Exibir Testemunhos

Sempre dar a Deus a glória e louvor por suas orações respondidas. Vamos vangloriar em Jesus. É por causa de Seu amor e grande sacrifício que podemos nos aproximar do trono de Deus com as nossas petições. (Salmo 23:6)

Obrigado, Senhor, para todos estes relatórios de louvor!

Você é um Deus tão bom!

  • Teri had a Praise report. She reports that the Lord has healed her and she is much stronger in her body. She has also had healing in relationships. Our God is so faithful if we put our trust in Him!
  • Bobby and Cheryl are so grateful for the Lord leading them to Morningside. They came here to be volunteers and to serve the Lord! They desire to serve others and to help wherever needed.
  • Diane's back was healed! It went back into place without her having to go to a chiropractor. Descanse em paz!
  • Ruth called to tell us that her husband has been healed from cancer! Louvado seja o Senhor!
  • Victoria was having car problems that required major work and she was able to get another vehicle instead. Descanse em paz!
  • Edward escreve: "Jim e Lori, Obrigado por seu amor e fidelidade para amar e servir o nosso Senhor e Salvador Jesus Cristo!" "Que a paz de Deus, o Pai, e do Senhor Jesus Cristo seja com você para sempre."
  • Linda writes: "Obrigado por suas orações fiéis e para o seu constante incentivo!"
  • Bobby e Cheryl, who moved from Texas to Morningside to work as volunteers, will soon be in their new home. They will be moving into their home on January 12th, if all goes as planned. Please pray that they will be able to get their furniture all moved here from Texas and that there will be no hindrances.
  • Ela writes: "Eu amo a gentileza de Jim e Lori em seu one of a kind, Show de Christian!"
  • Louvado seja o Senhor! Fran's grandson has been totally healed of a brain tumor!
  • Paul had suffered with depression for years. Recently he accepted Jesus Christ into his life as Lord and Savior, e foi entregue de depressão.
  • Teri está se regozijando! Since she received prayer all the legal problems she had been involved in have been dropped. She has been able to keep her car and her home. She has also had much physical and emotional healing, as well as healing in her relationships with others.
  • Bobby estava deprimido e chamado para a oração. In the course of the conversation he opened his heart and received Christ. Louvado seja o Senhor!
  • Jerry had a tumor in his heart and the situation could have been very serious if they had not discovered it in time. Many were praying for him and he underwent surgery yesterday morning. When they opened his heart, o tumor, which was the size of a ping pong ball literally rolled out. His prep time actually took longer than the surgery! This was a real miracle!
  • Grace is encouraged in the Lord. She has been praying for work and recently she got a job doing translating. Pray that this will be the open door that will lead to more job opportunities.
  • Estamos regozijando com Ruth! After receiving prayer and believing God she has been healed from cancer!  
  • Stephen é alegria que o Senhor é o ensino, cura e ajudando-o a superar suas dificuldades emocionais e mentais.
  • Charity's daughter was experiencing bullying at her day care. After prayer, Deus providenciou um lugar muito melhor para ela e para o ambiente é calmo e divertido.
  • We are so thankful that Cherie was not injured in a recent car accident. She was driving across a bridge on an icy day when her vehicle spun out of control and turned completely around on the bridge. It stopped at the edge of the bridge. Miraculously there were no other cars around when this happened.
  • Deus é tão bom e ajudou Louise pagar todas as suas contas e ser capaz de ficar em sua casa.