Waking Up to Today’s Reality

We’ve had some amazing guests these last couple of years, and without fail, they are all telling us that prophetic events are leading us rapidly into the Times of Trouble.  Jim and I know this by the Spirit, but we always look for a consensus from those we trust.  We are not lone rangers, although sometimes we feel like we’re not getting through to as many as we want to.

It’s a time to take our heads out of the sand!  The bottom line is that it’s time to face everything for what it’s worth – which is reality.  We need to be able to say, “This is what’s happening – this is what’s going on.  So therefore, we have responsibility for not just ourselves but others as well – to help them during these incredible times of crisis.”  We are going to live through some very difficult times, and some of us may die for what we believe in.  Some may live through it all and live to tell people that all may come to know the Lord as Savior.

Every day, the scriptures are pointing the way to more and more global events that are definitely right out of the book of Revelation.  But you may not recognize the events of Revelation if you’re going to “Happy Church”.  “Happy Church” isn’t teaching about Revelation events!  They’re too busy teaching the prosperity gospel!  There are too many people putting their faith and their money into “Happy Church” when the world and its money systems are falling apart before our very eyes.

Please!  Don’t put your faith in money.  Don’t stick your head in the sand and pretend that we are not experiencing the book of Revelation every single day!  It’s time NOW to awaken from your slumber and get ready!  If your church isn’t teaching Revelation, find one that is!

It’s later than you think – and time to get ready!

These blood moons are being used by God to speak to the nations through signs in the heavens. Everyone needs to pay attention!  You need to know what is ahead. Some prefer to ignore, stick their heads in the sand, and pretend that nothing is really happening. Others are frozen in fear when they learn about upcoming prophetic events. So, they choose to do nothing and just “trust the Lord.”

Yes, we are to trust the Lord in all things, but have you read your Bible? Trust doesn’t mean just sitting by and letting things happen. God always warned His people before events occurred so they could be aware and prepare!

Unfortunately, many pastors are not teaching the foundation truths of the Bible. A lot of churches have been distracted by worldly things and have allowed their love for temporal things to take the place of God. They are overlooking the very reason for their existence. Some pastors will not even permit the book of Revelation to be taught to their congregation.

Revelation reveals the will and plan of God on the earth, the meaning of unfolding events, the exposure of the plot of the antichrist and the fact that we win!! Why would any follower of Jesus not want to know these truths? And why would any pastor who loves God’s Word not teach these truths to his congregation?

God has called this ministry to preach the Gospel, teach prophecy, provide a platform for the prophets, train up young people to be world shakers for the Kingdom, and provide survival products that will help sustain God’s people during these Revelation days.

What an amazing time to be alive as we witness prophecies being fulfilled!

5 thoughts on “Waking Up to Today’s Reality

  1. Lori and Jim thank you for your unwavering word on today’s crises surrounding all of us! The simplicity of Gods Word has been spoken and revealed …All the money and things in this world will stay behind when we leave this earth as we now know it. Please keep bringing the truth, we do not need to be “politically correct” but correct by knowing and sharing God’s Word. Bless you and your family. Chaplain Joy

  2. Lori , you and Jim have been such a BLESSING to me these last few months! I turn your program on first thing in the morning, and it’s partly through your ministry that my eyes have been opened to just how urgent our current situation is, THANK YOU for sharing the truth with all of us, I pray God will continue to bless your family and your ministry ! I ordered a year’s supply of food awhile back, and I just started your book last night….After watching your birthday program I was so touched by your story, but wanted to know more, so I’m looking forward to reading your book! God bless you all so much…….I appreciate you more than I can say!

  3. AWESOME word Lori. You and Pastor Bakker are RIGHT ON in what you are saying. My heart is heavy for the folks who are just blowing things off and mostly just think that having FAITH is all that they need. I have one friend who says there is nothing in scripture about preparing or storing food/items in the hard times that are coming just know that God will take care of them. Another friend and his wife believe the same thing but also know that the muslim terrorist are coming to America with their Jihad (NEWSFLASH…..they are already here and awaiting their signals) and they are prepared to die. Not willing to prepare for the coming storm. You need more than just FAITH. Faith alone without works. If he didn’t want us to prepare WHY all the warnings though out scripture and what about REVELATION. Thank you and keep up the STRONG WORD and WARNING…….maybe some people who have been blinded will have eyes to see and ears to hear……Yahuvah bless you and keep you and Pastor Bakker and your amazing staff… Thank you for John Shorey, Rabbi Cahn, Dr. William Forstchen and Mr. Koenig and all your amazing guest. Thank you for the amazing food offers and etc.
    Awake and preparing for the storm (can you hear the thunder rumbling as we speak).
    Awakened in Texas……..Gwen

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