My Son in a Suit

It’s really amazing how faithful God is and how He fulfills certain prophetic words that He may have given you many, many years before. This past week, I was so sick that I couldn’t go down to the service at Morningside to hear Ricky, my 16-year-old son preach, but I watched him on the live stream.

I was so proud as I saw this figure of a dark curly haired young man in a suit with a Bible walking up to the podium. And then suddenly, I heard the Lord say, “today is the fulfillment of the prophecy I showed you in a vision long ago about your son.”

I was astounded. It was like “Throwback Thursday” when we post things on the web that were from times past. God had given me this flashback of a vision from my early walk with Him. Let me tell you about it.

Many, many years ago when I was new in the Lord, He showed me a vision of a young man – with dark curly hair – carrying a Bible – and walking up to preach. He told me that this young man was my son, which took me aback because I was not married and would never be able to bear a son – physically, that is. I guess I was kind of like Sarah, or Hannah, or Rachel. I had longed for children and at times I was overcome with grief because I had none. But God heard their cries, and He heard mine too.

When God shows you something, He will bring it to pass! I remember the scripture in 1 Timothy 1:18 where Paul tells Timothy to “war a good warfare” with the prophecies that had gone out over him. It’s the same with prophetic visions. If you have a promise from God, pray into that until you see it come to pass! Don’t let your own doubts and unbelief hinder what God has said!

Over the years, and through the many spiritual journeys on which the Lord takes you, you may not remember them all… until the time when they are brought back to you to witness of the Lord’s faithfulness. I had all but forgotten that vision – but God hadn’t. He is faithful, whether we remember or not.

You see, there were many steps in between that vision and the fulfillment of it. Some steps were tests, others were growth, and some were just necessary to arrange my life. God wanted to woo me to Him and teach me to “seek first the kingdom” and THEN He will give you the desires of your heart (Matthew 6:33, Psalm 37:4). Don’t ever give up on your dreams. God won’t give up on them either! God is the giver of dreams!

Ricky is an amazing young man and I say that not just because he is my son, but because God has His hand on him! Ricky is already preaching things that are far beyond his years, and that is because he carries an anointing! He is a fulfillment of prophecy, and I couldn’t be prouder to be his Mother.

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  1. Oh, I wished I could have seen Ricky. When did this happen. Was it taped or on video?
    Love you Lori…………..If you are as genuine as you appear on TV you are a gem. (That is not a put down, I mean it with all my heart). The way you have accepted Tammy Sue is amazing. God bless her, she has had a horrific life, also Jamie Charles. They need to feel loved by God’s people……….they didn’t deserve the treatment they received. Since you are her mother, please encourage her to write a book. What therapy that would be for her. God bless you and Jim……….Love you. I watch Live Streaming all the time……………………

  2. We are praying for you for be totally healed. Yes God does it in his timing and for his GLORY!!!!!! Praise God! We have to trust him completely! . God tells my hubby and I to trust him… we’ll see what he is going to do! My son and his family aren’t christians YET,, but they will come to GOD!!!! We just moved and I got a job but hubby is still looking HARD.. only GOD again…We are waiting to get our own place and get our things to our own place that is out of state. Thank you Jeus. So lots of prayers and trusting OUR GOD… he will see us through it all. Praise to our living God! God bless you. Jean

  3. Lori, that was so rewarding to see the LORD bring to pass what HE gave you years ago. We have an adopted son that we adopted right from the hospital. There was a special word spoken over him when he was young and then as a older teen dedicated his life to full-time service. He prepared at college, but the LORD gave him several talents, voice, piano, pipe-organ, directing and organaztion, but after his first church ministry the devil has tried so hard to defeat what the LORD has planned. Due to the sexual abuse for 8 yrs, which we didn’t know about till his last semester of his senior year in college and after this Jezebel spirit attack him with his first ministry he wanted nothing to do wtih his music and turned to the gay life style—definete strong spirit. PLEASE pray for him Terry. We continue to love him to back to JESUS. He truely had an annointing on him and at his sister’s wedding the pastor was crying after the pastor’s prayer as he was playing and then finished singing that. People thought they had been at a worsip service. (I don’t say these things to lift him up, because it was the HOLY SPIRIT). He married another gay fellow. Our hearts were broken—BUT the LORD has promised he will come back and I hold to that promise.

    I too know the valleys, with cancer 10 yrs ago—–healed by following the path the LORD led in natural things and was in the norm in 5 months—-then cancer of the tongue—-a fall that brought on arthritis —bone on bone in the continured- in the hip—the LORD is now restoring that. Our daughter went to be with JESUS leaving two teen daughters to be raised by their dad. Then Jan 11 my husband bottomed out wtih no blood pressure twice, but now is recovering quite well—able to drive now—-still tires more easily. To the LORD be all the glory and honor. HE is so FAITHFUL.

