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Всегда воздал славы Богу и хвала за ваши ответы молитвы. Давайте хвастаться на Иисуса. Именно из-за своей любви и великой жертве, что мы можем приблизиться к престолу Бога с нашими ходатайств. (Псалом 23:6)

Спасибо, Господин, для всех этих отчетов похвалы!

Ты такой добрый Бог!

  • We are so happy to have Debbie back home from Illinois. She traveled to Illinois for her mother's funeral. She is a big help in the Duplication Department. Welcome Back!! We missed you!
  • Yeah!!!! Gary and Carol will be back on Monday. They have been on a two week vacation to Florida to visit family and friends. Gary works in Duplication and Carol is the lady with red hair who sits at the desk and welcomes visitors and helps to seat guests at the Jim Bakker Show. They have been missed!
  • Слава Господу! Little Maddie, who is a little over a month old, is now at home following open heart surgery!
  • Erny is thrilled and praising the Lord that the cost for her website went down from $2,500.00 к $699.00. She is working on getting her book published.
  • Laurie is so very thankful that her dog did not die when bitten by a rattlesnake.
  • Danny and Renee have opened an Ice Cream Parlor just inside the Main Entrance of Morningside. They offer many delicious flavors of ice cream, as well as candied nuts etc. Come on by and meet them and enjoy an ice cream cone! You will enjoy the fellowship as well, and you will bless them, слишком!
  • Pastor Clete and Carol are enjoying their new home here at Morningside. We are so happy to see them once again settled and blessed. They are very hospitable folks and they love to minister to others and to bless all who visit them.
  • Darrell wrote to share how much his Mom loves the show. По его словам,, "Mom never misses your show! She watches everyday on the internet. She loves you guys so much. We almost lost her, but the Lord brought her back."
  • Bobby and Cheryl had a House Warming and Dedication recently in their new home in Lampe, Миссури. They are so thankful for all the friends that came and for the Presence of the Lord in their midst. It was a very blessed time for all who were there.
  • Recently Rick Wiles, from Tru-News was the guest on the Jim Bakker Show. The Lord has shown him much regarding the days we are living in and what is coming. It was a great honor to have him on the show.
  • Morningside now has a beautiful chicken coop for its chickens. It is a little wood house that is quite elegant for our chickens. A precious couple donated it to the ministry.
  • Marie from Texas writes: "Thank you both for having the courage to carry on and do the Lord's Will. Thanks for having the prophets and other concerned speakers on the show. Они, and you all, and the singers have all been a blessing to me!"
  • Кэрол, from Tennessee writes: "Thank you for being so passionate about bringing the Gospel to the people and letting them know the times we are in now. So sad that many are unaware!"
  • Patty had two great Praise reports! Her Dad, Dominique had a biopsy on his shoulder and it showed that there was no cancer! Patty and her son were not feeling well as they were fighting allergies, and Praise the Lord they have both been healed!
  • Lilly is rejoicing as she has been blessed with a new job. She is believing the Lord to help her to remember all she needs to learn so that she will do well on the job.
  • Jordan writes, "I want to thank you for praying for my Aunt. She came through surgery fine!"
  • Michael requested prayer for his granddaughter that had surgery and she came through real well. Praise the Lord Jesus and thanks for your prayers.
  • We are rejoicing with the angels in Heaven! Doris has received Jesus as her Savior and Lord!  
  • Corey was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctor's operated and then did an MRI and there were no longer any tumors! Слава Господу!
  • Katherine writes, "Just a line to say thank you, for all you are doing, to help all of us out here, with our physical body, and our health. I need the PH water so much!

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