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Please add your prayers to ours and stand in faith for the following needs to be met.

  • A newly married couple is facing difficulties in their marriage.  They have  only been married for a few months and his parents are controlling things.  They want to break up the marriage.  Pray that the husband will be willing to move with his wife to a new house in another area and that their marriage will be saved.  They live overseas.
  • Stan had cancer a few years ago.  It has now returned.  He is undergoing treatment.  Pray that the Lord will touch him and that the treatments will be successful. We stand in faith with him for his total healing!  We curse this cancer in Jesus' Mighty Name!
  • Dolores' daughter has been abusive to her mother. The family has a long history of abuse.  Dolores is seeking the Lord for His direction and what she needs to do.  Pray that she will have the needed strength to get out of this very enabled situation.
  • Please pray for Mary's husband Don, that his lungs will open up so he can breathe.  Pray that he will be shown favor at his job and that the stress at work will be lessened.  Pray that Mary will find her place as a step mom in her new blended family.  Lastly, Mary asks prayer that she will be a good wife to her husband and a good mother for the children.  And, for God's protection to be around her family and that the children will be saved.
  • Please pray for Sid's Mom Sue, who is battling cancer which was caused by nuclear testing in Arizona.  Pray for her Dad, Bob, who is having financial difficulties.  Pray too, that her brothers heart would soften and heal.
  • Jennifer fell over a month ago and has been going to a chiropractor.  She had broken her hip 3 years ago and it is still painful when she walks.  Pray that the doctor's will have wisdom and be able to help her.  Pray for her to be completely healed!
  • Greg's parents are getting older and his Mom has dementia.  Greg recently had a prostate biopsy. Greg's wife battled cancer in the past and is a walking miracle!  Pray for Greg to be totally healed and for he and his wife to have wisdom in caring for his parents and in making decisions for their care etc.
  • Stephanie needs to get a job with better pay.  She furthered her education in her field as a medical assistant/clerical/secretary but now is a single Mom and needs more than minimum wage to meet her expenses.  Pray that the Lord will open a new job opportunity for her.
  • The company where Linda is working is downsizing.  Pray that she will be to make her sales goals and exceed her quota.  She is a sower and her desire is to be able to help others.
  • Millie needs wisdom and discernment on what to do at this time in her life.  Her income has decreased and she has expenses facing her with her home, taxes and expenses with her dog.  Pray that the Lord will show her what to do.  She certainly needs wisdom from above.
  • Leah, a young mother, is having panic attacks and anxiety and depression.  Pray that she will be set free and find peace in her heart!
  • Patrick and Saran's little baby boy Riley was born on January 21, 2016 and weighed only 1 lb. 13 oz.  Little Riley was born at 23 weeks gestation. Pray that he will grow strong and be a healthy little guy!  Pray too for Patrick and Saran at this time, as they are facing many obstacles at this time financially as well.  They are both children of God and know their faith will pull them through, but they need all the prayer and support they can get!  Please join us in standing in faith with them.
  • Denise asks for prayer for herself and for her family.  She desires to grow in the Lord and to be free of anything that is hindering her.  Pray that her family will be saved.
  • Noah is having trouble with his reading at school.  Pray that he will have a breakthrough in his thought processes and will be able to begin learning to read.  He loves the Lord and is bold  in his faith.
  • Joseph recently went to the Fort Smith Rescue Mission and the Lord ministered to him powerfully.  He delivered him from porn and renewed his love for the Lord.  He asks prayer to be delivered from cigarettes, weed etc.  He loves the Lord, but still needs some deliverance.  Pray for him that he will persevere and that he will be completely set free.  He said that he has made up his mind to serve the Lord.  Pray for Joseph, that he will continue to forsake evil and that he will, by the Grace of God, wholeheartedly live for the Lord.
  • Please pray for revival in land.  Pray for America.  Pray for Israel! "If my people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."
  • Florence is asking prayer for her son who she has not seen or heard from for two months.  He has battled drug addiction for many years.  God has been merciful and she is so thankful for all of the prayers going up on his behalf.  Please pray that this year will be the year of his healing and deliverance and restoration!
  • Pray for Tommy, who has been suffering with episodes recently where he doesn't recall periods of time, conversations, going places etc.  His wife is very concerned.  Pray for his healing and restoration.
  • Please pray for Millicent who has multiple myeloma cancer and inflammation on her spine.  She needs a miracle!  She is not able to walk on both legs due to the inflammation on her spine.  The family is believing for her healing and deliverance from cancer.  Let's stand in faith with them, that she will walk out of that hospital!  By His stripes she is healed!
  • Roxanne requests prayer for her cousin Michael.  the Doctors found that he has 4 brain aneurisms.  It is very critical.  He does not know the Lord.  Pray that someone will lead him to Jesus!

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