Waking Up to Today’s Reality

We’ve had some amazing guests these last couple of years, and without fail, they are all telling us that prophetic events are leading us rapidly into the Times of Trouble.  Jim and I know this by the Spirit, but we always look for a consensus from those we trust.  We are not lone rangers, although sometimes we feel like we’re not getting through to as many as we want to.

It’s a time to take our heads out of the sand!  The bottom line is that it’s time to face everything for what it’s worth – which is reality.  We need to be able to say, “This is what’s happening – this is what’s going on.  So therefore, we have responsibility for not just ourselves but others as well – to help them during these incredible times of crisis.”  We are going to live through some very difficult times, and some of us may die for what we believe in.  Some may live through it all and live to tell people that all may come to know the Lord as Savior. Continue reading

Woe Is Me (Pt. 1)

In the entertainment crazed society we live in, very few people, even Christians, will endure a message of what they consider ‘gloom and doom.’  They would much rather hear some cleverly told story containing a lot of humor!  Nevermind that we are living in the days that demand a sobriety and a vigilance to understand and be ready for the events of Revelation.

As I begin a series of blogs titled “Woe is Me”, I guess I feel the need to try and preempt some of the negativity to such a serious subject.  I felt the same way back in the mid-nineties when I was given the message that was contrary to what a lot of people had been preaching, including myself, of the prosperity gospel. Continue reading