Pedidos de Oração Ver

Please add your prayers to ours and stand in faith for the following needs to be met.

  • Janet pediu oração para Bob, que precisa ser salvo!
  • Bennett is suffering from pain in his spine and has pain in his knees. He had knee surgery. We curse this pain in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!
  • Trish has diabetes and is believing God for her health to improve and her blood sugar to get in the normal range. Pray and agree with her!
  • Ore para Grace e seu marido que o seu ministério vai ampliar, que haverá unidade na Irmandade e que eles vão ter um avanço em suas finanças.
  • Debbie's son Bill has had an abusive background. Pray that the Lord will deliver him. Pray also that Bill's heart would soften and he would be willing to listen to him Mother share regarding the end times. Pray that he will come to Christ!
  • Timothy vive em Raleigh, NC and has a desire to work at Morningside. He has applied for several positions. Pray that a door will open for him here if it truly is the will of the Lord.
  • Brenda is in litigation with a home mortgage company. Pray that God will help her to get this resolved!
  • Janice requested prayer for healing. She is battling rheumatoid arthritis! We curse this pain and speak healing into her body in the Mighty Name of Jesus!
  • Carolyn has been diagnosed with asthma and has a very bad cough. Join with us in prayer for her total healing as she stands upon the Word of God in faith believing that the price was paid at Calvary for her healing! Pelas Suas pisaduras ela está curada!
  • Elda pediu oração por seu marido John, who has poor vision. He is getting new glasses. Pray that his vision will improve and that the Lord will touch his eyes! Brooke is having morning sickness and also has bad dentures that have infected her gums and mouth. Pray that they both will be healed!
  • Joan is battling cancer and needs the Resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ to flow through her body and heal her. We stand in faith with her for total healing!
  • Sylvia desires to get a new job and to be debt free. Pray that she will seek the Lord first in her life and His Righteousness and will walk in the blessings of the Lord!
  • Denice está doente há vários meses sofrendo com náuseas, fraqueza nas pernas, muscle cramps, pain in her left arm and hot flashes. We curse this pain in Jesus' Name and stand upon the Word of God that by Your stripes she is healed!
  • Susan is undergoing treatment for cancer. Pray that the doctors will make wise decisions regarding her treatments. She also has an infection in her right eye. She is overwhelmed with all that is going on. Pray for the Lord to give her peace as she is undergoing the treatments and that she will be healed completely!
  • Ore por Diane, que é um mórmon! She needs a breakthrough in her finances, saúde e precisa de seu carro para ser reparado.
  • Fran had a verbal agreement with a contractor to have some work done. Now the contractor is asking for more than the agreed upon price. Pray that they may be able to settle this matter in a fair and just manner without further problems.
  • Frank pediu oração por sua filha Brittany, who is in the hospital. She is having a battle with diabetes. Pray for her to be healed and for Frank to have a breakthrough in his finances.
  • Marjorie was saved out of New Age. She wants God's protection and the Lord's timing for her total healing!
  • Linda está sofrendo de extrema dor lombar, and allergies. Pray that the Lord will touch her and she will be completely healed!
  • Richard recently had a triple bypass. Pray that he will have a complete recovery soon!