Просит Посмотреть Молитвенные

Пожалуйста, добавьте ваши молитвы с нашим и стоять в вере для следующих потребности должны быть выполнены.

  • Молитесь за Патрицией, кто был поставлен диагноз рака почки и нужно чудо! There is nothing too hard for our God!
  • Arlene's 92 year old mother is confused and won't stay at a nursing home to recover from a lung infection etc. Pray for favor and peace for Arlene, и ее брат, а, with whom the mother is living.
  • Pray that Nancy's husband will be delivered from the spirit of lust that has him bound. Pray that the ungodly soul ties that he has with other women will be broken! Pray that he will come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and will repent and be totally delivered! Pray also for Nancy that the Lord will give her Grace and wisdom and forbearance and that she will make right choices at this time in these difficult circumstances.
  • Pray for Christine's granddaughter who is 16, is saved but suffers from severe depression. She has no mother in her life and she lives with her father.
  • Кэти имеет несколько неотложных молитвенные просьбы: 1. Pat has ovarian cancer and the doctor has given her no hope. 2. Felicia is a young woman in the ICU dept. из ожогового центра и был там в течение 4 месяцев. 3. Deborah is recovering from emergency back surgery. She has a lot of metal in her back and needs a head to toe touch from the Lord! 4. Margaret is recovering from shoulder surgery. She is a mighty woman of God who also needs a touch from the Lord. There is nothing too hard for our God! Pray in faith for all of these requests!
  • Молитесь за пастора Саида, the pastor that has been in jail in Iran for sometime. Pray for a miracle to happen, что он будет предоставлен пользу и быть освобожден из тюрьмы. Да хранит его Аллах по Своей Милости и власти! МОЛИТЕСЬ! МОЛИТЕСЬ! МОЛИТЕСЬ!
  • Молитесь за Грегом, что его видение увеличится, так как имея хирургии катаракты! Pray that his wife will be delivered from alcohol and that Greg will have a breakthrough in his finances so that he will be able to help his sister who needs his support.
  • Pray for Ruth's husband who recently has had major surgery and was on a respirator and other equipment. Pray that he will have a complete recovery!
  • Stan has requested prayer for healing. We know the price was paid at Calvary for our healing and we are standing in faith with Stan. Jesus paid it all! Аминь!
  • Stephanie needs to have a dependable car. Pray that she will find the right one that is affordable for her.
  • Deena broke her foot. Let's pray and believe for a swift recovery, in Jesus' Name!
  • Марджи запросил срочную молитву за физического и психического исцеления! Также, она просит молиться за спасение своих близких.
  • Sharon needs a real deliverance from depression. Pray that she will be able to reach out to others and as a result be set free!
  • Shirley has fluid on her lungs and is suffering from anxiety. Pray that she will be able to sleep better and that her finances will increase.
  • A number of years ago SandyRose got a bacterial infection in her colon and has suffered with this for a long time. Agree with us in prayer and believe God for her total healing! We curse every bit of this infection in the Mighty Name of Jesus!
  • John's wife lost her job last Fall and they are months away from losing their home. Pray that the Lord will provide and that his wife will find a new job soon.
  • It seems that Barbara has been defrauded by some type of scam and as a result the bank has frozen her account. It all happened when she was trying to help someone. Pray that the Lord will work in this situation and that she will be able to recover her funds.
  • Greg requested prayer for his daughter 's safety while she is in Africa. Господин, сохранить свой хедж защиты вокруг нее!
  • Susan asked prayer for healing and protection. Pray that she will be kept safe from the evil one and his devices.
  • Ann had a stroke and is still suffering from the effects. Pray that all of her body members will come back to functioning normally.