Get Into The Word!

Ever since God opened up door for me to minister to others, I have said that there are 3 different types of people who read the Word.  There are the surface readers that simply, casually read it.  They don’t really get into it but they can basically follow along.

Then there are the second kind of people who really get into the Word, finding out more about the Word, the time periods, where Jesus actually walked etc.. This certainly can be a fun place to be!   But then there are a very special category of people.  These types of people are not satisfied with the mainline Christianity but want to dive into the supernatural realm. READ MORE

Go Big Or Go Home

After turning my life over to God, I became OOOOONNNN FIRE for Jesus!   You know when you look at fire and its different colors?   Some of the hottest spots are the blue flames. That is where I was.  I felt like dynamite but I also realized that many things in my world would have to change. I went on a sabbatical for at least 6 months from my not so Jesus centered friends whom I love so much. I’m close with several of them to this day.  They truly respect me for my Christian beliefs and several of them have actually come to know the Lord since that time. READ MORE

All Fun and Games Until the Darkness Begins (Pt. 4)

Caught in a nightmare of fear, the days and weeks went by as I struggled to break out of the darkness. My friends knew something was up. I’m a big dude and I wasn’t eating. Something was wrong with me. I was like a zombie. My Mom would have to make my lunch. I didn’t want to wait in line at school, I just wanted to go off and eat on my own. Every morning she would give me a little sack lunch with a sandwich in it. She kept asking if I was sure that I only wanted one sandwich. At best, I would only eat half of it. For some little girl, that might be normal but that definitely was not normal for me.

I knew my friends were talking about me. I did my best to talk and laugh like I was fine, but my eyes would show it. I would say, “I’m fine guys, I’m fine, I’m cool.” But I wasn’t. I wasn’t fine at all. READ MORE

All Fun and Games, Until the Darkness Begins (Pt. 3)

I had promised myself that I was DONE smoking weed forever. And I was done smoking! At least…until the very next weekend…  I’m sure many people in that world can relate to that vicious cycle. So, the next weekend I was at one of my favorite spots down by the lake with some of my buddies.   “Hey, we’re gonna go smoke, do you want to come?”  I told them, “yeah, I’ll go with you but I’m not smoking anymore.”  Walking back into the woods with them I remember this big tree that cut right across the path, it was the perfect place for us to sit. READ MORE

All Fun and Games, Until the Darkness Begins (Pt. 2)

It was my birthday weekend; my buddies were passed out from smoking weed laced with something that had caused all of us to hallucinate. I was the only one awake. The feeling of being entirely alone swept through me in horrifying waves of fear. While everyone slept, odd memories started to come forth and I remember thinking about God and Heaven and hell. This voice in my head began contradicting and disproving the Word of God to me, whispering it through my brain. I remember running to the bathroom and vomiting blood. That was when I really knew I hadn’t just been smoking weed. I still do not know what it was that had been slipped to us, I just remember sitting on my stairs feeling as if I had been sucked into another world. Was I crazy? No. Was I high? Yes. That is what drugs do, but I was aware enough to know that this was not just a simple case of hallucination. READ MORE

All Fun and Games, Until the Darkness Begins (Pt. 1)

It has always struck me as funny how people’s image of you is never the image you have of yourself. Whenever I tell people here at the ministry my testimony, they are always a little bit shocked.  Most here have only known me for perhaps the past four to six years and when I tell them that I used to dabble in drugs and not live for Jesus, they are like “What?!”  Even Pastor Jim, when I first got here and I told him some of my testimony said, “Well my goodness, I thought you were a good church boy all along!” READ MORE

History Repeats

History goes by in cycles and repeats itself.  In school I didn’t really care so much about history, and now it has become a little obsession of mine.  I am on this path of trying to learn everything about American history I possibly can.  It is my belief that God uses all of these things and the greater amount of history I know, the better I will be able to see what is coming again.  I have never viewed myself as a prophet but I do view myself as a watchman on the wall.  By studying the times and the dates and learning about our past, how it actually was, I am gaining understanding on how it is unfolding again.  READ MORE

The Law of First Mentioned (Pt. 2)

Hebrews 7 NIV

This Melchizedek was king of Salem and priest of God Most High. He met Abraham returning from the defeat of the kings and blessed him, and Abraham gave him a tenth of everything. First, the name Melchizedek means “king of righteousness”; then also, “king of Salem” means “king of peace.” Without father or mother, without genealogy, without beginning of days or end of life, resembling the Son of God, he remains a priest forever. READ MORE

The Law of First Mentioned (Pt. 1)

I love the deep mysteries of God.  Every time I find a new mystery being revealed within the Word, whether it’s in my own personal Bible study or from great speakers on a national stage, it does something in my spirit.  It is what I am all about.

In Proverbs 25:2 it is revealed that “It is the Glory of God that can seal a matter.”  He likes to hide things!   Think about that.  The God of the universe and it is His glory to conceal a matter!  But the 2nd part of that verse says, “It is the Honor of kings to search things out.” We are those kings! God likes to conceal things and it is to our glory and honor to reveal them.  READ MORE