2014 – A Year in Review

What an amazing year this has been! Just watching the world’s events unfold in the news is almost beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend. Do we really grasp that we are racing towards the complete fulfillment of ancient prophecies at break-neck speed?  Biblical prophecies written in amazing detail and shrouded in mystery for a time are now being revealed. What was once cloudy is now clear – what was once a mystery is now revealed – what once felt so far off is now at the door.

Things that we once taught and accepted in our theology and in our churches as the norm have been shaken up by a new breed of prophet – prophets ordained by God to live in this day and sound a clear sound.  When the Bible said knowledge would increase in the Last Days, little did we know that some of this revelatory knowledge would be to make adjustments to our own thinking – for our own good – because God loves us and wants us to be ready in every way. He does not want us to be taken by surprise and overcome or distressed when all these things come down in a manner or a sequence we weren’t expecting. God’s people perish for lack of knowledge but we are doing our best to fix that.

The Bible is full of good stuff. If you go to your church they are going to teach you good things like how to love your neighbor; treat your neighbor as you want to be treated; and so on. But that is not my message! My message is: The King is coming back – He’s coming soon – It’s time to prepare – It’s time to be ready – It’s our Harvest Time!

People think they can play church because they always have – and they’ve always felt so good about it. But this is a new day and the urgency of the day demands that we enter it with sobriety and sanctification. It’s time to purify our hearts. We are here as witnesses to what’s coming on the earth, and that is an awesome privilege as well as a solemn responsibility.

This past year, we have been blessed beyond measure with God-given, ordained teachers who have helped to pull back the veil on the mysteries of old in order to prepare us for the new day. These are prophets who have labored in the Word and in prayer to have spiritual eyes that see the depth of the mysteries we strive to understand, ears that hear the Father’s voice and the clear sound of truth.  Their hearts acknowledge the times and go beyond understanding to the wisdom of what to do! They were born for such a time as this!

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is a prophet for the hour who brought us the revelation of The Mystery of the Shemitah, and what a revelation it was! This very year is the prophetic countdown to the judgments God is bringing on the earth. The importance of being ready cannot be overstated – and this readiness is both physical and spiritual. This very year is a year of preparation and of purging anything from our lives that are contrary to God’s ways. The Rabbi emphasized that we will see either great blessing or sorrowful judgment based on our actions this very year.

Mark Biltz pointed us to the signs in the heavens with the Blood Moons. He was the first to connect the signs in the heavens (the Blood Moons) with the Feasts of the Lord on specific dates occurring in 2014 and 2015 – signaling that something major is about to happen. We don’t know exactly what will happen, but we do know that these signs are for our benefit so that we can ready!

John Shorey is the quintessential prophet that God has raised up out of obscurity (the desert of Arizona) to speak to the world about the timing of Last Day events. John has done more to dispel the notions of a pre-tribulation rapture than anyone else I know. I believe that is a God thing. God doesn’t want us to be under a delusion that we will be taken out of this world before anything bad happens. That’s not what I read in my Bible, and that’s not what John read either and he points it out in superb fashion with his meticulous research into the subject. John Shorey referred to this period right now as the “calm before the storm” and “the eve of Pearl Harbor.” He said the warning messages are going out but they’re not being received – and that’s within the Church! He made a point of saying that most people who are watching the program right now are NOT ready for 3.5 years of famine!

William Koening is a man raised up to speak to the injustices being heaped on God’s beloved Israel. William points out the consequences of dividing the land of Israel, and how the whole world has turned their backs and watched with wanton indifference as Israel is pummeled by their enemies. William has written an undeniable account of those consequences in his book, “Eye to Eye.”

These men and so many more (I couldn’t possibly name them all on this blog) have been ordained for the hour in which we live to help reveal the plans of God more clearly to His Beloved Bride, the Church, and we are so very thankful that we could be instrumental in bringing them to you.

This truly has been an amazing year, but hold on to your hats because 2015 is going to be another watershed year beginning in January with special guests like Mike Huckabee on the 6th and Montel Williams on the 7th.  With your help and God’s favor and blessing, we will continue to provide a platform for the prophets and others who have not just “a” message, but “the” message for the hour.

May God’s love and peace shower you with blessings in this Christmas season and in the coming year.

God Loves You, He Really Does!

