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Sempre dare a Dio la gloria e la lode per le vostre preghiere esaudite. Diamo vantarti su Gesù. E 'a causa del suo amore e grande sacrificio che possiamo avvicinarci al trono di Dio con le nostre petizioni. (Salmo 23:6)

Grazie, Signore, per tutti questi rapporti lode!

Tu sei come un Dio buono!

  • Fred chiamato a lodare il Signore per Carolyn Martin, che è stato dato 2 giorni da vivere agosto 1, 2013, ma ora sta migliorando notevolmente . She is expecting a complete recovery from cancer. Hallelujah!
  • Lodate il Signore! Donna called us to say that she has come back to the Lord! What a testimony! Gli angeli nel cielo gioiscono! Lift her in prayer that she will continue to be steadfast in her pursuit of the Lord and that all hindrances and big mountains will be removed. Pray that she will have wisdom, conoscenza e comprensione! Hallelujah, un prodigo è tornato!
  • Tammy ha chiamato alla preghiera e abbiamo pregato per lei da consegnare dal fumo! Lodate il Signore, she hasn't smoked for almost two months!
  • Debra's son, Brian, mancava per diversi giorni, ma ora è stato trovato e ricoverato in un ospedale! Thank you Lord for keeping him safe!
  • Ruth scrive: "It is truly refreshing to see and hear such compassion being spoken outwardly from you and I ask that God continue blessing you, your family and the ministry...Keep looking up and listening for the voice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!"
  • My young Grandson who has severe problems was much better after prayer. Lodate il Signore!
  • Recently Jennifer lost her purse. She called the prayer line for prayer, trusting the Lord and believing that it would be returned with everything in it. Lodate il Signore! Her purse was returned with nothing missing!
  • Barbara ha una meravigliosa testimonianza per quanto riguarda la "Cuscino della Salute" pillows that she recently purchased. She has had trouble sleeping well for 44 anni. She would toss and turn all night long and would wake up with a stuffy nose and have to clear her throat for several hours each day. Ora, she is staying asleep all night long and is so thankful to have her new pillows. She is going to order them for her whole family!
  • Her daughter had been wrongly charged on a credit card for purchases she had not made. After prayer the matter was resolved! Lodate il Signore!
  • God protected Jack from an electrical shock in his garage recently. Although the electricity burned one of his tools, it didn't enter into his body. He wanted to let us know as he and his family watch the Jim Bakker Show every night and feel that we are their family!
  • Cassandra is going to college with a government grant and has a limited income. The lease was up where she had been living and she did not know what she was going to do or where she would go. She had been faithful to tithe and was praying and trusting the Lord. The Lord supernaturally moved in the situation. She got a new place and is moving next week! Lodate il Signore!
  • Gary si svegliava ogni mattina starnuti, not realizing his pillow could be the problem. He and his wife purchased two of the "Cuscino della Salute" cuscini che Dr. Colbert told us about on the show. Each morning he now awakens peacefully and is no longer sneezing! He and his wife, Carol, amare i loro cuscini nuovi!
  • Segna, un ebreo, shared that when he was watching the Jim Bakker show recently he was drawn to know more of the God of Abraham, Isacco e Giacobbe. Lodate il Signore! Ci rallegriamo con lui e pregando che egli continuerà ad essere disegnata dallo Spirito Santo e accettiamo Gesù come suo Messia!
  • Elinore chiamato la fila di preghiera e ha chiesto di pregare per il marito, Manny, who had a heart problems. She said that she felt the Presence of the Lord very strongly and almost fell to the floor when Pastor Clete prayed. Manny is doing well now and is in physical therapy. Lodate il Signore!
  • Bertha è lodando il Signore che Egli ha portato un uomo meraviglioso cristiano nella sua vita.
  • Grace è molto felice di segnalare che il suo matrimonio sta migliorando! Hallelujah! God answers prayer!
  • Barbara and her friend Maxine were here for the July 4th festivities and were mightily blessed. Prior to that time Maxine had visited Morningside on March 17th and celebrated her 92nd Birthday here. She was thrilled that she was able to return for the 4th of July events. Barbara scrive: "Just been intending to send this since July 4th to thank you for a wonderful 4th of July at Morningside. Just like an old fashioned 4th of July. From your beautiful brochure and greeters, ai relatori ospiti e cantanti, and the special prices on products and the go cart rides to the Mill. What a nice store! And we loved the Ferris wheel! I rode it 3 volte! E, not to mention the free food--that was so nice and delicious too! Maxine loves all of you so much. She has known you since the 70's. May God bless your ministry."
  • Lee cut herself. She prayed and put coconut oil on the cut. She had no pain and the cut healed up quickly! Lodate il Signore!
  • Kathy's mother Chessie, chi è 90 anni, has a great Praise Report. She uses Silver Sol regularly and has now started doing Coconut pulling and using Coconut oil for a little over a month. Her blood sugar is now normal. Her cholesterol has gone from 231 - 198, and her good cholesterol has changed from 6o - 90. Her triglyceride count was 90 and is now 60. She does allow herself 1/2 of a chocolate each evening as a special treat. She loves them!
  • Yvonne scrive: "Ho apprezzato le informazioni / rivelazione dell'on. Koenig ...but when his wife prayed and spoke to Messiah in such a passionate and personal way...tears just kept pouring out...I was so moved by her prayer! Thank you Jim and Lori for always keeping us abreast with what is going on especially concerning ISRAEL...God Bless You!