Loving God – Loving Each Other

Things are really happening fast in our world and we find ourselves racing toward the Second Coming of Jesus at lightning speeds. People are really looking for a “now” word and they often look to us. That’s why I want to say that there is no more important word than the one the follows: The Church must come together as a family who love each other and pray and support each other because things are going to get real crazy, very soon.

There are many people who know Jim and me because we are public figures, and more and more of them are becoming closer to us as we experience the signs of Revelation.  I have had people write in and tell us that we are their “family” and I have to tell you, that really touches my heart and we feel the same way.  Continue reading

Thank You For Being a Friend!

Whether it’s just a casual “how are you?” or a heartfelt, “sit down and tell me what’s going on in your life,” or a caring comment on Facebook… friends can bring you great joy and comfort. I’ve never needed friends more than now as I go through this health crisis – and I have old and new friends that have been so comforting and supportive.

Proverbs 17:17 says, “A friend loves you all the time, and a brother helps in time of trouble.”  That goes for sisters, too!

When I think of our new friends like Rabbi Cahn or John Shorey, or perhaps YOU, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness to God for enriching our lives with such wonderful people!  Continue reading

Alabama Governor Declares Day of Prayer Over Students

The governor of Alabama called on the people of his state who believe in Christ to lift up the state’s students in prayer.

The “Day of Prayer Over Students Across Alabama” was held on Friday, March 28th.

“Whereas Alabama students face extreme challenges, such as peer pressure to abuse drugs and alcohol, negative influences in the media, school violence and gang activities, and low self-esteem,” Governor Robert Bentley’s proclamation reads, “… Alabamians are encouraged to pray for God’s protection, guidance and peace, and for opportunities and blessings on the students of Alabama.”

The proclamation marked the 9th time the governor has made the request of his state’s citizens to cover the students as they try to learn and grow. First Priority of Alabama, who coordinates Christian clubs within schools, initiated the movement for the first statewide prayer day in 2006.

“Praying for students is not just a privilege, it’s a necessity. They face an enormous amount of peer pressure to become part of what is considered normal by the world’s standards,” Matthew Wilson, Executive Director of First Priority of Greater Birmingham, said. “Without prayer, these students will not be able to stand against the insurmountable odds they will face from childhood until they leave this world.”

My Son in a Suit

It’s really amazing how faithful God is and how He fulfills certain prophetic words that He may have given you many, many years before. This past week, I was so sick that I couldn’t go down to the service at Morningside to hear Ricky, my 16-year-old son preach, but I watched him on the live stream.

I was so proud as I saw this figure of a dark curly haired young man in a suit with a Bible walking up to the podium. And then suddenly, I heard the Lord say, “today is the fulfillment of the prophecy I showed you in a vision long ago about your son.”

I was astounded. It was like “Throwback Thursday” when we post things on the web that were from times past. God had given me this flashback of a vision from my early walk with Him. Let me tell you about it. Continue reading

The Sandwich Generation

I’ve talked quite a bit about being a Baby Boomer and the phenomenon surrounding that mega-group of people born between 1946 and 1964. Baby Boomers have a unique set of challenges, some brought on by choice, and others a result of chance.

One of the challenges of a country with so many Baby Boomers is how to provide health care for this aging demographic because the generation before and the generations after were simply not as large. We thought we had the problem figured out with Social Security and Medicare but now we are finding that these social programs will have trouble keeping up with the demand for caring for an aging mega-group such as the Baby Boomers, particularly as this group lives longer.

But the problem of health care for the Boomers is only one issue they (we) are facing. Since many of the Boomers were encouraged by society to wait longer for marriage and family, or it just happened that way, some are still raising children and sometimes grandchildren while they also care for aging parents, a.k.a The Sandwich Generation. They are the ones in the middle with all the pressure! Continue reading

Grateful for You All

I was overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude by the responses to my most recent blog “For the Sake of the Call.”  You can’t imagine how much your encouraging words mean as we endeavor to stay faithful to the call of ministry.

The truth is that spiritual warfare has increased and is increasing every day – for everybody.  John Paul Jackson was with us last week and we talked about many of the reasons we are all experiencing increased warfare.  If you didn’t get to see the live stream, be sure to watch the regular programming schedule for when the shows will air. Continue reading