wilmoth e Sandy ha inviato una bella carta dicendo: "Grazie per la bella foto, e le vostre preghiere per il nostro figlio, Harris. They dropped the charges against Harris. He had been falsely accused. We really appreciate all you do. It's nice to know we have prayer partners like you who really care and love the Lord. Dio vi benedica!"
  • Jackie was in ER recently and they sent her home even though she was unable to swallow food. At midnight that night the Lord came in and removed the blockage! Jackie says: "E 'fantastico avere lo Spirito prenderà cura di voi!"
  • Lodate il Signore! Barbara has asked for us to pray for her to get new clients for her Business and she now has 4 nuovi clienti! A real answer to prayer! Era stata anche male per un paio di settimane e quindi questo è venuto come una benedizione molto gradita!
  • Andy received a quick answer to his prayer request and he has been promoted to a ministry position. Ci rallegriamo con lui!