Wnioski Modlitwa Widok

Dodaj swoje modlitwy nasze i stać w wierze na następujące potrzeby być spełnione.

  • Brat Jonce zwróciła modlitwę za jego rodziny, że oni przyjdą razem i kochają Pana więcej, i siebie i innych osób, jak Pan będzie miał je zrobić. Módlmy się, aby wszyscy poznali Pana i wierności Mu.
  • Belinda needs to find new housing. Pray that she will be able to find an affordable place soon.
  • Ivan has requested prayer that God would give him the ability to be a good supervisor over his employees. Pray that the Lord will give him wisdom to deal with them properly.
  • Pray for Elaine and her husband Rick. Elaine fell recently and is still having problems from her fall. Her husband is facing surgery unless God performs a miracle in his life. Pray for their children, David, Shawn i Melissa, którzy muszą być zapisywane i dostarczane.
  • Mary's granddaughter, który jest tylko 4 months old was born with a soft skull. Pray that the Lord will work a miracle here and that she will be totally healed! Również, pray for Kami that her enlarged pituitary gland will decrease in size and become normal.
  • Módlcie się za Rogera i jego rodziny, że zostaną uzdrowieni fizycznie, duchowo, psychicznie i finansowo, i że będą one zbliżyć się do Pana i chodzić Jego drogami.
  • Pray that Judy will be able to locate new housing. She had breast cancer surgery a few weeks ago. Pray that she will have a quick recovery and will be cancer free!
  • Pray that Liz will be given the money that is owed her from the business where she is employed. Her rent is due and she is feeling desperate.
  • Módlcie się o Barbara, a sweet saint of God who is 81. Her health is failing but she loves the Lord. Pray that the Lord will sustain her and give her good days. She has been suffering with MD, but is rejoicing in the Lord. She has been a faithful supporter of the ministry.
  • Proszę nadal modlić się i wierzyć w Debra być całkowicie uwolnieni od wszystkich strasznym bólu i dyskomfortu ona miała żyć z ostatnich kilku miesięcy.
  • Greg requests prayer for his wife to be delivered from alcohol. His friend Peter is facing amputation of his legs due to complications from diabetes, and his wife now wants a divorce. Greg himself is in a desperate situation as his insurance does not cover cataract surgery and he must have the surgery to be able to keep his job. Pray for a miracle!
  • Pray that Phyllis' nervous system will be totally healed and that her anxiety will decrease. She also needs a real breakthrough in her finances.
  • Gloria is in need of a car and is asking us to stand in prayer with her for financial favor of God.
  • Susan would like prayer for the healing of her daughter's baby that had multiple complications at birth.
  • Monica is requesting us to intercede for her as she is going to take classes in the deliverance ministry. She will need financial assistance and a van to take her to and from church.
  • Shirley needs prayer support for several family members and friends in need of healing, Podróże miłosierdzie, financial favor and Salvation. Pray God's healing touch for each of these.
  • John's heart cry is for his family to know Jesus. Pray for total commitment and salvation of his family members.
  • Tony is currently troubled with the possibility of losing his home. He requests pray also for the restoration of his family and for financial increase.
  • Lynda would appreciate joining with her in prayer for the neighbor's cat that is quite ill.
  • Victoria is being blessed with a trip to Israel and is asking us to pray with her for traveling mercies and God's protection.