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Zawsze dać Bogu chwałę i uwielbienie dla swoich modlitwach odebranych. Miejmy chwalić Jezusa. To właśnie z powodu swojej miłości i wielkiej ofiary, że możemy zbliżyć się do tronu Boga z naszymi petycjami. (Psalm 23:6)

Dziękuję, Lord, dla wszystkich tych raportów pochwały!

Jesteś taki dobry Bóg!

  • Wayne was having great difficulty with the equipment in the duplication department so he sent Gary over to the prayer room to ask for prayer. Later in the day Wayne came back to the prayer room rejoicing and to report the equipment was working well! Alleluja!
  • Nate was recently diagnosed with a mass on his liver. Many intercessors began to pray and the doctors were amazed when the mass disappeared. Thank you Lord!
  • Lou wants to thank all those who prayed for her son Larry after he was bitten by a 'Feral' cat. He is so very grateful for all those that bombarded Heaven for him.
  • This is a great testimony! Fred relates: "On October 22, 2013, I had Whipple surgery for pancreatic cancer. The doctor determined after extensive testing that it was a slow growing, well defined tumor in the head of the pancreas and recommended this radical surgery. They were able to remove all of the cancer and as of 2 weeks ago a cat scan and blood tests showed no cancer. Thanks to God and the prayers of countless relatives, friends and especially the Prayer Team at the Jim Bakker Show! Na zdrowie!"
  • One of our partners who recently attended the taping with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn was prompted by the Holy Spirit to be baptized. He had previously been sprinkled, but now in obedience he was immersed. The baptism was held in the swimming pool down in the valley. Chwalcie Pana!
  • Dick has been using the Seychelle PH bottle. He was on pain medication for arthritis. He is now off the pain meds and is telling everyone about alkaline water.
  • Suzie, who is a senior citizen, is so thankful that she found favor in court recently. Chwalcie Pana!
  • Anna called to share that she is so blessed by the program and that it is helping her a lot. She is praying for Pastor Jim and Lori.
  • Steven called rejoicing that they found a match for a little girl in Winnipeg, Kanada, who was needing a liver transplant!
  • Kristy is moving to be more involved with Lori's House full time, and we are thrilled that the Lord has brought Carol on board to be in charge of the volunteers. She is such a blessing and has a real heart of a servant! She will be a great example to all she has under her. Chwalcie Pana!
  • Susan is an elderly lady who is having to face some situations in court. She is so thankful that she has found favor with one of the judges and more than that, she heard the Lord speak to her and say, "Lean on Me!"
  • David is standing in faith for the manifestation of his healing from COPD. We are agreeing with him according to the Word of God in 1 Peter 2:24, że Jego ranach jest on uzdrowiony!
  • Ali is a Jewish friend of one of our prayer team members. She is attending church and received Yeshua as her Messiah. She needs to be baptized. The Lord has blessed her family as well and her sons are born again believers!
  • Chwalcie Pana! Linda rededicated her life to the Lord!
  • Darrell is rejoicing that his father called with a good report about his mother. The tests they took were good and they did not find anything. She is going to have rehab. God is good, and He is our Healer!
  • A partner shared with us recently how much his mother meant to him. She didn't have a ministry title, but she was a godly mother who put the Lord first in her life and imparted that to her children. Her life radiated the Lord! She would get up every day at 4 am to pray for her family and others. She prepared food for the family before the sunrise and her silence made her son realize how much she valued her family in spite of their arrogant behavior towards her at times. She lives in India and he is in the USA, but through prayer they are connected.
  • Chwalcie Pana! Brother Lawrence reports that at their recent Crusade many people accepted Christ as their Savior. Among them were four Moslem ladies. Alleluja!
  • Betty, one of our prayer team members, recently lost a ring which was of great sentimental value to her. The next day she checked back at the Imax complex where she was the day before and was thrilled to find that someone had turned it in. Dziękuję Jezusowi!
  • Devora called to share about a very bad car accident. What could have been very serious turned out far better after prayer. A little 4 year old girl suffered a broken pelvis and the man with her had an injury to his shoulder, but no bones were broken. The occupant in the other car had to be airlifted out, but praise God, they are all alive!
  • Joyce recently ordered 2 of the Seychelle water pitchers. She had been a missionary in Bolivia for 48 lat. She knows what it is to have to boil water for safety's sake, so she is very grateful to have the Seychelle pitchers.

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