Wnioski Modlitwa Widok

Dodaj swoje modlitwy nasze i stać w wierze na następujące potrzeby być spełnione.

  • Pamiętajmy, Janet, która jest w fazie 4 Rak. She is a mom and in need of a miracle. God is her healer and we will thank the Lord for His promise!
  • Małgorzata prosi, że będziemy ją wspierać w modlitwie o siłę i komfort po śmierci jej męża Fryderyka. She praises God that her husband knew the Lord. God is the comforter that heals thee.
  • Tasha's family is in need of prayer. Her husband is very ill and there is turmoil among family members. Let us pray God's healing touch and comfort to her family. Chwalcie Pana!
  • Sherry and her family have just recently purchased a catering business from her brother-in-law. Sadly, it is causing family issues and she is requesting prayer for peace and understanding with all. Pray for God's mercy and favor for all.
  • Tom needs employment and financial blessings. Pray that Tom will find work soon and God will favor him financially. Chwalcie Pana!
  • Proszę zachować Andrew w modlitwie do lepszych relacji ze swoim szefem, and fellow employees. He also is asking prayer for his siblings. Praise God for His faithfulness to bring unity to relationships.
  • Janet is asking us to agree with her in prayer for God's direction and discernment. She has been left a lot of debt from a divorce and is seeking financial increase. She also feels God has abandoned her. God will never leave her or forsake her, Amen?
  • Doreen is asking us to remember her in prayer as she has not been able to sleep at night. She needs rest and she knows that God can restore her much needed rest. Chwała Bogu!
  • Paweł doznał udaru mózgu i potrzebuje naszej modlitwy. On jest ministrem i możemy z nim uwierzyli o uzdrowienie i szybkiego powrotu do zdrowia. Wiemy, że Bóg uzdrawia i przywraca. Chwała Bogu!
  • Raymond's wife is very ill. He would like us to stand in faith with her for total healing. God sent His word and healed them, Amen?
  • Maribel is asking us to pray for her niece Jackeline who is in need of two kidney transplants. Her husband died 5 lat temu na raka i ona jest matką trzech pięknych dzieci. Maribel asked us to remember the need for finances, jak Jackeline muszą mieć $8,000.00 w banku na kontynuowanie leków po transplantacji. Chwała Bogu za Jego uzdrawiającego dotyku!
  • Sandie's Pastor of many years is in need of physical healing. She says he is a faithful teacher of the word and also plays lead guitar and sings every Sunday. Illness has weakened him so much that it saddens her to see him unable to meet his pastoral responsibilities. Pray for total and complete healing and restoration.
  • Susan's brother Gary had major surgery and had his adrenalin gland and left kidney taken out. He and his wife are both alcoholics as well as some of the rest of the family who live with them. There is a younger daughter who is only 12. Pray for the whole family to be saved and delivered from the evil one!
  • Janet needs God's direction in her life. She desires to be completely out of debt.  
  • Pray that Janice's two sons will be reconciled.
  • Pray for Debra to be completely healed from Hepatitis C. Dziękuję Jezusowi, for your healing virtue that flows from Calvary's mountain!
  • Pastor Raju, w Indiach, recently had serious eye surgery. Pray that his eyes will heal well and that his vision will improve. Pray that his witnessing in the hospital will bear much fruit!
  • Stephanie's son Kevin is in college and she has requested prayer for him. Pray that he will be attentive and able to lay hold of all he is being taught. Pray also that he will drive safely and carefully and that he will make friends that will influence his life for the better!
  • Carol o modlitwę o uzdrowienie, a także dla zbawienia swych dzieci.
  • Kathleen is having pain and soreness under her arm and rashes on both arms. Her Dad Frank, has pain in his stomach and just is not feeling well. Please pray for both of them to be made whole!