Просит Посмотреть Молитвенные

Пожалуйста, добавьте ваши молитвы с нашим и стоять в вере для следующих потребности должны быть выполнены.

  • Pray that Lynn's husband and family will begin to realize that we are living in the last days and will desire to do some preparation. Lynn feels all alone at this time in the family since the rest of the family seem to be in denial about the need to prepare.
  • Renee needs prayer for healing. She was injured in 2 car accidents and has sports injuries as well. She has suffered with chronic pain since 2009. Хватит! Let's stand in faith for her complete healing!
  • Lisa has been under a real spiritual attack from her neighbors, а также 2 attacks on her dog. Молитесь за нее, that she will know whether she should move or not.
  • Sean asks for prayer for the United States and that God will have mercy and compassion on the USA. May true repentance be seen so that the Lord will begin to move across the land.  
  • Pray that Doris' husband will be set free from alcohol addiction and will surrender his life to the Lord!
  • Pray that Martha will get a job soon. Она является 77, and is in very good health.
  • Молитва Воины! Pray for Susan, a former Jehovah's Witness. She has lost all family, friends and inheritance to serve Jesus. She does not regret it, but is lonely and would like to have fellowship with others of like faith. Pray for her and that the Lord will bring others across her path who will be a blessing and a strength to her. No one wants to talk about the end times.
  • Dian is disabled as is her 5 летняя дочь. They are living in a bad neighborhood where neighbors have stolen from them and they do not feel safe. They have plans to move on August 1. Pray that they will find the help they need so that they will be able to make the move.
  • Pray that Terry will be divinely protected where she lives. She has had things stolen and her car has been vandalized. Seems that this has been happening since a new neighbor moved in a year ago. Pray that whoever is doing this will be convicted and that it will stop!
  • Larry has been blessed by the Jim Bakker Show and the ministry of Jonathan Cahn. Однако, he is addicted to alcohol, sexual immorality and violence. He needs deliverance! Pray that he will have an encounter with the Lord and be totally set free from this bondage! He lives in India.
  • Stan has a sore on his heal and they found that he has a blockage in his leg. His heel is sore and he has strong pain in the foot and it is hard for him to walk. He needs a miracle healing. He is believing and let's stand in faith with him and his wife for his miracle healing!
  • Donna knows the Lord but has lost hope. Seems to be unable to find work. Pray that the Lord will make a way where there seems to be no way and that she will be set free from the despair and bondage of the evil one!
  • Pray that Edmund will recover financially and be able to retire.
  • Nancy's husband is suffering with cancer and has a large tumor where he sits. He never complains, but she has asked us to pray! Let's pray and believe for his total healing! We curse this cancer in the Mighty Name of Jesus and speak to this tumor to die!
  • Pray for Chad and Nicole's marriage to be restored. They have been separated for 10 months and Nicole is now on fire for the Lord and wants to save their marriage. Pray that the Lord will touch Chad's heart and bring him to the place where he too will want to save their marriage. Там нет ничего слишком трудно для Бога нашего! They have two girls and this has been hard on them as well.
  • Pray for Norman who suffers from severe anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Joanne is battling depression and needs our prayers!
  • Pray for Connie and Louise who both need a real breakthrough in their finances, as well as Grace to cope until the breakthrough comes.
  • Travis is a young man who is suffering with kidney failure. He had been on dialysis, but opted to quit the treatments due to the pain and shaking that he had to endure following each treatment. He is now on hospice. Pray that he will open his heart to the Lord and have the assurance of his salvation. He has been confused by what he has seen in "религия", and is not sure he believes in Jesus. Молитесь, чтобы он появится реальная встреча с Господом!
  • Duane fell recently. He is suffering with COPD, and pneumonia in his left lung. Pray with us for his healing!

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