Exibir Testemunhos

Sempre dar a Deus a glória e louvor por suas orações respondidas. Vamos vangloriar em Jesus. É por causa de Seu amor e grande sacrifício que podemos nos aproximar do trono de Deus com as nossas petições. (Salmo 23:6)

Obrigado, Senhor, para todos estes relatórios de louvor!

Você é um Deus tão bom!

  • George used Silver Sol on the sores he had on his foot and heel and they were healed. The doctors had prescribed other medications, mas nada fez o trabalho como prata Sol.
  • Louvado seja o Senhor! Barbara had called for prayer regarding the financial scam that she had been taken in by, and said that she would be meeting soon with the bank. She called back today to say that the bank has tracked down the person, o prenderam e que suas contas serão restabelecida! Our God is so Good!
  • Marie wrote to express her thanks to Jim and Lori for preaching the truth and for saving our precious little babies.
  • Recentemente,Jill perdeu a filha, Chris, who was hit by a truck and killed as she was walking home from a friend's house. Chris would have been 50 in December. In spite of the sorrow of losing her daughter, Jill has been pressing into praise during this whole time. God's Grace has surely sustained her. Ela escreve: "O Senhor é bom e sua misericórdia dura para sempre." "Ela é minha única filha, e ela está mais viva agora do que ela já estava aqui."
  • Dianna escreve: "I love your show Jim and Lori....Of course, I have watched it for years....Great info...I use coconut oil in all things as a result. Our health in part is our wealth! Keep up the great shows. Bênçãos!"
  • Edie expressed her appreciation for all the prayer for her husband Glenn. He is doing much better! Louvado seja o Senhor!
  • Brenda está dando louvor ao nosso Senhor para o emprego recente de Wes e sua noiva. Louvado seja o Senhor!
  • Doris would like to give Praise to Pastor Jim and the Ministry for sharing God's Word and addressing current world events.
  • Theresa had a vision recently regarding things that are coming in the future. When she shared with her husband he confirmed that John Shorey, bem como um outro profeta, had shared this same vision on the Jim Bakker Show. Hearing this really encouraged her faith!
  • Mary's daughter Kami was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year. It was the size of an almond and located on her pituitary gland. Last week she had an MRI and the tumor is GONE! Louvado seja o Senhor!
  • Carol's son Tom had surgery today to repair a hole in his heart. He had suffered a stroke a year ago. Praise the Lord he came through with flying colors!
  • Carol do Canadá escreve: "I am so very thankful for the show and I want Pastor Jim to know that PTL was a real lifesaver for me years ago when my husband was away working. I will forever be grateful!"
  • Dolores has seen a great improvement in her husband's attitude since she has been praying for him. She was also thrilled to hear that Kelsey, em Serviços para Parceiros, had a little baby girl. She had agreed in prayer one day with Kelsey about that very thing.
  • Melodee has received good news on her last report from the doctor. There is no sign of cancer and the breast tissue is normal. Estamos alegram com ela!
  • Marie escreve: "Obrigado por pregar a verdade e salvar nossos bebês pequenos preciosos!"
  • Joey would like to give praise to Pastor Jim for his compassion for those being persecuted and also for his willingness to get the Word of Christ out to the lost.
  • Sandy está louvando ao Senhor que ela foi oferecido um emprego na semana passada e ela está começando a trabalhar imediatamente.
  • Loretta called for prayer recently as she was having excruciating pain in her back. She received prayer and called us back today to let us know that the Lord really touched her and she is almost totally pain free! Louvado seja o Senhor!
  • Loretta called in on October 8th for prayer and said she was desperate and needed to sell a car by the end of the day. We prayed, e ela ligou de volta algumas horas mais tarde regozijando-se "o carro foi vendido!" Estamos alegram com ela. God is good and He hears and answers prayer!
  • Gloria escreve: "Eu assisto e desfrutar dos seus programas tanto, and have ordered many study materials from you. Thank you for standing with Israel and the Jewish people!"