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5 thoughts on “2014 – A Year in Review

  1. I submit this humbly to you for your review and consideration. You are one of several pastors/prophetic leaders to whom I am sending this. I have been sitting on these since October, but with current events being what they are (in France and elsewhere), I believe it is time to share them. They shook me up so much at that time (not with fear) that I did not want to even journal about them. I have one or two more vision-type things I may share with you later in the week if I sense God’s release to do so.

    What you do with this is entirely up to you. You may share it broadly, narrowly or not at all. I am not sharing this to become “known,” but to sound the alarm I sense in my spirit. My feelings will not be hurt at all if you choose to sit on it and make it a matter of prayer. I know you are a person who seeks, listens to and follows God. He will reveal to you what is appropriate. I am not one of those hyper-sensitive prophetic intercessor types that we have all had the privilege of pastoring. 🙂 So as I share stuff like this I never want to come across as pushy, manipulative or anything else. I leave this reply assuming that you all approve it before it goes public. Enough said…

    Early October was exhausting. Vivid, full color, memorable, HD dreams filled much of almost every night. I write this now two months later, and certain scenes from the dreams return to my mind as flashbacks. These brief flashbacks propel me back into certain parts of these dreams.

    I probably should have taken the time back then to record these dreams in all their detail, but I was too shaken and exhausted to do so (not really a good excuse). Nonetheless, all these dreams had one primary theme—persecution coming to the American church through the religion of Islam. Islam kept increasing its stronghold on America and its influence resulted in the nationwide acceptance of Sharia law in the name of “tolerance.”

    Believers began to meet in secret because Muslims initiated attacks upon public meetings, intent upon destroying the “infidels.” Christians fled from Islamic pursuers and went into hiding. Other faithful Christ-followers were captured, tortured and killed. Mass executions by beheading became commonplace in city squares across the nation.

    In these dreams, I never observed the horrifying goings-on in America from a distance or as an unseen narrator. Rather, I found myself a complete participant, sometimes running from the Muslim pursuers, and sometimes standing in the execution line waiting for my turn to face the killer’s bloody blade. In church services, while fleeing with them from Muslim radicals, and while standing with them in execution lines, I would cry out to the believers encouraging them to stand firm and not deny the LORD. On several occasions, I begged the Islamic elders to take my life and let the others go. I remember laying my head down waiting for the blade to fall.

    Some might call these dreams nightmares. I did not awake in fear or in terror. Instead, I awoke emboldened…emboldened with the need to prepare the church to become persecution ready. I awoke burdened with a desire to help believers grow deeper roots in him.

    I awoke sensing a need to sound the alarm. God is calling the church to repent from its lukewarmness and carnality. A call for giving total lordship to Jesus Christ as King of all kings is being trumpeted from the heavens. A call to prayer for our nation reverberates from coast to coast as the Holy Spirit continues raising an army of intercessors who will repent on behalf of the sins of the church and of this nation.

    If people respond to the alarm, the remnant will grow as many who have thought themselves to be believers suddenly embrace Jesus as Lord, not just Savior. They will turn from their wicked ways and add their cry to God (along with the other intercessors) to come heal our land.

    The alarm calls for absolute Lordship to be placed in Jesus Christ. The alarm calls for the seeking of God’s kingdom to be first on the agenda of all who profess to be believers in Jesus.

    As I have continued to contemplate the vivid dreams, the words that end nearly every letter to the seven churches in Revelation ring in my ears: “5 He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments, and I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life; but I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels. 6 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”’ (Rev. 3:5-6).

    I’ve heard people say that dreams that come two, three or more times indicate that the events of that dream may be set and determined. I have no idea whether that is true applies in this case, or if this coming persecution can be averted through the church’s heartfelt repentance from sin, their return to God and their crying out in prayer.

    I do know that God longs to purify his church in America and make it truly fruitful once again. Peter wrote that judgment begins in the house of God (1 Peter 4:17). Jesus declared during his Last Supper discourse that every branch in him that did not bear fruit would be cut off, thrown into the fire and burned (John 15). I believe that persecution could be a means by which he accomplishes this, so that through the remnant the church might become more fruitful.

