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Please add your prayers to ours and stand in faith for the following needs to be met.

  • Please pray for Mary's 24 year old grandson who has been having epileptic seizures. He is not saved and the Doctor tells him to take Marijuana. Pray that he will not have problems with the drugs, and that he will come to Christ.
  • Please pray for Gerold, who has myasthenia gravis. He is having great difficulty breathing. His wife, Jane, has a spot on her lung. Neither of them have ever smoked. Pray that they will both be healed. We serve a faithful God and nothing is too hard for him!
  • Janet requests prayer for her daughter, who she feels is bi -polar. She(her daughter), also has a 5 year old autistic son and a 1 1/2 year old daughter. Please pray for their healing and deliverance. Janet also would like prayer for her son, who at 4 years of age was taken to heaven and shared his experience with his mother. Unfortunately, he is now single after being divorced and now has a drinking problem. Pray that he will return to the Lord and be totally delivered from alcohol.
  • Connie's son Daniel is facing jail time. Connie can discern that her son is bound by the enemy as he lies all the time. Pray that Daniel will have an encounter with the Lord and be saved!
  • Richard recently had a heart attack. Pray for his complete recovery.
  • Please pray for Connie's son who is addicted to marijuana.
  • Chloe is 15 years old and suffered a brain aneurism and has been in a coma for several weeks. She has had 2 surgeries to relieve the pressure. They are optimistic for a full recovery. Let's believe and stand in faith with them for her miracle of healing!
  • Hailey needs a miracle! She is 13 years old and was born with Down's Syndrome. The doctor wants to do a tracheotomy due to the fact that she is having great difficulty breathing. She has had multiple surgeries in her lifetime. Pray in faith with us for Hailey and a positive outcome for this situation.
  • Eric and his family have recently been flooded out of their home in South Carolina. They are being forced to relocate and later to rebuild their home. They have 3 children. Pray that the Lord will give them wisdom and others to help them as they walk through this very traumatic time.
  • Cindy, who lives in Central California, requests prayer. The fires and smoke have invaded the valley and the air quality is terrible. They are having drought and one of their wells is dry. Pray that the other well will hold out until the rain comes. Pray that the rain will fall on God's people and on their lands. They are in a critical position.
  • Jaycia needs a real miracle healing. She has an infection, a head injury, and needs clarity in focus and restoration of her memory. She also needs a major breakthrough in her finances as well as a healing in her relationship with her daughter. Pray that they will both learn to communicate with each other.
  • Walter would like all the obstacles to be removed so that he can move to Morningside. He is a school teacher.
  • Gary is disabled and is having a very difficult time making ends meet. Pray that the Lord will make a way for him!
  • Pray that Nathan will begin to have favor in the workplace and get along well with his fellow workers.
  • Pray for Jim's wife, Gaynor, that she will get the job position she applied for. She has been praying for this job for many months.
  • Wayne's wife suffers with rheumatoid arthritis and the doctor's are having a hard time controlling it. Wayne requests prayer for himself, as well.
  • Dianne is suffering with neck and back pain and chronic post nasal drip. She is depressed and feeling hopeless. Pray for her healing and deliverance!
  • Vini's husband has been having very severe headaches. Pray for his healing, and that the test results will give some answers.
  • Brenda is on dialysis and caring for her mother who is 85 and who has thyroid cancer. Brenda's husband had a stroke and is in a nursing home. Pray for all of them to be healed and for Brenda's children to be saved!
  • Please pray for my daughter, who has been suffering with chronic back pain for three years. She is home bound, due to the pain and is able to be in a vehicle for a very short time. We curse this pain in Jesus' Mighty Name and speak to it to go!

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