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Please add your prayers to ours and stand in faith for the following needs to be met.

  • Pastor Keith has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer and will be undergoing treatment to shrink a tumor. We stand in faith with Pastor Keith and we too declare, "Cancer, you have no right to exist in his body. We curse you at the root just as our Master Jesus did with the fig tree!" We are believing for a good report in the days to come!
  • Helen is a cancer survivor, but has some difficulties with swelling in her right hand and arm due to the cancer treatments. This has caused her great difficulty and pain in being able to live a normal life. She needs a miracle in her body as well as a financial increase. Let's believe God for that miracle!
  • Judy has requested prayer for her son-in-law, Jacob, who is moving his family across the country due to his job situation. Pray for their safety in traveling, and also for deliverance and healing from depression and emotional distress.
  • Esther's mother is living in Taiwan and is near death. Esther is very concerned that her Mother comes to Christ. Pray and agree with us that she will have an encounter with the Lord prior to passing into eternity!
  • Annie needs a miracle in her body and we are believing with her for a complete healing in her spirit, soul and body. She has numbness in her hands, arms and feet and also has a goiter. As she has released the hurts in her heart up to you Lord, and is willing to forgive those who have hurt her, we are believing for a manifestation of your healing virtue to flow in her today! Hallelujah!
  • Glenda has been out of work for quite awhile and is eager to get back to work. She has been chosen as one of the finalists applying for this job. Pray that she will continue to have favor and that she will pass the background check with flying colors.
  • Maria has requested prayer for her daughter who is involved in a relationship with an ungodly man. Pray that God will move in this situation and that there will be restoration in their whole family.
  • Margie was formerly in New Age and is still being attacked by the enemy. Pray that she will be totally set free and walk in the victory that is hers in Christ Jesus!
  • Lisa is oppressed and having bad dreams. She feels alone and alienated from some family members. Pray that the Lord will work in this family and that Lisa will be set free from the oppression and that there will be a breakthrough in the family relationships.    
  • Pray for Daphne's daughter Ashley who is going through a violent divorce. Pray that Ashley and little 8 month old Kaylee Grace will be kept safe and that the Lord will intervene in the whole situation.
  • Tim is a young man of 23 who has a serious problem with anger. Pray that he will come to Jesus and be completely set free!
  • Debra is in need of massive deliverance! She can't sleep, she peels her skin off, can't go outside and is unable to watch tv. Pray,pray,pray!!!
  • Larry has requested prayer for his daughter Sandra who is suffering with MS. Pray and agree with us that she will be totally healed!
  • Gloria broke her collarbone, some ribs and hurt her hip when she fell 6 weeks ago. She has been going to physical therapy but is still not functioning like she should. She knows the Lord, but has been depressed because of what she is going through. Pray for her to be completely healed and free of pain!
  • Stephanie has been suffering with a frozen shoulder for several months. She also has pulled muscles on her right rib cage and has been in excruciating pain. Her sleep has also been greatly affected. Pray in faith for her healing and deliverance from pain.
  • Brenda is battling a rare blood disease. Her blood won't clot normally. It is a generational disease and there has been unforgiveness in the past. Brenda needs a real miracle! Pray that any generational curses will be broken.
  • Helen and her husband are both very ill and worn out physically. Helen's kidneys are failing and she has High blood pressure. In Jesus Mighty Name we speak health and wholeness into their bodies. We stand upon your Word, according to I Peter 2:24, that by your stripes they are healed!
  • Christina called for prayer. She is believing that the Lord will heal her and she will be able to walk again and also that her vision will be restored. Let's believe with her for a miracle!
  • Pray the Nancy's son Shawn will have supernatural favor on his court date and favor with the judge. Most importantly, that he will come to Christ and be transformed!
  • Helen recently had a cornea implant. Pray that her eye will heal quickly and that she will have her glasses soon.