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Zawsze dać Bogu chwałę i uwielbienie dla swoich modlitwach odebranych. Miejmy chwalić Jezusa. To właśnie z powodu swojej miłości i wielkiej ofiary, że możemy zbliżyć się do tronu Boga z naszymi petycjami. (Psalm 23:6)

Dziękuję, Lord, dla wszystkich tych raportów pochwały!

Jesteś taki dobry Bóg!

  • Katarzyna pisze: "I want to tell you how much we enjoy Ricky's Kitchen at the end of the shows. I have always wondered just how I would use the recipe mixes that we have bought. Showing how to cook with them and adding ingredients to make them more healthy and interesting is a good idea! Ricky should be a chef since he seems to enjoy working around food and is so good at it. Good Job Ricky!"
  • Marta pisze: "Szanowny Lori i Jim, Thank you for your love and care to your partners. I watch your show everyday and enjoy it so very much. Please keep up the good work. I am so glad that God put you and Lori together. Thank you both for helping so many people. May God continue to bless your ministry!"
  • We are very happy to report that Kevin's recent evangelistic tour was very successful and that God did great and mighty things among those present.
  • Rosanna was able to have her two little twin grandsons for several days and was so thankful that her daughter had brought them over. Jesteśmy z nią radości!
  • Jackie's friend had breast surgery yesterday and the doctors said that they believe they were able to remove all of it and that she should do fine. Chwalcie Pana!
  • Niech cię Bóg błogosławi wszystkim! Keep speaking out and telling the truth! Christians are not being warned in the Body of Christ, i wielu opór Słowo Pana, że ​​nadchodzi dalej! Praying for an urgent awakening of Christians with no fear and National repentance.-
  • Maryja, który pomaga w posłudze modlitwy tutaj, recently underwent surgery on her neck to relieve the pressure on her spinal chord. We are happy to report that she is recuperating well. The swelling in her hands has also subsided! Chwalcie Pana!
  • Eli's family and his Grandma Sharon are rejoicing that he is developing greater confidence and doing better in school. Eli 8 lat.
  • Last week Lisa had a terrible fall. She hurt a disc in her back and could hardly walk. The prayer team prayed for her, and today she is walking normally with no pain. The Doctor's are confident that with special exercise the disc will be hedged in and she will be completely healed. Glory to God
  • Becky's son Sam recently underwent surgery and we are rejoicing that all went well! Continue to pray for his complete recovery!
  • Jamae wezwał do modlitwy za jej przyjaciela, Wilgus, who had pneumonia and was near death. Four days after we prayed he was out of the hospital and is now totally healed! Chwalcie Pana!
  • Susan was so very thankful for the gift and food the ministry sent her. She said that she has given a lot of time and things to people but this is the first time she has received anything from others!
  • Gina pisze: "I love your show and I have been a viewer for years. Modlę się, aby Bóg nadal będzie cię wykorzystać zarówno na alarm, że Jezus już wkrótce!!"
  • Debbie wezwał nas, aby poinformować nas, że od czasu, kiedy modlił się z partnerami modlitewnych, że każda modlitwa mamy modlił zostało odebrane! Chwalcie Pana! All Glory goes to Him!
  • Joyce was thrilled when she opened her box of coconut products and found the box of chocolates. She loves them and they don't make her sick. They are delicious!
  • Belinda has called for prayer many times. She called to let us know that she now has a good job, a car and is believing for a new place to live. Alleluja! Nasz Bóg jest wspaniałym Bogiem!
  • Jay wrote to express his appreciation for all the prayer from the prayer team regarding his claim for Veteran's compensation. He is so grateful and is still believing in faith for a favorable decision to be made on his behalf.
  • Norma is so thankful for the show. Pisze: "Years ago I was privileged to see the PTL broadcast. I fondly remember your children Tammy Sue and Jamie Charles, and I am so thankful that the Lord worked on your behalf and has restored you to ministry! It is a joy to see your daughter Sue in Branson with you."
  • Wayne injured his foot recently and it was so painful that he was unable to walk without severe pain. Pastor Clete prayed for him and the next morning he was able to walk without pain! Chwalcie Pana!
  • Nancy writes: "I thoroughly enjoy your show. I just started watching it about 3 weeks ago. I have been a devoted Christian for over 40 years and all this time was taught and believed that the Rapture would take place before the 7 year tribulation time. I now realize that what I formerly believed is quite possibly very wrong."