Просит Посмотреть Молитвенные

Пожалуйста, добавьте ваши молитвы с нашим и стоять в вере для следующих потребности должны быть выполнены.

  • Молитесь за Энни быть установлен от анорексии бесплатно, arthritis and that her goiter will dissolve. Thank you Jesus for paying the price at Calvary for our healing and our redemption. We stand upon your Word according to 1Peter 2:24 что ваши полосами она исцелена!
  • Debbie's son Jason is not walking with the Lord at the present time. Pray that he will be apprehended by the Holy Spirit and have a Damascus Road experience. May the Fire of God burn the dross and set him free!
  • Джон попросил нас молиться за своего брата, mother and aunt who need to be saved. Также, John wants to be able to forgive his mother from his heart. Pray for the Grace of God to enable him to truly walk in forgiveness!
  • Gardenia is suffering with pain in her leg. We rebuke this pain in the Mighty Name of Jesus! Мы стоим на Слове Божьем и верить в ее общей исцеления!
  • Молитесь за Кевина, который ушел в колледж, that a hedge of protection will be around him and that he would choose friends that would have good values etc. Pray also that he will have a real encounter with the Lord and come to real repentance and a turn around in his life.
  • Там, кто 8 years old has had a heart transplant in the past and now has stomach and lung cancer. She needs a miracle! Carol's husband is losing his job and needs to find another one asap! Pray for miracles for this whole family!
  • Gabriel called for prayer. His heart's desire is for his whole family to be saved and he himself wants to have a closer walk with the Lord. Let's stand with him in prayer.
  • Дженис нужен настоящий исцеление! She has a growth in her mouth and also has TMJ problems. She has also had a triple by pass and has a strained neck. Pray that she will be totally healed!
  • Радость сталкивается операцию на сентябрь. 24й, but there is a danger that she might not make it because of her heart. Pray that all will go well and that she will come through with flying colors!
  • Кэрол просил молиться за Дебби, who is a missionary in Kenya. Debbie is traveling with an evangelist into some areas that may be dangerous. Pray that they will be kept safe and that the Lord will bless their ministry. Pray also for an increase in finances and for complete healing for Debbie.
  • Ruth Ann is in a desperate situation with back bills and severe financial problems. Pray that the wisdom of the Lord will lead her and guide her, и что Господь сделает путь там, где, кажется, нет никакого способа!
  • Джанет запросил молитву для Боба, кто должен быть сохранен!
  • Bennett is suffering from pain in his spine and has pain in his knees. He had knee surgery. We curse this pain in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!
  • Trish has diabetes and is believing God for her health to improve and her blood sugar to get in the normal range. Pray and agree with her!
  • Молитесь за Грейс и ее мужа, что их министерство будет увеличить, что будет единство в общении и, что они будут иметь прорыв в своих финансах.
  • Debbie's son Bill has had an abusive background. Pray that the Lord will deliver him. Pray also that Bill's heart would soften and he would be willing to listen to him Mother share regarding the end times. Pray that he will come to Christ!
  • Тимоти живет в Роли, NC and has a desire to work at Morningside. He has applied for several positions. Pray that a door will open for him here if it truly is the will of the Lord.
  • Brenda is in litigation with a home mortgage company. Pray that God will help her to get this resolved!
  • Janice requested prayer for healing. She is battling rheumatoid arthritis! We curse this pain and speak healing into her body in the Mighty Name of Jesus!
  • Carolyn has been diagnosed with asthma and has a very bad cough. Join with us in prayer for her total healing as she stands upon the Word of God in faith believing that the price was paid at Calvary for her healing! Его ранами она исцелена!