    Would love to be there this week for Ready-Now. Will have to be satisfied with the dvd’s.
    Began to pray for you. I know the hard days of pain sleepless nights, but HE is always there. We love you and Jim and are partners and have known Jim way back on PTL years ago.

  4. Thank you for sharing about your son! That is such a blessing! We have been continually praying for our 19 year old nephew who has been away from the Lord. He has a call on his life but he keeps running from it. God has shown us several dreams about him ministering to other young people as well as the pastors confirming it. We will not give up on praying for him because we know God will bring it to pass! We will be praying for your complete healing as well! I don’t know if you remember us from Phoenix First many, many years ago! God bless, Annete

  5. Lori,

    I rejoice with you, over the fulfilling of God’s prophecy for you son!
    Great testimony! Very encouraging!

    I have a similar – but incomplete – testimony dealing with myself; beginning when I was just five-years-old; with the Lord revealing to me that I was, likewise, called into something “special” for God Himself; BUT having to wait over 45 YEARS later; before I could just BEGIN to see a tiny “fulfilling” – or MANIFESTATION – of just “what” that “special thing” that the Lord had already spoken to me about, when I was a little lad of five.

  6. Resting and relying on God’s Word – there’s nothing like it! And I add my prayers for Lance that the Holy Spirit will activate within his heart, a new refreshing of Christ’s love for him and his family – the Spirit of Christ that will light his & their hearts with a flame that will never go out. God does that, you know, by His Spirit. We moms and grandmoms keep praying and beliving that God keeps His Word. I’m hearing of His moving among my family more than ever. This month both grown daughters testified of this very thing, experiencing new things with Christ and developing closer relationships with Him. Especially this morning, the Holy Spirit impressed me to relax and with expectations, let Him show us new and great things He wants to do for us. Praise God continually for all His blessings. And thanks, Lori, for sharing your beautiful experience.

  7. What a blessing. I am the Mother of an adopted Son that is now age 37 and away from the Lord. He is good man, a police office, hard worker, faithful husband and devoted father to his 16 year old daughter. My Son was 5 years of age when I was saved. He and I were baptized together when he was about 6 years of age. I also made some terrible decisions years ago in my life of sin that caused me great pain in the years to come. But God in his mercy and loving kindness blessed me with a child in spite of myself. Lori, please pray for my Son Lance to have a personal encounter with Jesus in order that he can step up and be the true spiritual leader in his family.

  8. Thank you Lori, I needed this. I too have a son by the name of Hans, he is 17, and will turn 18 on April 21, of this year. I always wanted a son when I was single and married, and got him! Rearing children in this world is so hard and Satan just loves to attack when he can. It is not easy! My prayers for my son are that he is happy and healthy on his 18th. Bday and wayyy beyond, and that he does graduate High School this year, with a diploma by this summer!!! PRAISE THE LORD AND GOD BLESS YOU AND JIM, I am a Heritage Kid, and my mom was a Jim and Tammy fan of the show, I have such good memories at Heritage USA!!!! Thank you all!

  9. O Lori, how awesome is God to have given this prophecy to you so long ago, and then to be fulfilling it right before your eyes when you had almost forgotten it, but it was there all along., You were sick and God reached out in love to touch your heart, and others as well,this had to have just lifted you so much. God knows the end from the beginning and He knew Ricky would be your son and preach….gives me goosebumps to think just how incredible the love of God is that He blesses you and all who hear your son Ricky preach. Love you, XOXO MyMy PS I hope you are feeling a lot better now from whatever made you sick…

  10. What an encouragement. I have really forgotten my dreams, and if the Lord ever gave me a vision I have forgotten it. So much has happened. Thank you for that message. Bless you and Shalom/Shalom. Also may the Lord keep you healthy.

  11. I’m sorry to hear you we’re sick
    I’m praying for your wellness
    Healing and love to hear what
    The Lord has been doing in your
    Life, it’s a blessing to hear this and
    He’s using you for his glory

  12. if our heavenly father gave a promise he is faithful to bring to pass. We just have to trust the LORD. it doesnt matter how we see the situations or how hard things may seem , he has every thing under control , because he is the control. i know what you mean about your son , i have 2 sons and both of them are PASTORS , it is a honor to have our families serving the LORD. AND i pray to the HEALER of our lifes to heal you in the name of JESUS CHRIST. GOD BLESS

  13. Thank you Lori for sharing that. I’ve watched Ricky on TV and I know he is an amazing young man. I do understand why you are so proud of him. Many blessings to you all as you watch him grow into his calling and as he matures even more in the Lord.

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