Pedidos de Oração Ver

Por favor, adicione suas orações ao nosso e permaneço na fé para as seguintes necessidades a serem atendidas.

  • Susie believes that the Lord is leading her to go to Nashville for a special work for the Lord. She is a Messianic Jew. Pray that finances and all that is necessary for her to accomplish this call will fall into line and that the Lord will make a way for her to go!
  • Carleta's new little great granddaughter was born recently with heart and lung complications. They had to take her by C-section because her little heart was racing. She needs a real miracle! Pray that the Lord will touch and heal her!
  • Pray for Shirley's son who recently was in a very bad motorcycle accident. He remains in a hospital Trauma ICU. Ore por sua cura e restauração!
  • Mariaelena is facing losing her home as it is in foreclosure with a sale date of February 18th. Pray that she will have favor with the bank and that they will work with her so she will be able to keep her home. She is working from home but is praying and looking for a 40 hour a week job with a loan company. She needs a real miracle here! Pray that the Lord will make a way where there seems to be no way!
  • Pray that the Lord will provide a financial miracle for Karlean. She is in a very desperate situation.
  • Nancy se divorciou de seu marido depois 27 anos de casamento, and never told the children of his infidelity. As the years have gone by, ele virou as crianças contra ela, which has been very painful. In addition to this she suffers with MS. Pray that the Lord will work a miracle on her behalf as the children have not spoken to her in almost 20 anos. They are very bitter. Pray for a miracle of healing, forgiveness and restoration in the family.
  • John foi recentemente diagnosticado com câncer de fígado. Ore por um milagre de cura para ele! Não há nada muito difícil para o nosso Deus!
  • Please continue to pray for James and Erika. Erika has been afflicted with Alzheimer's and their children have placed her in a home in Pennsylvania which is nearer to them. This has been very difficult for James as she is 100 miles from him now and he is confined to a wheelchair. Pray that somehow he will be able to see her more frequently. He is a retired veteran. Embora as coisas mudaram em sua saúde, ele ainda está muito empenhado em seus votos de casamento, especialmente " 'till death do us part".
  • Judy é 64 and recently lost her job. She desperately needs another job to make ends meet. Pray that she will have favor as she goes for interviews and will soon be working again.
  • Janet's son Scott has just found out that he is in the beginning stage of diabetic kidney disease. His immune system has also been compromised. Pray for his total healing!                                                                                                                              
  • Edmund needs to be delivered from debt bondage. Pray that these strongholds will be broken so that he will be in a position to be blessed and to be a blessing to others.
  • Pray for Dee's total healing from bronchitis! She is a powerful woman of God and a humble servant of the Lord!
  • Sherry is suffering with pain in most of her body. She also has ringing in her ears. Six weeks ago she was in a car accident. We break off any curses spoken over Sherry in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, o Rei dos reis e Senhor dos senhores!
  • Ruth's little 9 anos neta, Mandy, precisa de um milagre de cura! She is suffering with brain tumors and now has developed severe pneumonia. She definitely is in the Hands of the Lord. Pray for this little gal who has been a real testimony to all in the hospital. In spite of all she has been going through, ela está sempre pensando nos outros, especialmente os moradores de rua. Ore e acreditar e ficar sobre a Palavra de Deus para a sua cura! (Confira os depoimentos e ler o testemunho de quão pouco Mandy está ministrando para os outros)! You will be blessed!
  • Pray for Kevin who is mentally ill and needs deliverance. The family's roots were in Hinduism and this needs to be broken off of him!
  • Clarissa is addicted to cigarettes and drinking. She wants to be free! Pray for her to be totally delivered. Pray also for God's protection over her home and for God's grace to sustain her as she walks forward in faith and believes God!
  • Glenda loves the Lord but is living in an unevenly yoked marriage situation. Her heart's desire is for her husband to be saved so that they will be yoked together and complete restoration can take place in their marriage.
  • Pray for Clifford to have a real encounter with the Lord. He has real problems believing in his heart that God really loves him. In the past he got mad at God and family members and because of this anger in his heart, he has been tormented by the enemy. He is begging for everyone to pray for him. Please pray that he will let go and let God and that he will come to the Lord in full repentance. Repentance activates the Grace of God in our lives!
  • Nancy would like us to stand in prayer with her for her husband's salvation and deliverance from living in adultery. Pray that the Goodness of the Lord will lead him to repentance!
  • Pray for Ruby's family to be saved and that the whole household will be set free from any evil spirits. Pray for divine protection over their home.