Essentials for Perilous Times

The world is getting to be a very scary place and threats of pestilences of Biblical proportions are not just threats – they’re realities right now. We sincerely believe that God has given us revelatory knowledge about how to survive in the face of these threats in days the Bible describes as “perilous times.”  We have Spirit-filled medical doctors that also believe we have been given wisdom and revelation in the things that can help in these End Times …because it is the End Times!  Their wisdom comes with a great deal of professional knowledge and expertise, and we trust what they say.

It’s our desire to get this revelatory knowledge into your hands so that you too can have the best fighting chance against attacks on your physical being.  Staying strong and healthy is not just for us, but for everyone! 

We are pressing into God’s Word as these “perilous times” approach and let me just say there is nothing, absolutely nothing that carries more supernatural power than the Word of God to protect us when the world goes crazy!  Psalm 91 is a scripture passage that we believe is for these Last Days and you would do well to memorize all or part of it and recite it daily.  There are many such passages that are strategic for the End Times, and if you ask God to show you what is important for you and your family and Church, He will!

Having said that, I believe you should add action to your faith by having the essentials you need on hand – before you need them!

I don’t know where I’d be without one of the things I believe is a revelatory gift from God and that is Silver Sol.  Lori and I have literally turned to Silver Sol for most everything.  The experts we trust believe Silver Sol is the most versatile product ever for the war against bacteria, viruses and mold.  They have said that superbugs may be winning the battle, but we can win the war by looking at nontraditional methods of fighting these microbial threats.

Lori says that Silver Sol is one of those essentials that she would not be without – ever!  We are planning a trip soon, and I can already tell you that she’ll be spraying every surface on the airplane that we touch!  She will also have Silver Sol Wipes at the ready for wiping down anything, including us!  She has already made sure our immune systems are at a peak with a regular daily dose of the Silver Sol Liquid.  And finally, she will pack the Silver Sol Lozenges for constant nose, mouth and throat protection.

I’m not trying to twist your arm, but I’ll tell you from my heart that it would be a wise thing for you to get your Silver Sol now before it’s no longer available because I will assure you that very soon, the demand will exceed the supply!  We have done a lot of teaching about how there will only be 3 days’ worth of food on grocery shelves in the event of a major disaster, and that’s the way it will be for Silver Sol when a calamity occurs.

This isn’t rocket science – it is common sense.  This is the best gift we can give you – and we do so with all the love we have so that you will have a fighting chance against health threats that are sure to come.  Get your Silver Sol now!


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3 thoughts on “Essentials for Perilous Times

  1. We love the Silver Sol, just ordered the dental gel also. We have been doing some research on the coconut oil as well and am delighted to see the benefits to be had with implementing it into your daily routine I posted an article on my Facebook page that is pretty amazing (Pam bailey). Is there any way you could create a package deal on the popcorn oil? We use a lot of that with 10 grandkids and would love to buy it by the case LOL

  2. Pastor Jim,

    You’re right to consider “saving up” some kind of anti-microbial solutions; since when the “Economic Collapse” finally arrives; then how in God’s Name will we be able to even keep our TEETH clean??? That is, how in the world are we going to PREVENT our mouths from getting plague or gum disease; given that there’ll be NO MONEY to even pay for health and dental care??? Given that the American dollar will eventually be devalued to “zero” worth; then we will be FORCED to “live off of the land” – as the “old folks” used to do, on the “family farm”. And that includes NO LONGER having the benefit of medical and dental insurance!! We will be forced, for example, to have to care of our own “oral hygiene” – Nature’s way, or God’s way; that being, the way Adam and Eve had to “make it” when they were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. That is, by the use of herbs, like our “elders” used to do, on the family farm – without the benefit of a dentist!

    For example, if you do a Google search, you’d find that “licorice roots” have been an ancient Chinese remedy for preventing tooth decay and gum disease, because the roots themselves possess natural anti-microbial chemicals that kill off bacteria that cause teeth-and-mouth diseases.

    The upcoming “Economic Crash” will put America back into being an “agrarian society” – as opposed to her NOW being a technologically-advanced industrialized society; as she once was, beginning with the Industrial Revolution of the early 1800’s. As you well know, America used to be the “Industrial Powerhouse of the World”. But NO LONGER!! With nearly ALL of our major industries and factories having gone over to China (and to other low-wage countries), we Americans are now FORCED to have to “depend on” these very SAME countries for nearly ALL of our consumer items or technological commodities. This is part of the Judgment of God!! And when the Collapse finally hits, all “hell” will break loose around the country!

    And for those of us Christians who live in the city, such as myself, without the benefit of owning any private farm land???…………………..

    GOD HELP US!!!

    But whether we are “in the city” OR “out in the country”, I have NO DOUBT in my mind, Pastor Jim, that the Lord will indeed provide!! And yes, that does indeed also include us having to STILL “prepare” ahead of time, anyway, for the Economic Collapse. I don’t want to DIMINISH the importance of having to PREPARE for ourselves; while, at the same time, though; understanding that we will still “NEED” God anyway, when there’s any kind of DEFICIT of items stored that we forgot about, or “ran out” of. We are to BOTH indeed “prepare” – AND “depend” – on the Lord, AT THE SAME TIME!!!

    So, thanks for the information on Silver Sol. This is very helpful to know; especially for “things” that we usually take for granted – such as our medical care and oral hygiene.

    [PS: I will indeed pray for you and Lori, to have a happy blessed safe trip! The two of you work very hard! You’ve come up against great spiritual attacks from “The Enemy”. You need to get away for a while, and refresh yourself – in Jesus’ Name!! And tell Silver Sol that I said “hello”!]

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