Batten Down the Hatches!

Luke 21:36 NCV “ So be ready all the time. Pray that you will be strong enough to escape all these things that will happen and that you will be able to stand before the Son of Man.”

It’s only the start of the New Year and world events seem to be spinning more out of control.

A slumping stock market. More earthquakes in Oklahoma. Terrorist attacks across the globe.

The Bible has been telling us that these are the signs we need to watch for! Read every verse that says “These are the signs of the last days,” and they are all there. Every single one of them! All of the signs that the Bible said would be happening are unfolding before our eyes in these last days.

God is getting us ready for something major! I’ve been talking about preparing for years. I can’t stress enough how important it is to be prepared spiritually, mentally, physically — every way — right now. Time is running out!

God spoke to me the other night in an unusual way.

One of the things He told me was “It’s time to batten down the hatches.”

Now, when God says something like that, I want to understand it. So I asked him, “God, what do you mean? That’s not the way we talk. Batten down the hatches? That sounds like sailor talk!”

I’m old, but I’ve learned that you can Google anything. All you have to do is type in a question. So I asked “What does batten down the hatches mean?” Right away, some answers popped up.

I learned that hatches are doors you find in boats and submarines, and sailors close them with battens, flat pieces of wood and metal, when they’re expecting storms and rough waters ahead.

But what does that mean? Why did God use those words when he spoke to me? I still didn’t have the answer, so I looked up “batten down the hatches” in the dictionary and I found out more.

Now, in the McGraw-Hill Dictionary it says “batten down the hatches” means “to prepare for difficult times.” The American Heritage dictionary says “to prepare for an imminent disaster or emergency” and the Cambridge Idioms Dictionary says “to prepare yourself for a difficult period by protecting yourself in every possible way.”

Notice anything? Every single one of them is talking about preparing for what’s straight ahead! All of them are talking about getting ready for trouble! And then, I realized something more.

If sailors are battening down the hatches, they’re preparing for what’s coming. But they’re also closing the doorway so that you can no longer get through to the other side. Once the storm comes, you’re stuck in the room you’re in. And God just told me it’s time to batten down now!

I’ve talked about preparing for the great trials ahead and making sure your family has food, emergency supplies and a source of power when disaster strikes. I’ve also talked about how it’ll be too late to get those things once we’re exposed to this whole new way of living that’s coming.

I know that so many people think all they need to do is just trust God. If everybody in the Bible said, “Well we’re just going to trust God” and then did nothing, where would they be? Where would Noah be? Noah just didn’t wait around, trusting in God to make everything alright, he listened to what God said, he took action and built an ark to save his household!

You need to prepare your house. You need to pay attention! It’s time to get things in order.

If you haven’t started buying extra food each week when you go to the store, then begin! You will never be sorry for being ready. You’ll be thrilled when all the food is gone and you’re prepared!

God told me “It’s time for Morningside to batten down the hatches!” This week I stored over 1 million more 20 year shelf life meals in our just completed big red barn. Would you call that battening down the hatches?

I believe it’s time for you to batten down, too.

Love, Jim

15 thoughts on “Batten Down the Hatches!

  1. I have been preparing.
    Three weeks ago, I was awakened in the middle of the night, by the Lord (urgently) to READ my bible on nightstand.(NLT)
    I just opened it anywhere ,it opened ‘to the last chapter of Nahum’. NAHUM?
    I started reading. Several things jumped off the page. One was” Store Up Water!”, another was ” all your leaders are sleeping”. (New Living Translation)( I’m not sure if the Lord means our nations political leaders are sleeping or our church leaders, pastors, etc are sleeping.)
    One thing was loud and clear” store water!”
    People around me think I’m nuts, I’ve been hauling in water. My husband shakes his head.
    I’m sure Noah saw this also while preparing. I have no other Christian friends that are “trimming their wicks and filling their lamps”‘ . They see no need to prepare.
    I urge everyone to have a ” Bug Out bag” ready. Back packs with survival stuff in it. Backpacks that you can toss in the back of your car or put on your back in case we need to leave quickly.

  2. Dearest jim :Is wonderful you are letting us know to be ready for the times to come. I live pay check to pay check and Iam disable 69 year old .if it was up to me I would move to one of the domes you are building and buy the food you advertise.but, it’s all for the people who’s has the money. My life is the Lord’s.and I believe in him watching over me.cause I don’t think people would care about how I feel or what I need. I lost my sister,mother,husband and best friend this three last years.My dream was living in a dome 35 years ago and gave everything I had to my poor family.all I can save is beans and rice and a few dollars a month..I wish LOVE to everyone rich and poor and many blessings.(Amparo)

    • Your brothers and sisters in Christ care about you. Those that have more have a duty to the LORD to make sure those in lack receive their overflow. Then no one will lack, then there is equality. United we stand so don’t let the devil lie to you. We will take care of each other, we are one body. Those that don’t take care of their own family displease God and will answer for it but i know there are those that are gathering not just for themselves or their earthy families but for the body of Christ and anyone else who should ask. I would be more than honored to send you a bucket of food so you will believe that the LORD knows who has the extra to give to those who have little. He leads all…. Blessings in the Holy Name of the LORD

  3. I’m so glad that we have ministries like yours are still on the air, we need to know that were not alone when it seems that the whole world is deceived by the wicked one. It’s shows like this one that helps me keep my sanity. Thank you, friends.

  4. You are right Jim God has always asked for avpoint of action from His people.In times of old when his people needed more land ; God would say yes nowcgo take it and remember I am with you always.

  5. It is your calling to preparedness for the body of CHRIST. I love the emphasis that God has put in your spirit to put our preparedness in God, first and then the supplies. I am thankful for your and Lori’s ministry. Keep trumpeting the “certain” sound of warning! We are listening! God will have His remnant to do exploits and instruct many unto understandinh and conversion. Praying for you and yours daily! Love you all!

  6. I have been batten down too! Preparing is using wisdom . When we see these signs happening in the last days events be ready get some supplies .Waters ,foods other survival supply. It time hear listen to these special messages when God is speaking to warn us and act on them . Thank You Pastor Jim Bakker for the email of the greatest threat to America , batten down the hatches. You’re very special Pastor to me and my husband . God bless you and your staff ,family.

  7. Thank you Jim for keeping us motivated to prepare as most of us go about our busy schedules hoping that nothing will REALLY happen to upset our ordered little lives. You are so right, the signs are all around us and we need to be about our Father’s business. As Joseph prepared for the great famine, we also must prepare for what’s coming and be a beacon for others. Since your ministry has such a wonderful outreach for this, I have told others to tune in on the television or go to your website and get informed about the coming days and how to prepare their spirits, minds and bodies for such a time as this. Thank you also for bringing others who are lead by the Lord to impart their knowledge and understanding of these times. I know the Lord is working through you and the ministry and pray you will b allowed to serve Him until the end of this age as he continues to open pathways for those who will listen and heed the signs. Love and blessings to all!!

  8. Thank you, so much for all your hard work. I love you both. Please keep the Fisher family in your prayers. Only God can help us all.

    Again, Pastor thank you.
    From Lillian of Tx.

  9. I have been buying extra food for many months now. I prayed and asked God if I have enough supplies, and He said “I’m set.” I feel confident and at peace about it. I’m trusting in Him to see us through.
    Praise the Lord!

  10. This reminds me —- how the Hand of God shut the Door of the Ark and only 8 people out of thousands were saved from the storm… Yes Dear Brother Jim, the Perfect storm is about to peak an Our inner-man is being quickened.

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