Просит Посмотреть Молитвенные

Пожалуйста, добавьте ваши молитвы с нашим и стоять в вере для следующих потребности должны быть выполнены.

  • Молитесь за Давида, Antoinette's grandson who did drugs, but is now clean. Pray that he will have favor when he goes to court. David has recommitted his life to the Lord and wants to serve the Lord with his whole heart!
  • Susan has cancer of the sinus is going to be undergoing radiation. Pray that she will be able to get a ride to the hospital. Pray that the treatments will be successful, но больше всего, что Господь будет касаться и исцелить ее! By His stripes she is healed!
  • Эдмонд нуждается в реальной финансовой прорыв! His desire is to be debt free.
  • Peter is struggling with an addiction and wants freedom and deliverance. His desire is to have a closer walk with God and to increase in his faith.
  • Джинни имеет некоторые проблемы со здоровьем, и верить Богу для полного исцеления. Let's stand in faith with her!
  • Pray for Grace who is having kidney failure and is very discouraged at times. She loves the Lord, но это было трудное время для нее. Pray that the Lord will touch her and strengthen her spirit, душа и тело!
  • Patricia's daughter Barbara is suffering with asthma, панические атаки, and can't breathe. Pray for her healing and for the whole family to be saved.
  • Pray that Bobby and Cheryl's home will sell soon. Their heart's desire is to come to Morningside and to work as volunteers. They have genuine servant's hearts!
  • Nancy has had heart surgery in the past and recently had a stint put in. She is very tired and doesn't have her usual strength. Please pray that the doctor will find out what the root of the problem is and that she will regain her strength.
  • Lisa is seeking God's direction regarding the call she senses on her life. Pray that she will hear clearly from the Lord as to her position in the Body of Christ.
  • Донна недавно вернулся к Господу и хочет много молитвы! Pray that she will have wisdom, knowledge and understanding in her walk with the Lord. She also wants us to pray that all the big mountains and hindrances of the enemy will be removed!
  • Pray for Pam who has just found out that she has cancer and a short time to live unless she has a miracle. Pam's husband just lost his job this week. They are facing some hard challenges. We serve a miracle working God! We stand upon your Word in faith O Lord! According to 1 Питер 2:24, что ваши полосами она исцелена!
  • Pray for Gail and Kenneth as they have decisions to make as far as selling their home and moving. Pray that the right buyer will come at the right time. Pray that they will be able to get into the condo where they are on a waiting list if this is truly God's will for them. They also need to sell their leisure travel van. Many decisions to make and they need God's wisdom.
  • Pray for Dorian. He is now home after serving in Afghanistan and desperately needs a job. Pray that he will have favor and will find a job soon!
  • Carolyn's health continues to improve in her battle with cancer. Pray that the platelets will increase and the blood levels will come into normal range. Thank you Jesus for your healing virtue!
  • Pray that Judy will be totally set free from a former relationship that is over. Pray that she will be able to release all her disappointments and expectations to the Lord so that she can be healed in her emotions.
  • Regina is asking prayer for her brother who has been wrongfully accused of a crime that he did not commit. He has kept himself busy in prison and has had a positive attitude, in spite of the circumstances. He is the assistant chaplain, Глава мониторинга ТВ, является руководитель хора, a drummer and also plays the organ and guitar. Pray that the truth will come to light and that her brother will continue to have favor.
  • Pray that the spirit of death and fear and infirmity will go in Jesus' Name! Pray that the financial burden and debt load will go also and that a real breakthrough will come in their finances. We are standing in faith with Douglas for a great victory!
  • Suzie's grandson Zachary has been diagnosed with autism. Pray that Jesus will touch his spirit, душа и тело и сделать его целиком! There is nothing too hard for our God! Pray also that there will be a financial breakthrough for the family.
  • Pray for Jeremy's wife who has walked away from the Lord. Please pray that the hold of the enemy on her life will be broken, и что она будет установлена ​​бесплатно!