Pedidos de Oração Ver

Por favor, adicione suas orações ao nosso e permaneço na fé para as seguintes necessidades a serem atendidas.

  • Debbie had a freak accident recently due to a malfunctioning computer in her car. She is suffering from the pain of a whiplash. Pray that the Lord will make way for them to get another car or that they will be able to get their car repaired.
  • Julie's son-in-law has been bound by materialism and lust, e, como resultado, his family has suffered. Due to his addictions they have been kept in poverty. Pray that he will be set free. He is a professing Christian.
  • Kathleen has requested prayer that she and her husband would stay the course of God's destiny for them as they walk through some difficult times. Pray that the joy of the Lord will be their strength! Pray that the Lord will give them wisdom to handle their finances and that they will be set free from all debt and be able to give more to others in need.
  • Pray for Curtis who is struggling spiritually. He desires to have a closer walk with the Lord. Pray that the Goodness of God will bring him to the place of total repentance.
  • Ore por Sharon para a cura de um tumor cerebral. She survived a brain aneurysm several years ago and now has had this diagnosis. "Nós estamos contra este relatório mal em Nome de Jesus poderoso!" "Nós escolhemos a acreditar que o relatório do Senhor, que pelas suas pisaduras Sharon está curado!"
  • Janice está lutando contra o câncer e precisa de intercessores para ficar na brecha para ela! The diagnosis is not good, but we serve a Mighty God and nothing is impossible with Him! " Nós amaldiçoar esse tipo de câncer e comandá-lo a morrer no Poderoso Nome de Jesus Cristo!"
  • Pray that the Lord will work a miracle for Sylvia and her family to enable them to keep their house out of foreclosure. She has a new sales position. Pray that she will be blessed and anointed to help turn around their financial situation. Pray also for healing in their marriage!
  • Guerreiros de Oração, stand in faith and believe for a miracle for Pam's little grandson who is still in his mother's womb and due to be born at the end of January. He has been diagnosed with a heart defect, that according to the doctor's will require him to have 3 cirurgias antes da idade de 3 anos. Nós servimos a um Deus de milagres!
  • Pray for Ana's granddaughter who is 13 anos. She has been being bullied and recently tried to kill herself. She is a sweet Christian, de acordo com a sua avó. Ore para que o Espírito Santo lhe.
  • Paul has recently given his life to the Lord. He is currently looking for work. Pray that the Lord will give him favor as he applies for work and that he will not become discouraged.
  • Kelly is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Pray that the treatment will be successful and that she will be totally healed.
  • Mike tem problemas de saúde e também precisa de um trabalho melhor para que ele possa cumprir as suas obrigações.
  • Amanda has had a lot of abandonment in her life. She cannot understand why and is angry with others as well as also with God. Pray that she will be delivered and totally set free from this torment.
  • David has been in ministry but is now suffering with several diseases and chronic pain. He is believing God for a miracle of restoration and healing in his body. His heart's desire is to be able to return to the ministry. Let's believe God with him for total restoration, e que o Senhor vai usá-lo poderosamente nestes últimos dias!
  • Pray for Susan's aunt that is suffering with lower back pain and dizziness. She is a substitute teacher at a high school and has been a witness to the students, que estão orando também que ela será capaz de retornar.
  • Sandy's daughter is suffering with severe debilitating migraines. Pray for her healing and deliverance!
  • Bill e Carrie pediram oração para a intervenção e ajuda de Deus em um par de questões críticas muito importantes. Ore para que o Espírito Santo lhe!
  • Ore para que o marido de Sandy para fazer um retorno de todo o coração ao Senhor e ao seu casamento. Ore também para a sua saúde, cura e restauração!
  • Roz pede oração para um avanço financeiro real e salvação para os seus familiares.
  • Shirley é uma mulher de fé que ama o Senhor. Ela está desativado no momento, mas é crer em Deus por sua cura total de.