Thank You BoJangles

Matthew 5:4 ESV “Blessed are those, who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

As I’ve said before, I believe dogs are specially created by our Heavenly Father to remind us how much God loves us, even in our darkest times. They truly are God’s Little Helpers. However, like every living creature on this Earth, God recently called one of His helpers home.

^CDD03AE466BA38F8EE1C2B2F53457389D7B72F6F4FB69D156E^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrEarlier this week, our family had to do one of the hardest things we’ve ever done; we had to say goodbye to one of our best friends, greatest comforts, sworn protectors, and a wonderful member of our family, our sweet BoJangles, otherwise known as Bo. His last moments were surrounded by all of us, his family that loved him so much.  Jim led us in prayer as Bo left this earth and we felt the presence of Jesus as He wrapped His loving arms around us and took our sweet companion Home.

Losing Bo was unexpected. He was still young in doggy years and to be honest all of us had been preparing ourselves as best we could for the eventual parting with Buttons who has been in our family for so many more years.  It is so difficult to come to terms with losing a cherished friend with so little warning.  Our hearts are hurting and the grief is touching all of us deeply.

^2AAE8FFFA026A7C3FEB2BAC9D684159F73F1C1A3CFCA66F32E^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrWhen our daughter Claire graduated the 8th grade, Bo was her special gift.  Claire had grown so much and worked so hard that year. This little girl that had come to us years ago,  from a life that was incredibly different,  had blossomed . I know how hard it was for her. Yet she has the most incredible heart and determination and has risen up in her life with a grace that makes us so proud!   I knew how much joy my dog, Buttons, had brought into my life. She made me feel needed and loved at times when encouragement was what I needed the most.  Bojangles was the perfect gift for Claire.  But it wasn’t long before the entire family was in love with Bo too.

^ED769132A95AADC35109B955A7E2E65757B87B706BEA69AC98^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrWe will always remember Bo’s little face with a tongue that seemed to have a need to be sticking out through his cute smile all the time!  I will personally cherish the days that we spent in bed as I recovered from my illness and the warmth of him as he cuddled next to me. Nothing brings a mother more joy than to see her children happy and Bojangles brought delight to all of them!

As we grieve the loss of our little friend, we not only want to say goodbye, but also thank you. Bo, you will never know everything you did for all of us. Thank you for the happy greeting when we would arrive home and thank you for your silliness.  Thank you for the kisses you gave when least expected and for allowing us to be a part of your life.  And thank you God, for this little member of our family and the time that you granted him to be with us.


We love you Bo!


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  1. In the Book of Revelation Jesus comes back riding a white horse…enough said…there are animals in Heaven. Jesus is riding one in victory over Satan. Everyone be lifted up in that thought.

  2. When we lost our dog a few years ago, I was grief stricken, and I asked the Lord for a scripture concerning the hereafter for pets. I opened my Bible to the passage where Peter was on the roof in a trance as he had the vision of a sheet being lowered from HEAVEN with all manner of 4 LEGGED beasts.
    This gave me some much needed comfort.
    What would our world be like if we could be as loyal to Jesus as our dogs are to us?

  3. Lori and family, (((hugs))) to you. Anyone who’s been blessed with a sweet dog knows the heartbreak of losing them. Hold on to your memories…I also believe as others here that we will all see our fur-babies in Heaven. Love you, Lori, Jim and famlly

  4. Oh how I know the depth of that love for these wonderful friends with 4 legs & a tail that constantly speaks of how iimportant you are in their lives. Little do they know how important they are in ours!!! We’ll see them in heaven & how it’s the icing on the cake to have them there too!!! Jesus knows all about it.

  5. Sorry for your loss. Family pets are just like family and it hurts when they need to leave us. God will grant you peace and comfort during this transition. Blessings upon your family.

  6. Lori & Family
    My heart goes out to yall. I know the loss of our furbabies can be just like a child.
    I lost my LadyBug May 31 was 1yr ago, she was just fixing to turn 6yrs old. Less then 38hrs from the time she got sick she was gone. She was my shadow. She also was a Blessing to me , I got her almost 2yrs after my car accident. She helped me thru my depression. She was there to listen to me, let me cry on her , snuggle, loved to go for walks & rides…
    I have her ashes with me so when my time comes to leave this world she will be buried with me along with Baby- my 14yr Chi that passed 09…. Can’t wait to see them again. I know they are getting lots of loving from my family that’s also waiting…
    I love yall so much , yall are such an incouragment… I spoke with a friend of mine about driving up there in Aug…
    She lives in Grand Prairie Tx & I live in Baytown Texas. We just reconnected after 29yrs. It’s been GREAT. We know that God brought us back together for a reason. We’re prepping & praying for guidance on certain things that we are unsure of… But we know it will all come together in Gods timing.
    Once again my heart goes out to yall but just think of the reunion it will be….
    Love yall Tiara aka (Teri)

  7. I firmly believe God keeps all our pets when we lose them. We will see them again. “.. for ear has not heard, nor eye has not seen, nor has it entered the imagination of man ( or woman or child) what God has planned for those who love him and are called according to His purpose.”

  8. Your ‘Bo’ is in Heaven waiting for you all. Father God loves what and who you love. What a wonderful Father we have and the great love you received from your pet.

  9. We had to put my precious Annie down 2 months ago and it broke our hearts. We had her 14yrs. I feel very sorry for your loss cause i do know how you feel.

  10. We know first hand this year the loss of a family pet for my daughters Kimberly dog Timber and daughter Maria’s dog getting his teeth removed but did not wake up. Maria has a Pet sitting business for many years and taken care of diabetic pets and lost them thru aging. We got very close to each one. I know God has a place prepared for them also. I am sorry for your family loss of Bo. God opened the door to have another pet in Kimberly’s home and Maria’s home and my home. Bella was given to me free. God meets us at the center point of our need. God is so good………

    • I am so sorry for your loss of Bo. He is a beautiful puppy. But he is in heaven with Jesus and all our loved ones. I feel your pain, and your family.
      I too have lost pets and also had four dogs stolen and 33 puppies. My two standard poodles, White standard poodle named Bogart which we called Bo also, and my blue standard poodle sashia, toy apricot poodle called tinkerbell, Last year we had a cocker spaniel, Teddy Bear 4 months old stolen from us, I just pray that they all have good homes and our taken care of. God Bless You and the Family. I am so sad for your loss. Watching Jim Bakker Show and missing seeing you on the show. Your husband also said he is not doing a another show without you. You both are such a beautiful couple. The show is not the same without you. God Bless You All and our In my prayers. Shalom With Love. Lynnsley <

    • Lori, so very sorry for your loss. Our pet children captivate our hearts and become such a part of the family! I pray that The Lord would ease your heartache and comfort you all. Blessings and love……

      • So sorry for the loss of your good & faithful friend. I know first hand how much it hurts to lose one of your “furry ” children. I truly believe that the love of a pet and the bond we form is one of God’s greatest blessings. Goodbye hurts so much but someday you will think of Bo with smiles instead of tears, and it will feel as if this little soul left a rainbow in your heart. I believe on the other side of the bridge to forever, our animal friends “kids” wait for us. With love, Mary L.

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