Wnioski Modlitwa Widok

Dodaj swoje modlitwy nasze i stać w wierze na następujące potrzeby być spełnione.

  • Wanda is a young senior widow who desires to have some good Christian friends and fellowship. She does attend charismatic prayer meetings but it seems she has had difficulty being accepted into their circle of friends outside the meetings. She has never had this problem before and is quite perplexed. Pray that the Lord will give her some new loving Christian friends with whom she can fellowship. She is outgoing and reaches out to others and this feeling of rejection is difficult for her, niezależnie od przyczyny!
  • Módlcie się za Diane, która straciła męża dwa lata temu, and has had a very difficult time adjusting to being alone. Pray that she will find new friends, się do innych i pozwoli Pan, aby uzdrowić swoje serce.
  • Natalie is suffering with a severe problem in her neck. She had surgery in the past and since then she injured her neck more by lifting a box and now has pain 24/7. She needs a miracle as the doctors say if she has another surgery she would not be able to drive as they would fuse her neck. She has a 5 year old daughter whom she is raising alone. Pray and believe for a miracle! Nie ma nic niemożliwego dla Boga naszego!
  • Kristin graduated with a Master's degree in Healthcare Administration and Education in 2013 and yet has been unable to get a job in her field. Pray that the Lord will open a new door of opportunity for her and that she will be blessed and be able to bless others!  
  • Randy desperately needs a financial breakthrough. He is caring for his elderly father, who is unable to work and who is in the process of getting disability. Módlcie się, że Randy będzie mógł sprzedać ławki parkowe Uczynił, to help generate more income.
  • Dave was involved in a hit and run accident while riding his bicycle on his way home from work. He is in very serious condition and really needs a miracle. He has a fractured skull, przebite płuca, złamana szczęka, broken ribs and leg and his brain is swollen and bleeding. His brain is bruised in several areas and in the natural it doesn't look good. Ale, Bóg!!!!!! Saints, Proszę modlić się i wierzyć Bogu za cud dla Dave.  
  • Módlcie się za Krista, a young x-ray technician who was at work and her leg just gave out under her. They x-rayed and found a huge tumor inside of the bone that was growing rapidly and has burst through the ankle bone. They suspect cancer. Módl się za nią. She is only 25 and acknowledges God but doesn't have much of a belief in Him. Pray that she will open her heart to the Lord and that she will be healed spirit, dusza i ciało!
  • Joan is in the hospital. Her sodium level is low, her electrolytes are off and she is very weak. Pray for divine restoration and healing in her body! Dziękuję Jezusowi!
  • Marilyn has several health issues and the enemy torments her with fear. Pray too that she will have favor in dealing with Social Security issues. We stand against the spirit of fear and the lies of the enemy in Jesus' Mighty Name! We speak health and wholeness into her body! Thank you Lord for the accomplished work at Calvary! By your stripes Marilyn is healed! We break off any word curses that have been spoken over her, in Jesus' Name!
  • Barbara requests prayer for the weather in Eastern Tennessee. Pray that the Lord will continue blessing her and opening doors for employment for her. Pray that she will be able to buy the wood she needs to heat with the wood stove. Również, that she will find someone to help cut the wood. Dziękuję Jezusowi, do rezerwy, a opiekę nad!
  • Sammy nazywa przypomnieć nas do modlitwy i postu za rzeczy w Waszyngtonie, D.C. The church must rise up and surround the White House! Things are escalating and we are on a collision course with Nato and Russia. The enemy continues to raise his ugly head, ale Bóg jest wciąż na tronie i On słyszy i odpowiada na modlitwy! Let God arise and His enemies be scattered! Greater is He that is within us than he that is in the world!
  • Juanita has received a foreclosure notice. Pray for her to have wisdom and knowledge at this time and that she will know what steps she needs to take at this time. Pray that she will have a breakthrough in her finances and that the Lord will make a way where there seems to be no way!
  • Mike requests prayer for supernatural protection for his family and himself. We pray that no weapon formed against him shall prosper, in Jesus' Name!
  • David is battling COPD and prostate problems. Please pray for his total healing!
  • Dick i Linda leciały z Memphis, TN to California when one of the motors on the plane stopped. Their flight was unable to continue and they had to return to Memphis. Pray that they will be able to leave for California tomorrow and that they will have a safe and uneventful flight!
  • Renee stracił wszelką ochotę pójść do kościoła i, oczywiście, if she doesn't go the rest of the family doesn't either. She requested prayer for this. Pray that she will have a real encounter with the Lord and be delivered and be totally set free.
  • Claudia's son, , który jest 54 i przykuty do wózka inwalidzkiego, ponieważ był 14, has been without a job for over a year. Pray that the Lord will open a new job for him and that he will not have to be so dependent on his parents. The enemy has stolen much from him. Let's pray and believe that what has been stolen will be recovered and more!
  • Świt jest nauczyciel w szkole z uczniem, który jest satanistą! He seems to flaunt his satanism by carrying a satanic Bible some days. Recently he came in with a new tattoo of a goat and pentagram completely covering his leg and showing it to his classmates. He is tremendously angry. Dawn has a burden for him and also asks for prayer for herself, oraz. The spiritual warfare is horrific! Pray for Christopher to be delivered and for Dawn to be able to have the Grace to walk through this time.
  • Módlcie się za Wandą, Amanda's sister who recently had surgery for the removal of a benign tumor. She has been fainting since then and had to be taken back to the hospital. Pray that she will be totally healed from all side effects of the surgery and whatever is causing her problems.
  • Pray for our daughter Jackie who has cancer in her uterus. She will be having surgery soon. Pray that it will not have spread and is contained and will be removed and will not cause further problems. Módlcie się za jej całkowitym uzdrowieniu!