    When people respond to God’s kindness and warnings by returning to him in repentance (Rom. 2:1) and wholehearted commitment to him, discipline and chastisement from him is not as necessary. But when most of the people fail to respond to God’s warnings through his prophets, when they hold on to their rebellious ways while giving lip service to God, God will do what it takes to purify his church, even if that involves some intensive persecution.

    For their own good, because he (God) is good, because he loves them with an everlasting love, he will give them over to their sin for the destruction of their flesh. If kindness will not result in repentance, he gives them over to the lusts of their flesh, desiring that they hit bottom as soon as possible and realize the desperateness of their totally depraved state before God.

    An act of God’s judgment never reflects God’s hatred of the people, but of their spiritual state. In fact, his judgment is an extreme expression of his love towards those with thick skulls who do not “get it” easily. Judgment can be both an expression of God’s anger and love at the same time because anger and love are not mutually exclusive.

    Why is it the people closest to us can aggravate us the most? Because we want the best for them! When they cannot get out of their own way, we tend to get very angry with them. We may even lose our cool with them. We do not lose our cool because we hate them, but because we love them and want the best for them.

    God loves us with an undying love. He wants the best for us more than any person on the face of this planet. He will use whatever means it takes to communicate that with us. Biblically, he starts with kindness. When kindness does not work, sternness, warning, discipline and judgment follow.

    That God would judge people does not make him unloving. Rather, it demonstrates the profound depth of his love. Unlike the hands-off approach of the Deists’ god who set the world in motion and watches from afar, God takes a personal interest in what goes on here on earth.

    Now, back to the subject of persecution. Persecution has a way of purifying the church, the people’s commitment to God, to each other and their commission in this world. Historically, some of the most substantial church growth has occurred during times of persecution and opposition.

    Sadly, many in today’s church have become enamored with the idea that God is interested most in their success and comfort in this life (John 10:10). Rather than seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness (Matt. 6:33), they seek God for his blessings here and now. Their consumeristic and materialistic paradigm of our loving God has greatly obscured their commitment to his evangelistic and kingdom mission in this world.

    Under persecution, believers realize that God has much greater interest in the growth of his kingdom than the comfort of his people. The eternal destinies of lost human souls trump his desire to dole out temporal, earthly blessings upon self-absorbed “believers.”

    Under persecution, believers are forced to leave behind their self-defining, victim mentalities where “it’s all about me and my hurt and traumatized past” in favor of serving others who are being victimized by persecution for their faith in Jesus.

    Persecution has a powerful way of recalibrating believers’ priorities and missions in life.

    Persecution can result in church groups who were once at odds with one another now coming together in unity.

    Whether this coming persecution is inevitable, I do not know. That God wants to recalibrate the hearts of believers and their priorities is certain. I pray that we respond to the alarm voluntarily and do not have to be recalibrated by him the hard way. May we humble ourselves under God’s mighty hand, repent of our sins, the sins of the church and the sins of this nation, turn from our wicked ways and call upon God to come heal our land.

    Randy Loescher, M.Div., D.Min.
    Adjunct Professor, Oral Roberts University
    Adjunct Professor, Southwestern Christian University
    President, Bridge the Gap International, Inc.

  2. Brother Jim: January 5th, 2015

    A most blessed & so way happy 75th, as we make our way back toward & around the Sun, again.
    A very best of New Year’s to you & to your loved ones.

    This year is most exciting as I believe it is collection time, if you will:
    • of prior inspections by the Father & newly assigned rank;
    • of where on the incoming tidal wave does one find themself, with or without the board (surfboard);
    • a year of the beginning of entering into that which we’ve qualified ourselves so to enter into;
    • of never seen or heard of “giftings” / arenas / manifestations that those who’ve gone on before us are privy to watch us enter into & operate within;
    • even a “New Beginning” {2+0+1+5 = “8”}.
    This will be the year that many will move far ahead within the Body of Christ, while many (more?) will be left behind. The Spirit of God has been on us to get cleaned up for well over a generation now. Specifically, get out of debt & get the heart clean -to be without spot or blemish.
    Therefore, I believe this is the year that recognition & of a “forced” purging has begun. Stewardship of time has about run out. And cooperation with the Lord is paramount so to get through any such purging without bitterness & successfully. This really could be the last call to action, hereafter judgement could outweigh mercy on the scale, be whomever is found wanting.
    Patty cake is over.

