Просит Посмотреть Молитвенные

Пожалуйста, добавьте ваши молитвы с нашим и стоять в вере для следующих потребности должны быть выполнены.

  • Gloria is in need of a car and is asking us to stand in prayer with her for financial favor of God.
  • Susan would like prayer for the healing of her daughter's baby that had multiple complications at birth.
  • Monica is requesting us to intercede for her as she is going to take classes in the deliverance ministry. She will need financial assistance and a van to take her to and from church.
  • Shirley needs prayer support for several family members and friends in need of healing, Путешествия милости, financial favor and Salvation. Pray God's healing touch for each of these.
  • John's heart cry is for his family to know Jesus. Pray for total commitment and salvation of his family members.
  • Tony is currently troubled with the possibility of losing his home. He requests pray also for the restoration of his family and for financial increase.
  • Lynda would appreciate joining with her in prayer for the neighbor's cat that is quite ill.
  • Victoria is being blessed with a trip to Israel and is asking us to pray with her for traveling mercies and God's protection.
  • Patricia is dealing with severe back pain which causes her to be extremely tired. Pray for total healing for her.
  • Iris is requesting the wisdom and favor of our Lord as she seeks His will daily. Pray the blessing of our Lord will shine His face upon her.
  • Kathleen recently signed herself out of a mental rehab Center to find shelter in a half way house but was denied. Pray for her as she will go and stay with her parents who have been caring for her 2 летний ребенок.
  • Harmon would like us to remember his wife who is quite ill. Pray for total healing for her and God's comfort for Harmon at this time.
  • Elizabeth is suffering with severe back pain in her lower back. Pray for her total healing!
  • Shirley requested prayer for her sister Carolyn who is suffering with Parkinson's disease. Pray for Debbie,также, who has some heart/lung issues that are serious. The price was paid at Calvary for our healing! Аллилуйя!
  • Bob is a veteran who has heart and lung problems from being in the service. The doctors have not given him much hope. But God.......! He is the one who gives life, и что с избытком!
  • Джанет потеряла мать, and her family moved away. She doesn't have children so is feeling lonely and overwhelmed at present. Pray that she will be able to find a fulltime job so that her financial burden will be lifted and she will be able to get out of debt.
  • Каролин был поставлен диагноз стадии 4 cancer. Pray and believe the Lord and stand upon the Word of God!
  • Pray that Mary Anne will be able to sell her farm soon. Pray that the Lord will send the right buyer at the right price.
  • Pray that Gloria will be able to find a job as a substitute teacher. Her husband is an alcoholic and is abusive toward her. Pray for God's protection for her now and in the days to come.
  • Rosalie hurt her back a few weeks ago and has now been released to go back to work. Pray that they will call her soon to return to work as she has a financial obligations and needs to have income coming in.