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  • Lora is suffering financially and lost her job due to a back injury. Her surgery did not go well. She has a great concern for one of her grandchildren as well who is away from his family and the Lord. Pray that the Lord will heal Lora and that her grandson will return to his family and the Lord.
  • Heather has been plagued with sickness and so far the doctors have not made a diagnosis. Pray that the recent tests will shed light on what is going on. Pray also for her healing.
  • Elizabeth's husband John has Cirrhosis of the liver and needs a miracle! On jest wierzący. Please stand in faith and believe with Elizabeth for his total healing!
  • Pray that Mary will be totally healed from Lyme's disease and all of its side effects.
  • Elois came home from work and her daughter was watching the Jim Bakker Show. God got her attention and she writes: "Please pray for me that thirst will come back for God. I am ready to live for Him so that my family and I can be ready!"
  • Carl has a small business and things have been slow. Pray that he will be able to get back on his feet and that the business will begin to prosper. May the hindrances be removed so that the blessings of God will begin to flow!
  • Madeline has suffered with shingles for 7 miesięcy. Enough is enough! Pray for her total deliverance from this malady. Również, her daughter has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and needs to be healed. We curse this tumor and command it to shrivel up and die in the Mighty Name of Jesus!
  • Please pray for Judy who has started hearing voices and is not thinking clearly.
  • Vaughn and his wife are living in a home that has mold in the bathroom and the walls and it is making them sick. Pray that they will be able to find a new home that is mold free.
  • Pray for Annie to be healed spirit, dusza i ciało. She has growths on her liver, problems with her back and spine, suffers from abuse and bound by fear, depression and pain. We stand in faith for her complete deliverance and healing from all of these afflictions! Nie ma nic niemożliwego dla Boga naszego!
  • Pray for the little Aliva, who is a newborn. She has a severe viral infection and is suffering with spores in her mouth and has been unable to eat.
  • Rochelle has requested prayer for her daughter RaeAnn who is 13 years of age. RaeAnn is growing in the Word of God but is being attacked by lonliness, discomfort in her own hoime, dferpression and has had suicidal thoughts. Please pray that she will delivered from all this and will begin to walk in the joy of the Lord! The family is also struggling financially and needs a real breakthrough in this area.
  • Pray for Jeremy who was in a motorcycle accident recently. He suffered severe injuries. Pray for his recovery and that if he is not born again he will have his heart open to the Lord.
  • Please pray for Anthony, who needs to be delivered from anger. He is abusive, both verbally and physically, to his parents and siblings when he gets angry.
  • Cathy needs a miracle! She has been diagnosed with incurable cancer of the intestines, last of Stage 4. Nie ma nic niemożliwego dla Boga naszego! Pray and believe for her total healing. We curse this cancer and command it to go in Jesus' Mighty Name!
  • Aida is suffering with diabetes and other health issues which include kidney problems, nerve damage and pain. Please pray and agree in faith with us for her total healing!
  • Pray for Georgia who has been battling an illness that seems to reoccur. Pray that she will be healed and delivered from this illness! We curse it in Jesus' Mighty Name!
  • Pray for Jo's granddaughter who is bound by the enemy and is caught up in self-mutilation. Pray that the Lord will deliver her from this. Pray also for her mother to have wisdom in dealing with all of this. She is a single Mom.
  • Please pray for Roxanne to find God's will for her life. She is in an abusive home situation as well as on the verge of losing her home. She needs a major breakthrough financially and physically! She wants to serve God with her whole heart, but struggles due to her home situation etc.
  • Pray for Gwen's son Garrison, , który jest 13 lat. He was diagnosed with Chrohn's disease, but later they said that it wasn't. They have not been able to determine what it is, but he is on chemotherapy. Pray for his healing!

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