    And as for all the foundations that you’ve created & trued, brother Jim; they are being built upon to even higher heights. Heights upon foundations that have been proven. Foundations shown to those who see how “true” said foundations are.
    Congratulations, brother Jim. I am not able to even imagine what awaits you on the other side. And let me P.S. this with you’ve got at least another thousand years before you get to settle back within such on the “other side”, outside of you flesh & blood body, that is.
    There’ll be foundations to create & establish, after we come back. And isn’t this the honest goal of the church today, to come back with others on our horse, having defeated the enemy, to enjoy God’s physical creation for a thousand years, without one devil present? Not even “death”.

    Because of Jesus,
    Yea, I originally did just call so to send you a “love you birthday” smile.
    . . . . . . . . :-}

  3. Pastor Jim,

    I noticed in your message you states the following:

    “This very year is a year of preparation and of purging anything from our lives that are contrary to God’s ways. The Rabbi [Jonathan Cahn] emphasized that we will see either great blessing or sorrowful judgment based on our actions this very year’.

    Well, as for myself, I can testify for myself that I had already experienced my OWN form of personal “sorrowful judgment” from God, as the Rabbi put it; back nine years ago, in January 2006, when the Lord “struck” me SIMULTANEOUSLY with joblessness, homelessness, and an excruciatingly-painful physical disability in my backbone – because frankly, I was walking a “backslidden” or rebellious lifestyle against God; while hypocritically claiming to everyone that I was a “devout Christian”. Most of my years of so-called being “saved” in Christ; that actually, I was “pretending” to “live the life” in Christ; BUT yet, was actually “walking” with a “hardened heart” against God – and against other people; due to holding bitterness and unforgiveness for all of the people who “wronged” me, since a child.

    During this long agonizing period of time, since January 2006 – and falling into a state of disillusionment – I went through a season of “soul-searching” with God, whereby I REALLY sought out answers from God; in regards to how “long” this unbearable back-pain was going to last; and what it all “meant” ; and what was His “assessment” of my relationship with Him ; and what was going to be my future means of employment and place of residence; and what future “role” or “position” the Lord would have me take in His Kingdom – all, from this time forward.

    But before the Lord would answer any of these questions, the Lord first informed that He was greatly “displeased” [to say, the least] with the morally decadent state of the “American Church”, including myself. The Lord spoke to me that I had not yet reached a satisfactory “level” in personal “holiness” – as I, at first, THOUGHT that I had “reached”; and that I must strive MORE to consecrate myself, so that I may give the Lord an opportunity to “work” out the particular sins and negative aspects of my own personality. The Lord told me that He is really “sick and tired” of the “church-playing” and hypocrisy in today’s American Church. And that He is getting ready – SOON – to expose and judge all backslidden Christians for their hidden and persistent wickedness!! And again, this was back in January 2006.

    But NOW, since within the nine years that I truly “re-dedicated” my life to Christ, I had found myself having to “start all over”, so to speak, my RELATIONSHIP with Christ; and really start living the “life” of a TRUE disciple. I must admit, after all these years, that my self-righteous attitude and rebellious behavior PROHIBITED myself from “advancing” or “growing” in the “fruits” of God’s Spirit. I had become my own worst enemy – against “salvation”. My rebellious behavior only served to hinder or obstruct my personal “growth” in Christ. Pastor Jim, I fully admit that – for ALL of the years that I cavalierly walked in a “backslidden” condition towards God, I have no one else to BLAME for the great loss or waste of time – but “I” MYSELF !

    So, since 2006, I’ve been going through a “transitional period” with the Lord; whereby, at this PRESENT time, I’ve just finished, by the Lord’s leading, a kind of “Spiritual Renaissance”; whereby I’m just now coming out of many years of having lived in a spiritually “backslidden” state – or to say, having now to come out of a “rebellious heart” that had long ago “turned away” from the Lord for many years – i.e., since the late-1980’s; and that NOW, in 2015, I’m just getting into a “divinely acceptable” position to start my own “blog” – or “publish” the prophetic revelations that the Lord had begun to give me back in 2006; in regards to the overall “rebellious” nature of Man himself – including the ongoing rebellion that is currently taking place within the Body of Messiah; and especially within the churches of Western Civilization; and even MORE particularly, within the materialistic/hedonistic Laodicean churches of the United States.

