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Всегда воздал славы Богу и хвала за ваши ответы молитвы. Давайте хвастаться на Иисуса. Именно из-за своей любви и великой жертве, что мы можем приблизиться к престолу Бога с нашими ходатайств. (Псалом 23:6)

Спасибо, Господин, для всех этих отчетов похвалы!

Ты такой добрый Бог!

  • We are praising the Lord that Charles came through his surgery recently with good results. This surgery was done in preparation for the next surgery which will be sometime in March. Чарльз и его жена Lovenia запустить голубой глаз благотворительный магазин.
  • Недавно Rich Adams, a former employee of Morningside passed away. Pastor Clete had the privilege to visit with the family and praying with them when he took the food from the ministry. They really appreciated our reaching out to them and Mrs. Adams was very grateful for the prayer and the love that was shown to the family.
  • Виктория позвонил, чтобы сказать спасибо за все молитвы за их служение в штате Аризона.
  • David has been diagnosed with COPD and has called us numerous times for prayer. Recently he called to report that his breathing is much improved! Слава Господу!
  • После жизни в их доме двигатель в течение нескольких месяцев, Пастор Clete и Кэрол будет двигаться в красивый, spacious condo here at Morningside. God has marvelously opened this door for them. We are rejoicing with them!
  • You will enjoy reading this testimony of the Lord working in Shelia's life. Shelia пишет: "Вернуться в 1980, my house was set on fire and I lost a dear friend. I jumped out of a bedroom window 14 concrete blocks high plus the length of the window. My neighbor was underneath the window to help catch me, but the Good Lord picked me up out of the burning home and sat me down on the ground on my feet a good two cars length from my neighbor under the window. He was hollering for me to jump and I was already on the ground! Our precious Good Lord picked me up out of that burning home and literally sat me on the ground standing on my own two feet with no injuries at all. Now I have experienced and know there is a Good Lord!" "Он также дал мне силы, чтобы справиться с Департаментом ВА 25 years for my benefits. The VA wants to know who my lawyer is because they have tried to close me out without giving me my benefits that I am entitled to, и я был в состоянии держать мое требование активный! My lawyer is God! Every time I sit down to write a brief I talk to the Lord and tell Him: "Теперь Господь, you know I don't know what I am doing and I need your help again." He puts the word into my handwriting and thus far I am still alive in the claims processing system. I know that Jesus and God have a plan for me and when the plan has been complete, они увидят, что мой рельеф эксплуатацию! I just believe they are keeping me in this situation because it seems I have helped other veterans and widows with their claims. My case is just "красный флаг" и люди В.А. мне не нравятся, но у меня есть армия на моей стороне! Бог, Иисус и ангелы! Please keep me in your prayers."
  • Екатерина пишет: "I want to tell you how much we enjoy Ricky's Kitchen at the end of the shows. I have always wondered just how I would use the recipe mixes that we have bought. Showing how to cook with them and adding ingredients to make them more healthy and interesting is a good idea! Ricky should be a chef since he seems to enjoy working around food and is so good at it. Good Job Ricky!"
  • Марта пишет: "Уважаемый Лори и Джим, Thank you for your love and care to your partners. I watch your show everyday and enjoy it so very much. Please keep up the good work. I am so glad that God put you and Lori together. Thank you both for helping so many people. May God continue to bless your ministry!"
  • We are very happy to report that Kevin's recent evangelistic tour was very successful and that God did great and mighty things among those present.
  • Rosanna was able to have her two little twin grandsons for several days and was so thankful that her daughter had brought them over. Мы радуемся вместе с ней!
  • Jackie's friend had breast surgery yesterday and the doctors said that they believe they were able to remove all of it and that she should do fine. Слава Господу!
  • Да благословит вас Бог все! Keep speaking out and telling the truth! Christians are not being warned in the Body of Christ, и многие сопротивляются Слово Господне, которое, исходящим! Praying for an urgent awakening of Christians with no fear and National repentance.-
  • Мария, который помогает в молитвенном служении здесь, recently underwent surgery on her neck to relieve the pressure on her spinal chord. We are happy to report that she is recuperating well. The swelling in her hands has also subsided! Слава Господу!
  • Eli's family and his Grandma Sharon are rejoicing that he is developing greater confidence and doing better in school. Эли 8 лет.
  • Last week Lisa had a terrible fall. She hurt a disc in her back and could hardly walk. The prayer team prayed for her, and today she is walking normally with no pain. The Doctor's are confident that with special exercise the disc will be hedged in and she will be completely healed. Glory to God
  • Becky's son Sam recently underwent surgery and we are rejoicing that all went well! Continue to pray for his complete recovery!
  • Jamae призвал молитвы за своей подругой, Wilgus, who had pneumonia and was near death. Four days after we prayed he was out of the hospital and is now totally healed! Слава Господу!
  • Susan was so very thankful for the gift and food the ministry sent her. She said that she has given a lot of time and things to people but this is the first time she has received anything from others!
  • Джина пишет: "I love your show and I have been a viewer for years. Моя молитва о том, чтобы Бог продолжал использовать вас как бить тревогу, что Иисус скоро!!"
  • Дебби призвал нас, дайте нам знать, что, так как она молилась с молитвенных партнеров, что каждая молитва мы молились был дан ответ! Слава Господу! All Glory goes to Him!