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Always give God the glory and praise for your answered prayers. Let’s brag on Jesus. It is because of His love and great sacrifice that we can approach the throne of God with our petitions. (Псалом 23:6)

Спасибо, Господин, for all these praise reports!

You are such a good God!

  • Августина были некоторые проблемы с ее начальником на работе, but today there was a breakthrough in the situation. She had a meeting with her boss, that has been negative towards her in the past, и она хвалит Господа, что все пошли все, и она не была выговор! Аллилуйя!
  • Барбара называется поделиться с нами, что ее шаг -Папа стал prepper! He used to make fun of her but after hearing John Shorey's teaching he has had a complete turn around!
  • Екатерина пишет: "I have a praise report. My ringing/roaring has stopped in my left ear. It has been driving me crazy to have that loud noise day and night. It now appears that what caused it was a medication called Naproxen which I was taking for mild arthritis. Apparently that is a side effect of that medicine."
  • Мария, называемая и был очень приподнятом настроении, что Джим Баккер Показать Сейчас на канале 40 в Питтсбурге, Pennsylvania. Слава Господу!
  • Терри Энн пишет: "Потрясающее шоу! Truly believe God allowed you to be in prison to be a true witness for lost souls!" "Мы должны завоевать души и ваше шоу делает именно это! Praise God for you and your family!"
  • Бренда пишет: "Я был безработным в течение одного года и мой уровень безработицы был на исходе и Бог мой поставляется эту вновь созданную должность только для меня!" God is so good! We are rejoicing with Brenda.
  • Лори имеет сына, кто 21, и недавно сошел с пневмонией, but now is on the mend. Она, сама, has had some fatty growths removed. She writes: "We praise the Lord Jesus and give Him glory for healing and all His help and protection!"
  • Бетти пишет: "Мы благодарим Бога за вас Джим! Be encouraged!"
  • Вильма пишет: "Огромное спасибо за все ваши молитвы, которые прошли на Брок Guynn, a 15 летний, кто был серьезно ранен в 4-Уилер аварии 23 days ago. Praise God! His life was spared and God has been doing a marvelous work in and through his recovery!"
  • Джерри пишет: "Следите за хорошую работу! Nobody else seems to be sounding the trumpet."
  • Thank you Lord for Lori's healing. We pray that you will continue to heal her from the top of her head to the soles of her feet!
  • Спасибо Джим и Лори для бьют тревогу в мире, особенно в церковь, что, кажется, спит! Don't let the enemy stop you from putting the trumpet to thy mouth!
  • Ширли была диабетическая для 20 лет. She woke up recently and the toes on one of her feet were black. She feared that it might be a problem caused by diabetes. The doctor told her that it wasn't caused by diabetes, but that she probably had hit her toes on the bed or something. She had been fearful that she might lose her toes. She is praising the Lord for this outcome!
  • Charles recently came to the prayer room for prayer. He was having severe back pain and was on heavy pain medication. When he called a few days ago , он восхвалял Господа! He reported that he is doing great! He has been helping a neighbor trim trees, and he is feeling fantastic! He has much less pain and has cut way back on the pain medication. He has been studying the Word and is so grateful to God for what He has done! Слава Господу!
  • Мари пишет: "Просто должен был написать и сказать вам, сколько я наслаждаться шоу! You have wonderful guests and great music." "Спасибо за рассылку 1 год еды так быстро! It came within one month--Awesome! And--I am enjoying the pillow I ordered--so comfy!"
  • Steven's grandmother is doing much better. She was hospitalized the recently with a possible stroke. She won't be able to drive anymore, но Слава Господу, она восстанавливается!
  • Шарон пишет: "Спасибо всем за ваше служение от Blue Eye, Миссури. I always enjoy the guests, Сообщения, and music from the Jim Bakker Show. It goes without saying, Я многому научиться, и плакать некоторые слишком!"
  • Бренда пишет: "Thank you for preaching and spreading the Word of God. You, Лори и ваш персонал наибольший!"
  • Павел пишет: " Your program has been a huge blessing to me and my family. We enjoy the fact that you bring current events to light through Biblical prophecy and principles."
  • Джинни позвонил и поделился: "Silver Sol has been a huge part of my feeling better. I love the show!"