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Please add your prayers to ours and stand in faith for the following needs to be met.

  • Please pray for Jackie's daughter to be delivered from alcohol. The enemy is trying to destroy her and she is unable to keep a job because of this bondage!
  • Pray that the Lord will lead Kate to a fellowship of other believers where she will feel at home. She has a desire to be with those of like vision and faith.
  • Please pray for Peggy who recently had brain surgery. Pray that she will have a complete recovery. Pray that she will come to Christ. Also, please pray for Julian who is a nurse and is suffering with scoliosis and arthritis. She is only 39 years old and the curvature of her spine has grown worse the last several years. The prognosis is not good.........But God!!! Let's pray and believe for her to be completely healed!
  • Pray for Chuck's grown children who are both living in the world. His daughter is in an abusive marriage and his son is not responsible and may be on drugs. Chuck's wife is suffering from Cirrhosis of the Liver. Pray that Chuck will have the courage and strength to go on. He and his wife have been married for 40 years. His wife needs a miracle of healing!
  • Pray for Jo's granddaughter Linzy who at one time was a worship leader, but now has turned her back on the Lord. Please pray for her deliverance!
  • Jennifer is suffering with a traumatic brain injury and poor circulation in her hands and feet. Pray for her healing.
  • Sandy is dealing with a tax situation. Pray for divine intervention and a fair decision for her and her husband. They could end up being homeless.
  • Pray that Melody will be able to sell her home and be able to get the needed money from the sale. It is a lovely home, but she is not able to take care of it as she once was.
  • Jeff is battling pneumonia and is on a ventilator and feeding tube. Pray for his healing!
  • Rose needs a miracle! She has something wrong with her lungs.
  • Evelyn's little 11 year old daughter is battling cancer and needs a miracle! She has had two liver transplants in her short life. Pray and believe with us for a miracle!
  • Pray for Shirley's 18 year old grandson Christian who has recently gone to boot camp with the National Guard. Pray for God's protection over him. He will be gone for 6 months.
  • Please pray for Katharine who attends a Christian college but has been led astray by an evil man. They were romantically involved and although she broke up with him she still seems to be under his influence. Pray that she will come to the place that she will be repentant and will yield her life to the Lord. There are definite demonic strongholds in her life.
  • David and his wife are facing difficult times and are concerned that they may face losing their home. Pray that the Lord will give them clear direction and wisdom!
  • Karen is having symptoms of MS which is affecting her. Please pray for her complete healing and freedom. She is also fighting depression at times. She asks prayer for God's protection over her children who are 17 and 22.
  • Brian lives in constant pain due to failed back fusions in the past. He needs a miracle!
  • Pray for Suzie. She is a senior that is moving from New York to Nashville, Tennessee and needs the favor of the Lord in making divine connections. She is moving with very little finances. But, there is nothing impossible with our God! Hallelujah! Suzie is a Messianic Jew who loves the Lord! Pray that she will connect with someone in Tennessee that will be willing to help her.
  • Carolyn had surgery for colon cancer and is now having a problem. Pray for her total healing! We curse this cancer in Jesus' Mighty Name!
  • Christine had a stroke in 2013 and lost some vision in her left eye. Pray for healing and restoration of her eyesight. She also is suffering with Parkinson's disease. Let's stand in faith with her for a complete miracle in her body!
  • Pray for Janet who needs restoration and healing from a sad divorce situation. Pray as she seeks the Lord with her whole heart she will be healed from the hurts of the past.

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