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Всегда воздал славы Богу и хвала за ваши ответы молитвы. Давайте хвастаться на Иисуса. Именно из-за своей любви и великой жертве, что мы можем приблизиться к престолу Бога с нашими ходатайств. (Псалом 23:6)

Спасибо, Господин, для всех этих отчетов похвалы!

Ты такой добрый Бог!

  • One of our former graduates of Morningside Master's Media, for whom we have been praying, called with a wonderful praise report. He recently was hired at a Bass Shoe Store and on his second day there he was waiting on a very disgruntled woman. Jeremy took time with her which helped restore her faith in the store. He was able to sell her two pairs of shoes that day. The woman filled out a customer survey form and gave him a 100 percent score and wrote a glowing report as well. One the third day, the Field Manager read the online report, called Jeremy's manager and told him to promote Jeremy to Management. God's favor is truly upon him!
  • Dee has been healed from lung disease and is feeling like a new woman! Слава Господу!
  • After much prayer Dee has been healed of COPD! Слава Господу!
  • Maureen called to share with us that her prayers had been answered. The money came through from oil wells where they were drilling! Слава Господу!
  • Dorothy is rejoicing. She wanted to buy a generator and has been asking the Lord for over a year to somehow provide the money. Recently she got a letter in the mail from a company saying that they owed her some money. It was enough to buy the generator. Так, praise the Lord she is going to get her generator!
  • Four years ago, Suzy's owner took her to the vet and he wanted to put her to sleep. The owner would not agree to that and instead took her home and began to give her Silver Sol every day. Suzy was 17 лет. She perked up and would go for walks with the owners and even run with the other outside dog, Ginger. She was a happy dog! Silver Sol is amazing!
  • Pastor Jim and Lori recently took Ricky to Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Техас, where he will study and be equipped for ministry. Although we were sorry to see him leave us for awhile, we are thrilled that he has this opportunity.
  • Bethany called for prayer and asked that we pray that the apartment manager would accept a Support dog for her husband. She called back to say that they did. Слава Господу!
  • Teddy writes: "Thank you so much for your prayers and support. It helped me get out of Washington by the skin of my teeth. I am attached to your ministry family."
  • April has watched the Jim Bakker Show for 4 или 5 years and she states that she knows that what Pastor Jim is preaching is true, and that things are about to unravel!
  • Bertha has had a burden for her son for a long time. He had not been supportive towards her. She called and is so grateful that he has had a real turn around in his attitude and wants to help her get into an apartment.
  • Beverly is so very grateful to the Lord for opening her eyes. For years she was living a lie, saying she was a believer, but not being willing to yield her life to Him. Today she is rejoicing for she has had an encounter with the Living God, and He is revealing much to her. He is her all in all! Praise the Lord. He is not willing that any should perish, но чтобы все пришли к покаянию!
  • A dear saint of God recently went to be with the Lord. He was a resident here at Morningside and loved by all who knew him. His testimony was one of the faithfulness of God! We are grateful that Bob is now at home with the Lord, whom he loved with all his heart!
  • Caleb and Rita are very grateful that they heard about Silver Sol. Their son-in-law, who has been diagnosed with cancer, has been taking it twice a day. He had been given 9 к 15 months to live, but is doing amazingly well, and is stronger than many of his Doctor's other patients. He is still able to go to work and work full time in construction! All praise to our Wonderful Lord!
  • Ruth had been suffering with bursitis and a torn rotator cuff. While watching the Jim Bakker Show she felt heat and she is now healed! Слава Господу!
  • Anna called for prayer for her grandchildren who needed jobs and Praise the Lord, they both now are employed! God is Good!
  • Barb called us with a great Praise Report. Her pastor's wife is now cancer free! Слава Господу!
  • Tina called so thrilled that a lady had given her a love gift of money so she could attend a Luncheon. Tina had reached out to her in love and, she in turn, was blessed!
  • Слава Господу! Steven has been exercising and eating healthy for two months and is feeling much better!
  • We received this precious praise report! This individual was diagnosed with ADHD, and various other disorders as he grew up. He was considered retarded by many and told he could never drive a car, and on and on. Long story short, today he is a Christian and totally surrendered to the Lord. He graduated from the developmental Service Worker program and graduated with honors and made the Dean's list. He still struggles in some areas, but where he is weak, God has made him strong! Наш Бог есть удивительный Бог!

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