Make 2016 the Year of the Bible

Remember when God told me it was time to batten down the hatches?

When He spoke to me, I was sitting in Lori’s closet; actually, it’s more like a woman cave. You’ve heard of a man cave, right? Well, Lori’s got this amazing closet filled with all her things and there’s a little desk where you can sit. I find that it’s a wonderful, quiet place for me to talk to God and listen to His word.

You know, the only times I hear from God are when I’m sleeping or when I’m off by myself. That is why I’m building the chapel up on Prayer Mountain. I want a place that will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so people can go up there and pray. I want everyone to be able to hear God himself!

God wants to talk to all of us, but some people just don’t know how to listen. That’s why God uses the prophets, because some people out there still aren’t listening to Him. In the Bible, God spoke to fish and God spoke to donkeys. Don’t you think He is trying to speak to YOU, especially today?

The Lord is trying to give us warnings and instructions about these last days. But how can you hear Him when you’re not giving Him the time? How can you hear Him in noisy rooms, playing on the computer or doing some other thing? There’s so much noise out there that God’s Word and God’s Voice are being drowned out!

We can’t let that happen!

We need to hear from God! We need to hear what He is saying! We need to get ready! The alarms are sounding around us, and we need to make sure we know exactly what we need to do!

But how can you hear God if you’re not listening? Please let God speak to you!

I want you to find a quiet place where you can go and pray whenever you can. Say an extra prayer in the morning and at night. Dedicate a time every day where you can completely focus on God. Take a walk with Him! If you don’t have a place of prayer or a prayer time, it will be very difficult for you to hear Him!

Please don’t forget God’s Word! In order to Hear God you must listen to HIS WORD! When you’re reading the Bible, go ahead and read an extra verse. That might be the verse that speaks to you! Then just wait to see what happens!

I know and pray that God will speak to you! It may be through the Bible or in a dream or even through your pastor. Maybe He’ll find some other way to show you He is walking right there with you, but in order to hear Him you must, Must, MUST be listening!

If you haven’t started already, make this the year that God’s Word gets into your heart. We must make this the Year of the Bible. No matter how busy you are, you’re never too busy for God!

Love, Jim

8 thoughts on “Make 2016 the Year of the Bible

  1. I bet Lori’s closet is very lovely–I can just about picture it !! And glad you heard the Lord’s voice in there!! I have a prayer chair in my little “prayer corner”, my prayer shawl on the back of the chair, a cross on the wall, one of my Bibles on the table, a lamp, and my little wooden palm cross sitting there too. Usually the kitty is sitting there looking up at me, wondering what I’m doing !! LOL ! I pray for her too. I pray for you Jim, for Lori, and for Sasha !! And hope Grandma Char is feeling well !?

  2. Amen, pastor Jim, this is imperative for every Christian. That’s how the Great People of the Bible got to be used so mightily by God; they took the time to meet with Him and learn from Him; they listened to Him. Noah, Abraham and Moses were His close friends… you can’t develop a close friendship from a distance; never talking or sharing… What in your life is more important to your time and energy than God? Perhaps you need to look at lessening it.. If you are putting too much need upon your People, then your need needs to change…Your relationships will grow richer and healthier as your relationship with God grows deeper….. if it is your work, then your work needs to decrease, as you aren’t putting your faith in Yahoveh Jireh; you are trusting yourself to perform, not His Grace and Loving Kindness…..

  3. Thank you for the reminder, Pastor. I am busy with my job (I enjoy greeting our employees and partners) and then home/family duties and it is easy to get neglectful of that quiet personal time with Him.

  4. I could not agree with you more Jim. God speaks, but people feel disconnected from Him and each other because everyone in the home is off on their own on some computer or device and they never even speak to each other let alone God. Suicide has become the number one killer in the US and many nations because people feel so disconnected from each other and God. We need Jesus in this day and age so desperately! We must listen to what God has to say to us. Sometimes He speaks through a still soft voice, but sometimes He speaks through others. As you said Jim, He spoke through a donkey so we must be open to the various and even least of these that He will speak to. I just open my Bible almost daily and land on something that directly is dealing with something I am going through or feeling. God speaks 24/7 like a radio or tv station, but we have to be “tuned in” to hear what is being said. God is like this too. We must be tuned into Him to hear Him. David sang to God to draw His presence and to encourage Himself in the Lord. Our fears, hurts, and feelings can block out His voice so we must get our minds off of our own problems and selves and then listen to Him. God is not a respecter of persons.He says this in the Bible. So if He will speak to a prophet or someone in the Bible, He will talk to you too. Remember this. God never, never speaks something contrary to His word. So you need to get off your iPhone and read the Word of God. Often, God will speak as you are reading His Word…..

  5. Thank you for Giving to the LORD,my 82 year old mother and i cant get out for chuch do to her condition, and so we watch your show ,but also the fact that you and those you have on the show beyond Blessing.

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