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  • Please pray for William, a friend of ours who has been on a ventilator for almost a month. He has been in the hospital with MRSA in his lungs and other infections. Please pray that the Lord will raise him up and that he will have greater days ahead in the Kingdom of God!
  • Janelle battles hypoglycemia. She is chronically tired and needs more energy. Pray that she will let go of the things that are stressing her out!
  • Mary is facing a major operation with multiple risks. Pray that she will be able to make it through the surgery and that all will go well. Pray that the surgeon and team will have God's wisdom and skill. Pray that the skin heals well.
  • Pray that Jennifer will be able to get a full time job as an Administrative Assistant with the State of South Carolina. Recently they have been stretched financially and they are trusting the Lord to supply their needs. Let's pray and agree with them that new doors will open and that their needs will be met!
  • Pray for Kenneth, a backslidden Believer who is in the hospital with serious heart and kidney issues. He needs a miracle. Pray that he will be drawn by the Holy Spirit and will yield his life to the Lord.
  • Susan, z Kanady, is a born again believer. She asks prayer for her husband and three children, that they might come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Her little 6 year old grandson is autistic and still in diapers. Pray that the Lord will touch and heal him and that they will have wisdom, love and understanding in dealing with little Jacob.
  • Lilly is in a quandary regarding where to live. She re-located from Michigan to Arizona a month ago and got a job there within two weeks. Recently she got a call from an employer in Michigan where she had applied for work and offered her a full time job. She is torn because her daughter and grandkids are in Michigan and she loves them dearly. Pray that she will hear clearly from the Lord in regards to where she should live.
  • Pray that Shawn will recover quickly from his recent seizure.
  • Greg needs God's wisdom in making some decisions regarding his finances. He has health issues as well. All of this has brought stress in their marriage. Pray that the Lord will show them what steps to take to enable them to get out of debt. Pray also that the Lord will heal Greg and that their marriage relationship will begin to prosper.
  • Pray for Jonna, a young lady who has very serious vascular problems that involve her heart, and blood clots that have been forming in her arteries. She needs immediate surgery to repair this condition. Pray that the doctors who perform the surgery will have the God given skill and wisdom to deal with this very delicate situation, and that all will go well and that she will have a greater quality of life. Pray that God's Glory will be made manifest throughout this time of surgery and the healing and recovery time.
  • Pray that the Lord will bless Dan's Business as he is faithful to seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.
  • Caroline has recently given birth to a little girl named Aliza. She was born with Down syndrome. Pray that the Lord will give Caroline wisdom in how to minister to her and love her and that she will begin to respond to her mother's love and will learn quickly!
  • Please pray for Shawn, Elva's grandson for total deliverance from alcohol, and for his family.
  • Pray that Timothy will have a financial breakthrough!
  • Pray for Pam's son who was arrested after a fight with his cousin. He is a Christian and has never been in trouble before. He has a wife and two sons. Pray that the Lord will move in this situation. Pray that a spirit of repentance will fall on both he and his cousin and that their relationship will be healed.
  • Ruth recently lost her son. Pray that the Lord will sustain her in this time of grieving. He took our grief and sorrows upon Himself at Calvary!
  • Michael has been diagnosed with heart failure and blood clots in his lungs. Pray that the Lord will touch and heal him, duch, dusza i ciało!
  • Pray for Gwen's son Garrison, who has an illness that is causing him great discomfort but the doctor's are not sure what the problem is. He is having chemo therapy treatments.
  • Pray that Laurin and her father will have the strength to care for their wife and mother who has a fractured hip and dementia. She is happy to be in her home.
  • Pray that Wanda and her husband will begin to learn to relate properly to each other and that the Lord will totally heal their relationship

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