Faithfulness Leads to Favor

I really can’t even tell you how much I respect and love Jim for the husband, father and Watchman that he is!  What Jim does isn’t a popular thing!  Warning people prophetically of the soon-coming troubles that we, as a church and as a nation, are going to face is not a welcome message.  Yet, he does it.  Why?

 Well, his accusers sometimes say it’s for profit. Fearmongering is profitable, they say.  Well, I’ll tell you how I see it: 

  • when the economy fails and people can’t buy food at any price without the Mark of the Beast
  • when the trucks stop bringing in food supplies every day because of some natural disaster  
  • when the out-of-control weather causes crop failures and grain reserves are non-existent
  • when the nation crumbles under the weight of its own debt  

When all or just one of those things occur, and my children and I and all those around us have plenty of food to eat and good water to drink – I see it as a blessing of FAITHFULNESS!  Faithfulness leads to favor!

Jim is not only getting us ready, he is getting people all over the world ready because he is faithful to preach the message of the Days of Revelation!

Why is it that people would much rather hear how things are going to turn around for the U.S. and how we are going to rebound?  You know, the babble we hear from most of the newscasters and politicians today, and ahum…  a great deal of the preachers too.  But we cannot  rely on what we hear from people – we must rely on what we hear from God in His Word!  Matthew 24 is what we can rely on!  The Revelation is what we can rely on!

Jim doesn’t preach for profit – Jim preaches because he dare not do anything else!

Jim recently preached a message on “Woe! Woe! Woe!”  One of the scriptures he uses is 1 Cor 9:16:

“Yet when I preach the gospel, I cannot boast, for I am compelled to preach. Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!” NIV

A lot of people have made fun of us for preparing and teaching others to prepare, but we are not worried about those who mock.  We are more concerned about having faith without works.  The Bible tells us that faith without works is dead.  We are all about hope, but hope has its roots in action.  Faith without works is dead – it’s useless.  Hope without preparation is pretty useless too.  That’s why we prepare.

We want the favor of God – and because of that, we are faithful to preach the Gospel and to help people prepare for the Times of Trouble that are coming very, very soon to this country.



6 thoughts on “Faithfulness Leads to Favor

  1. I’m so glad you mentioned those who cannot even afford the 20$ box. I looked at the bean bucket and tomatoes and if I had the money I would be there baby! So we do what we can…I can only pray loaves and fishes.
    All my love,

  2. Hi Lori: Good word. Thank you and Jim for being honest and not afraid to speak the truth. We should be prepared as much as we possibly can be prepared. Therefore we can help others and not be a victim. Food shortage will come sooner than some people think. All we have to do is study God’s word and then implement that word into today’s economy. Not everyone can prepare but everyone can do something to help themselves. There are Seniors that have no family and are forgotten on a daily basis. These are people who live on a fixed income. I am talking about people who can not aford 20.00 a month. Those are the people that the church are going to need to help. Churches should already be helping these people. For example Branson Towers. Alot of these people live in proverty. Take care. God Bless.

  3. Lori…Jim is truly a person who seeks to tell what God wants us to know, even if it is not popular.I am doing what I can to prepare and have been telling people…I know someone who has gone to food pantries and today I was told that the number of people there had increased a huge amount compared to the last time..they were only half way through the time of giving food to people when the room was filled to capacity and she could not believe it…the wait time was over 2 hours , just standing in the line..Now, she sees what I have been saying and I have been saying it because Jim has been preaching it…so thank you Lori and Jim for being faithful to His calling…and for standing on His Word…I love you both…(( hugs))

  4. Thank you for keeping us on our toes because I can see what is coming and no one is listening. Bless you both for preaching about the end times and I for one am preparing as best I can. I love your show and I hope you stay with your instincts and keep helping others to get prepared for anything.

  5. In the last days there will come scoffers, mockers saying where is
    his coming. I can almost see the mockers and scoffers around Noah.
    What are you building that boat for. It’s never rained before. Just a
    mist that went up to water the earth. What are you getting that
    food for Noah. Noah, you’ve lost it. Why are you working so hard,
    you know that this is all in your mind. Then the rain began to
    fall, the lightning streaked across the skies. Noah was in the
    ark and God shut the door. Once God shuts the door, who can open
    it. Panic began to set in, as they realized the Ark was the place
    of safety. There was food and shelter. Noah prepared the ark. He
    believed God, he believed it would rain, because God said so. He
    believed judgement was coming, because God said so. I can almost
    see the people clawing and scratching at the door as they
    realized they were not prepared. Noah believed and he was well
    prepared. As in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the end of
    this age. Lori, blessed are you when men shall persecute you and say
    all manner of evil against you for my name’s sake, for so persecuted
    they the prophets which were before you. Great is your reward in
    heaven. Amen

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