Thank You BoJangles

Matthew 5:4 ESV “Blessed are those, who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

As I’ve said before, I believe dogs are specially created by our Heavenly Father to remind us how much God loves us, even in our darkest times. They truly are God’s Little Helpers. However, like every living creature on this Earth, God recently called one of His helpers home. Continue reading

A Tribute to Grandma Maxine

I can look back over my life of nearly 75 years now and count on one hand the number of Godly women that have impacted my life so dramatically as Grandma Maxine Smith. I loved her dearly, and she loved me. It seems that God always sent me exactly who I needed when I needed them and Grandma Maxine came into my life at a time when God was restoring the things I never dreamt would be restored – the love and affection of a Grandma, for instance. You see, all my Grandmas had gone to heaven and God must have known how much I still needed one, so He sent me Grandma Maxine to fill a huge hole in my heart and fill it she did, right along with Grandma Irwin, my natural Grandma who had gone to be with Jesus many years before, and with Vestal Goodman, another of my adopted Grandmas.  Vestal held us all together when we were being torn apart in our great time of testing back in the ‘80’s. She was a great woman of God, and she loved us unconditionally. Continue reading

Counting My Blessings!

One thing I know for sure is that sin has consequences. I’m urging you to not make the same mistakes I did. I have had to deal with sin’s consequences in my body.

For me those consequences showed up as Hepatitis C and all the side effects of this horrible disease. Plus, my five abortions ended in my not being able to later have children. My last aborted baby had not been totally removed and resulted in a life-threatening infection. I had to have an emergency hysterectomy.

I have never cried more tears than I have these last few months. I have never allowed God to deal with me in a sweet loving way like I have recently. I always felt I didn’t deserve it. I felt so unworthy. What my body has suffered over the years is because of my own wrong doing – bad choices. Continue reading

My Son in a Suit

It’s really amazing how faithful God is and how He fulfills certain prophetic words that He may have given you many, many years before. This past week, I was so sick that I couldn’t go down to the service at Morningside to hear Ricky, my 16-year-old son preach, but I watched him on the live stream.

I was so proud as I saw this figure of a dark curly haired young man in a suit with a Bible walking up to the podium. And then suddenly, I heard the Lord say, “today is the fulfillment of the prophecy I showed you in a vision long ago about your son.”

I was astounded. It was like “Throwback Thursday” when we post things on the web that were from times past. God had given me this flashback of a vision from my early walk with Him. Let me tell you about it. Continue reading