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Please add your prayers to ours and stand in faith for the following needs to be met.

  • Lisa requests prayer for her family.  Her 12 year old son is a kind and bright student.  However, he has anxiety and is struggling socially in school.  Pray that the Lord will help them find ways to build on his social skills so that he will feel a sense of belonging at school.
  • Gina has gone through so much and needs the love of God as she feels that no one loves her.  Pray that her body, soul, mind and spirit will be healed, and that she will begin to realize how much she is loved and that her children love her too!
  • Bonita is suffering with abdominal pain from a former mesh hernia repair.  She has pain in her lower back and right hip.  Her desire is to be  a warrior for the Lord.  Pray in faith for her total deliverance!
  • Terry has suffered two strokes.  She is paralyzed on her left side and her body and speech have been affected.  Pray for her to be totally healed!
  • Monica is facing surgery for breast cancer.  Pray that the surgery will go well and that the  doctors will have wisdom and that the Lord will guide their hands.  Pray that there will not be any side effects or complications.
  • Brent has started truck driving school.  By his own admission, he says he had a great fall and knows that only the Lord can put him back together again.  He is believing that this will be his year of restoration.  Pray for him!
  • Theodore asks prayer for his marriage and for his health.  He has been undergoing tests since he recently passed out in two restaurants.  Pray that they will discover the root of the problem and that he will be healed.
  • Sarah has been suffering through a custody battle for 2 years.  Her husband has had evil intent and is trying to take her children from her.  She struggling financially!  Pray for that fair judgments will be made!
  • Debra's husband had a massive heart attack and now they have no income, food or heat!  Pray that they will find favor in the midst of all this turmoil!
  • Deborah is suffering from severe joint pain, heart problems and arthritis.  She is in a wheelchair.  Her husband is out of work.  They need a breakthrough in their finances, a new job and physical healing.  Pray for this family!
  • Pray that Steve will have favor in his business.
  • Pray for Susan's father who is suffering with dementia, her brother David to be freed from the bondage of the enemy and to return to the Lord, and for Susan who is seeking God's direction on whether she should move to Morningside.
  • Pray that Elizabeth's husband, who needs a liver transplant, will be totally healed!  Let's stand in faith with and for this precious family!
  • Carol has a felony on her record due to past addiction to drugs when she was younger.  As a result she has had a hard time finding work as a nurse's aid.  Pray that she will have favor and that she will pass the background check.
  • Rebecca's son, who is 41, is involved with drugs.  He recently lost his job because of his addiction.  Pray for his salvation and that Rebecca will have God's wisdom to deal with the situation.
  • Larry suffers with sciatica and says that the pain is almost unbearable.  He also has a ruptured disc and a protruding disc and two other discs that are out of line.  Pray that the Lord will restore his body to full strength.  Total healing Lord!
  • Chuck Missler's wife, Nancy, recently went to be with the Lord following a long battle with cancer.  Pray that God's Grace will cover Chuck at this time of great loss!  Nancy was a wonderful Bible teacher and a wonderful help mate.
  • Angela is in intense pain and needs healing and God's intervention in her life.
  • Greg needs guidance.  He would like a new job.  His wife passed away and he is in a time of grieving.  Pray that he will find comfort in the Lord!
  • Pray that Aaron will come to the end of himself and realize his need to change.  He has been in and out of trouble with the law and seems to not be able to come to the place of taking responsibility for his actions.  Pray that the Goodness of the Lord will overtake him and bring him to repentance!

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