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Always give God the glory and praise for your answered prayers. Let’s brag on Jesus. It is because of His love and great sacrifice that we can approach the throne of God with our petitions. (Псалом 23:6)

Спасибо, Господин, for all these praise reports!

You are such a good God!

  • Слава Господу! Amber's surgery went well and she is now home recuperating. God is Good!
  • God has been so faithful to provide for Bertha recently in her time of need. One lady bought her 2 quarts of oil and gave her some money to tide her over and another one bought her some groceries. Thank you Jesus!
  • Pastor Rick is very grateful that when he passed out recently it was not serious. His blood sugar was too low due to the fact he had failed to eat breakfast.
  • Кристалл пишет: "I love your show and have bought survival items from you and I am very pleased with them and your staff is always nice on the phone. Love all of you and I enjoy the Jim Bakker Show."
  • Пэм пишет, выражающие благодарность министерству: "Thank you for providing access to long term food storage which is giving us and our family a means of survival without the help of any outsiders. As the world comes crumbling down, we know that we will be provided for. Bless you!
  • Seven years ago Fareda's husband passed on. He had been an abusive husband. He was a devout Hindu, but just before he died he received Christ as His Savior. His wife and her friend had prayed for him for years! Our God is so faithful and He hears and answers prayer! Аминь!
  • Дженнифер пишет: "I look forward to hearing what John Shorey's take is on all the events in the world. He truly is a messenger sent to us. Thanks for sharing his insight and knowledge with us."
  • Дженнифер пишет: "Я только что получил мой фильтрационный насос воды сегодня! Thank you Jim Bakker for caring to warn us and provide great products for us to prepare."
  • Ann called for prayer and she made the decision to forgive all her enemy's today. Аллилуйя! This was a great victory in her life!
  • Стефани пишет: "I truly enjoy your show and I liked it when Tammy Sue and Kevin sang, "Кровь никогда не потеряет свою силу."
  • Pam writes from Washington state where they have had such horrific fires of late. "Today's program on disaster preparedness was very helpful. The program was right on target with the issues we will all be facing as things progress towards the coming of the Lord. Thank you so much for getting us all ready!"
  • Grace is rejoicing that the Lord intervened and things are going better in their marriage. Our God is so faithful!
  • Лоренс пишет: "Да благословит Бог Джим Баккер Министерство! Следите за хорошую работу. Я смотрю вашу программу каждый вечер!"
  • Marianne was watching the Jim Bakker Show recently and Philip Cameron was sharing about sowing seed. He stated that if you have property to sell and you sow a seed to the ministry that God will honor your commitment. Marianne had her farm for sale for two years now. Since sowing her seed she has received a buyer for her farm. PTL!
  • Стивен был закрыт в течение 10 years and wouldn't go anywhere or leave his home. He is rejoicing that the Lord has set him free from fear and he is leaving his home now and going about the Heavenly Father's Business! Аллилуйя!
  • Бренда был рак, и через еде правильных продуктов и молились за, она была исцелена! Слава Господу!
  • Бренда свидетельствует: "I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2013. They also wanted to do a total replacement of my hip. I also had an Andaman tumor on my spine and two places in my chest. I have been faithfully taking my kale and beet and coconut powders, Также мой чиа семена и принял совет от приглашенного докладчика на приеме витамина С для лечения рака и последнюю неделю занимался мой 3 месяц сканирование костей и КТ и лаборатории, and to God's glory the tumors on my chest are all but gone! No tumor on spine and new bone growing in hip. I am feeling strong and healthy which has the Dr. in amazement. He doesn't even know how to diagnose my situation anymore! Glory to God I am healed!"
  • Sharon is so thankful for the ministry as the Lord has really ministered to her through the show when she was in a desperate situation. She is so thankful for the prayer team and the love extended to her when she called for prayer. She writes: "Я так нуждался в помощи и красивый молитвенное служение помогли мне встать на ноги."
  • Фред призваны славить Господа за Каролин Мартин, который был дан 2 дней жить августа 1, 2013, но теперь резко улучшается . She is expecting a complete recovery from cancer. Аллилуйя!
  • Слава Господу! Donna called us to say that she has come back to the Lord! What a testimony! The angels in Heaven are rejoicing! Lift her in prayer that she will continue to be steadfast in her pursuit of the Lord and that all hindrances and big mountains will be removed. Pray that she will have wisdom, знание и понимание! Аллилуйя, блудный вернулся!