Wnioski Modlitwa Widok

Dodaj swoje modlitwy nasze i stać w wierze na następujące potrzeby być spełnione.

  • Pray for Dawn's Uncle Frank who is in the hospital in ICU with fluid buildup throughout his body. His heart is only functioning at 15% and his kidneys are not functioning. He needs a miracle!
  • Tom recently hit his elbow against some steel and his elbow is swollen and is very painful. Pray for total healing!
  • Judy's son Darren, needs healing and deliverance. He has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. He has been out of detention for 3 months but she does not know where he is. When he was 17 he accepted Jesus in a shelter. Pray for God to work a miracle in his life and set him totally free!
  • Larry has a ministry on Facebook. Pray that many lives will be touched as they read it, and that they will receive healing and deliverance.
  • Módlcie się za Robin, who is a Jehovah's Witness. She is losing blood and needs a hysterectomy, but will not take a blood transfusion. Pray that her heart and mind will be open to receive the Lord and that the scales will be removed off of her eyes and that she will be saved!
  • Pray for Philip who is in the hospital with pneumonia and a collapsed lung. Pray for his salvation and healing!
  • Paula złamał jej lewy nadgarstek w 3 miejsca. The doctors have been unable to set it since she has a blood clot in her lung. They did put a cast on it and she was to go home on the 30th. Pray that the Resurrection power of the Lord Jesus will flow through her and completely heal her!
  • Gene wants to be free of all his indebtedness. He is praying for a Christian mate and wants to have a wonderful Christ centered marriage and family.  
  • Penny has been diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia. She is suffering with terrible neuropathy pain. She is believing the Lord for her healing! Let's stand with her upon the Word of God, że Jego ranach jest ona uzdrowiona! 1Peter 2:24.
  • Jacqueline has elevated blood sugar. She desperately wants to be healed. Let's stand in faith with her for her healing!
  • Susie believes that the Lord is leading her to go to Nashville for a special work for the Lord. She is a Messianic Jew. Pray that finances and all that is necessary for her to accomplish this call will fall into line and that the Lord will make a way for her to go!
  • Carleta's new little great granddaughter was born recently with heart and lung complications. They had to take her by C-section because her little heart was racing. She needs a real miracle! Pray that the Lord will touch and heal her!
  • Pray for Shirley's son who recently was in a very bad motorcycle accident. He remains in a hospital Trauma ICU. Módl się o jego uzdrowienie i renowacji!
  • Mariaelena is facing losing her home as it is in foreclosure with a sale date of February 18th. Pray that she will have favor with the bank and that they will work with her so she will be able to keep her home. She is working from home but is praying and looking for a 40 hour a week job with a loan company. She needs a real miracle here! Pray that the Lord will make a way where there seems to be no way!
  • Pray that the Lord will provide a financial miracle for Karlean. She is in a very desperate situation.
  • Nancy rozwiodła się z mężem po 27 lat małżeństwa, and never told the children of his infidelity. As the years have gone by, On zwrócił się przeciwko niej dzieci, which has been very painful. In addition to this she suffers with MS. Pray that the Lord will work a miracle on her behalf as the children have not spoken to her in almost 20 lat. They are very bitter. Pray for a miracle of healing, forgiveness and restoration in the family.
  • John niedawno zdiagnozowano raka wątroby. Modlić się o cud uzdrowienia dla niego! Nie ma nic niemożliwego dla Boga naszego!
  • Please continue to pray for James and Erika. Erika has been afflicted with Alzheimer's and their children have placed her in a home in Pennsylvania which is nearer to them. This has been very difficult for James as she is 100 miles from him now and he is confined to a wheelchair. Pray that somehow he will be able to see her more frequently. He is a retired veteran. Mimo, że wiele się zmieniło w jej zdrowia, wciąż jest bardzo zaangażowana w jego ślubów małżeńskich, szczególnie " 'till death do us part".
  • Judy jest 64 and recently lost her job. She desperately needs another job to make ends meet. Pray that she will have favor as she goes for interviews and will soon be working again.
  • Janet's son Scott has just found out that he is in the beginning stage of diabetic kidney disease. His immune system has also been compromised. Pray for his total healing!