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Please add your prayers to ours and stand in faith for the following needs to be met.

  • Barbara was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had surgery in March 2013.  The doctors have told her that it is slowly growing back.  She is praying for healing and wisdom to know what she needs to do.  Let's stand in faith with Barbara for a complete miracle! There is nothing too hard for our God!
  • Christina lost her husband about 6 months ago. Now she is alone with her daughter.  It has been a big adjustment for her to have to handle all the affairs as he always did this.  Pray that she will be able to face everything and realize she can do it with the Holy Spirit leading her.  And, that she will have clarity in her mind to make decisions.
  • Casey has recently interviewed for a new job.  He is a salesman right now, but does not have a regular check.  Pray that he will have favor in the workplace and as he applies for work!
  • Theresa writes:  "My fiancé Thurman is very ill.  He is suffering with emphysema and anxiety. "
  • Pray for Messianic Rabbi David in Haifa, Israel.  Pray that he will be supernaturally healed from all traces of cancer and that he will be totally restored to good health!
  • Allison has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Allison is believing God, standing upon His Word and declaring that, "By His stripes I am healed!"  According to 1Peter 2:24, we too are declaring with her, that By His stripes, she is healed! Thank you Jesus!
  • Brent just received word from a friend of the family that her 14 year old granddaughter, Jesse, had shot herself in the head twice, trying to kill herself.  She is now fighting for her life in the hospital.  Please pray for her recovery and that through this she will come to the Lord!  Pray that Brent's friend will have a quick recovery from his recent eye surgery.
  • They removed fluid from George's brain 4 days ago.  They may put a drain in due to several falls he has had.  Pray for his healing and complete recovery!
  • Dennis is being treated for prostate cancer.  He had stem cell surgery and did well.  Now, the hard part---pray the stem cells will be functioning/reproducing and that his immune system will come back quickly!  Nothing is too hard for our God!
  • Carla recently went to the doctor for a check up and they discovered lumps in her breasts.  She is to have a follow up mammogram and sonogram on Feb. 16th.  We are praying and believing for a good report, that there is no cancer!
  • Pray for Pat who recently had a 5 heart bypass surgery.  Pray that she will recover soon!  Pray also for Hank who needs the Lord.  He is 90years old.
  • Jon has some serious heart issues.  Only half of his heart is working so they are going to put in stents  .  Pray for his recovery!
  • Margaret's husband James has been diagnosed with intestinal cancer.  Pray for his healing!
  • Aurora has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Pray for her healing!  Pray also for her granddaughter who is very ill.
  • Anita is suffering with a bleeding ulcer.  She has been weak and fainting.  Pray that they will get to the root of the problem.  She is to have a colonoscopy soon.
  • Nancy previously had cancer and her female organs were removed.  She is now having pain again and is hoping for the best.  Pray that it won't be serious and that she will be well soon.
  • Karen is asking for prayer for her husband to find work back in his hometown of Portland, Oregon.  They currently are living in Denver, Colorado.  Her husband is hoping to get a job  for the government working with the Veteran's in processing claims.  Karen is looking for a job as an elementary school teacher.  Let's agree in prayer for both of these requests.
  • Please pray for Mitch, who was recently rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.  He was bleeding profusely.  Mitch had surgery 3 years ago when he had a large mass of cancer removed from his stomach.  He does not know the Lord!  Pray that his heart will be softened and that he will be saved and healed!
  • Pray that Linda and her daughter Mariama will have a healing in their relationship.  Since being in college Mariama's attitude towards her mother has changed. Of course, this has been hurtful to Linda as she loves her daughter.  Linda also has health issues and needs to be healed from diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, sleep apnea and high blood pressure.  Pray that she will also have a breakthrough in her finances.
  • Pray for Corey, Julie's son, who is battling depression and anxiety.  He needs restoration in his mind, body and soul.

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