    Pastor Jim, I know for myself that the Lord actually “speaks” to my own spirit – prophetically – in the same manner as He would do so with a believer who is actually “called” unto the Five-fold office of a “Prophet” itself; although I myself DO NOT “claim” to have the very “gift” of prophecy; and do not claim to be a “prophet of the Lord”, per se. However, I know beyond a “shadow of doubt” that the Lord does indeed give me the same type of “convicting” prophetic revelations – NOT in the form of the “office” of a Prophet; but rather, He gives me these prophetic revelations as a “layman”; as He has graciously endowed me with the spiritual gifts of the “word of knowledge” and “teaching”. And although I do not arrogantly claim that EVERYTHING that I “write” is inspired by the Holy Spirit; however, what I do indeed claim is that the subject matters of which I discuss have a lot to do with “revelations” that I receive in regards to the “deep things” of Satan; as they pertain to the Devil’s ingenious and sinister deceptions perpetrated upon unsuspecting Charismatic [and non-Charismatic] Christians.

    Pastor Jim, I’m sure you’re a very busy man, doing all that the Lord would have you to do, in regards to traveling, lecturing, writing, etc.; pertaining to warning America of God’s judgments upon our grossly wicked nation – and yes, even upon the Apostate Church itself!

    I first heard of you on the Internet in April 20011. And just about ALL of the prophetic things that I’ve heard you talk about, were the SAME things that the Lord first began speaking to me about, in the year 2006 and onward. I believe that the Lord is RIGHT NOW raising up a “company” of Elijah-type of prophets for the last days; or raising up ministers who are NOT necessarily “prophets” by calling, but still have “prophetic-type” of messages to give to America and the Church. And I appreciate your honesty and humility for making this SAME distinction that even I myself had to be careful about – long BEFORE I even heard of your NEW prophetic ministry having come into being; that is, regarding making a careful DISTINCTION between the “office” of a prophet itself, as opposed to ONLY the messages themselves being “prophetic” in nature. God can indeed use a “messengers” who are NOT necessarily “called” to be prophets; to still give “prophetic-type” of warnings to a listening audience. One of the most notable examples would be the late David Wilkerson, who was called to be a “pastor” – NOT a “prophet” per se; BUT yet, who still had one of the most notably “prophetic” ministries in modern America.

    I will indeed pray for your own success in getting the Lord’s message out; regarding God’s judgments upon America, and the upcoming “New World Order”.

  4. Some may think that we that understands the signs are just making it up as to being near the last of Revaluations. However, in how could anybody doubt the word of God, the Bible? Only feel good churches. A place that shy away from truth because people may not give the offerings as large and want only their egos fed which isn’t what our lord wants.

    Our Lord wants truth to be told so, people will humble their self to our creator not through blindness try to stand above their place. Our Lord wants his people to ask forgiveness, be guided and led into understanding that this world is a temporary time within infinity and to go and tell others that truth is God and God is the only truth there is in all of the universes and never try to run away from out Lords truth for the day’s of this existence is now numbered and a new beginning is at hand.

    A new existence of total awareness that the human mind can’t grasp and those of which has tried they almost lost their minds for it’s to much for the human mind, we’re going to have a new body that will last through all infinity and all will be joined through love which can only come from our creator as one. There in God’s home called Heaven there will never be pain nor sorrow or want for this earthly things for wealth of riches will rot as our bodies shall do, For all here is not as we see them in importance of our Lord’s shining light of the love of infinity of true happiness.

    Now is the time for you which was lyrics in a song many years ago is what will be sung by Angels as the mighty door opens into the Heavenly home of our Lord and never will be the feeling of being alone, want of these earthly riches, ego of power nor hurt of disappointment for all of our needs will never be taken, stolen nor cheated for our Lord’s greatness is vast and beyond this earth glory.

    All that our Lord ask of us is small, faith, trust and to just obey his commands in his word and then, and only then will we have the honor to proudly be welcomed into our Lord’s home forever and this day is at hand without any doubt!.

  5. I watch your show every chance I get that’s on 3 different times on my Direct TV. I’m in my 78th year & I get mixed up as to what is televised when. But I love so many of the guests you have on such as Mark Biltz, Jonathan Cahn, & John Shorey etc. I would love to see the prophet John Paul Jackson but don’t know if he is still alive.

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