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  • Audrey has been a caregiver for her parents. She would like to get other work as well. Pray that she will have favor when she goes for interviews.
  • Katherine's nephew needs a miracle with his ambulance business. Other companies are opposing him. Pray that he will have favor and the business will succeed and the finances will come in.
  • Havilah has a broken tailbone, swelling in her knee and a blood clot. Dr. says it is a Baker's Cyst as well. Pray for her healing!
  • Irene needs healing and strength in her body. May your Resurrection Life flow through her today, in Jesus' Mighty Name!
  • Pray for Angela and Sam who need deliverance. Pray also that Joseph will grow in the Grace and the Knowledge of the Lord, Jezus Chrystus. He is a fairly new Christian.
  • Please pray for Valerie's daughter. She is suffering with POTS as well as other symptoms. She is losing her ability to walk and take care of her toddler and young son. She needs a real miracle of healing!
  • Pray for Pat's son to be healed and to return to the Lord. He is nursing wounds from the past.
  • Jennifer requests prayer for her two sons, Austin and Jordan to be saved and for her husband Joe to be a stronger spiritual leader in the home. Pray also for Jason, her brother, to be set free from his addictions.
  • Pray for Corinne's daughter Naomi, that her heart will soften and she will give her heart to the Lord. Również, her sister Lisa, that the Lord will soften her heart and she will be able to forgive her parents and that reconciliation will come in the home.
  • Pray for Lisa, who has been running a fever and they cannot seem to figure out what is going on in her body. She is also dealing with fluid retention in her lungs. Pray that out of all the enemy has meant for evil will be turned around to cause Lisa to yield completely to the Lord.
  • Tonya is divorced and her ex-husband is endeavoring to keep the children from seeing her. This is very hard on her as she loves her children. Pray that her ex will have a change of heart and be fair about visiting privileges.
  • Kindra has a former friend who is an atheist. Kindra has a real burden for this girl and wants to see her come to Christ. Pray that she will have a real encounter with the Lord.
  • Lynn requests prayer for her husband and her daughter's to come into a relationship with the Lord. Lynn, sama, is not well and needs healing. Pray that the love of the Lord will begin to prevail in their home and draw them into together and that there will be real restoration.
  • Janelle's sister Sharon and her family need to be saved. Janelle needs a job and a car. Janelle is not sleeping well and needs a real breakthrough. Let's stand in faith and believe for divine intervention in all of these situations.
  • Karen fell and broke her hip. She is in excruciating pain and will be having surgery soon. Pray that all will go well and that the bone will mend quickly.
  • Melissa is asking for prayer for her lower back, legs, knees and feet that have bone spurs. She also has discs out in her lower back, osteoarthritis and some severed ligaments. Módlcie się za jej całkowitym uzdrowieniu!
  • Pray for Lois, that God will see her through. Pray for Faith and Tony, jej mąż. Please pray also for Robbie, Rudzik, Rhonda and her husband. These are all unspoken requests, but God knows all about each situation so pray in faith believing!
  • Linda requests prayer as she is experiencing a real battle in her mind. Pray that her mind will be set free from all strongholds of the enemy! I, that all vain imaginations will be cast down!
  • Audrey needs employment and wisdom to know God's will for her life. She is pondering mission work. Pray that she will hear clearly from the Lord.
  • Pray for Paul, who is in the hospital with a serious infection. He is back slidden and separated from his wife. Pray that there marriage will be restored, and that he will come back to the Lord.

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