Cris Putnam, Morningside remembers…

Cris Putnam June 15th, 1965 - March 1, 2017 Cris Putnam June 15th, 1965 - March 1, 2017

by Kami Klein

Morningside was saddened to hear of the loss of Cris David Putnam.  Cris and Tom Horn have graced the stage of Morningside and The Jim Bakker Show several times. Cris passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday evening March 1, 2017 at the age of 51.   

As a multiple times bestselling Christian author, he was often times featured in major media and was an accomplished apologist and theologian.  We all can agree that his works will continue to inform and inspire others to seek answers to the supernatural events of this world until Christ’s return.


Tom Horn and Cris Putnam at our July 4th celebration!

Tom Horn and Cris Putnam at our July 4th celebration!

Our prayers are with his wife, Michelle, his friends and loving family as they mourn the loss of someone so dear to them.  
SkyWatch TV will be broadcasting a tribute to Cris in the days ahead.  

27 thoughts on “Cris Putnam, Morningside remembers…

  1. I am shocked and so sorry to hear of his loss! So sorry for his family and strongly feel that there needs to be an in depth investigation concerning his death. I believe all of his exposures and all of work over the years has revealed so much over the years that the Catholics and others found he was too big of a liability and he paid with the biggest price of all…. I am so sad to see that someone so intelligent and so willing to stand up and look in the face of evil, this happen to! BUT God knows and will take care of all… God bless and protect his family and all the others on the projects that Chris was working on.

  2. So shocked to hear of this great loss of Chris Putnam. He was so inspiring to me whenever he was on Jim and Lori”s program. My prayers to his family and partner and friend in ministry, Tom Horn.

  3. So saddened and shaken by Cris Putnam’s death at such a deep level. His faith, honesty, even innocense in a way, and understated brilliance has really moved me to tears at his loss. I doubt people realize how much he meant to his viewers. I feel he was on the brink of an even greater discovery and truth in his desk papers and I urge his family to release to the public what he was recently working on, or planning to explore!!! Know he was widely respected and loved by us.

  4. Thanks for your teachings, very impressive & informative our Lord will have a special place 4 you ~u are one of my favorite teachers *

  5. His work was always groundbreaking.he wrote about supernatural things that the body of Christ never adressed.

  6. So shocked and saddened to hear of Chris’ passing. Way too soon!!!! May all those who mourn his leaving be comforted by the Holy Spirit. As the loving Word of God reminds us sorrow only lasts for the evening but JOY COMETH IN THE MORNING!! Look forward to meeting up with Chris very soon as this world comes to a close.

  7. I so valued Chris Putnam’s work and we know that the work he did will help usher God’s Glory in the earth. Truth along with righteousness has a way of doing that eventually. May family and friends be comforted through everything he said and did.

  8. I am truly saddeened to hear of the loss of this Great Warrior for Jesus. We have all been blessed with his amazing research and I am the proud owner of two of his most wonderful books. My prayers go to his family and to Jesus for his provision of strength and endurance for them during this time. Cris rests in the arms of Jesus now – a place where we all wish to be. Thank you Cris for making such a big impact on this Godless world. We look forward to joining you and hearing even more. Chrissy.

  9. Wow. To lose another man of God way to soon. Enjoyed his times with you and Tom. They were the first to really get me into the mysteries. Amazing information he was able to bring to the written Word.
    God bless
    Ken D

  10. This is hard to hear. I so gleaned from his teachings. An Incredible gifted man gone too soon from us. Praying for his family Chris we loved you and will always miss you. Rest in Jesus.

  11. Truly this was a loss for the body of Christ. Praying for someone to take up the mantle of both his mission and his passion!!

  12. Am totally shocked to learn about Cris Putman’s death. He was a brilliant man and a great example in the body of Christ. May God comfort his family. What loss for us and a gain for heaven.

  13. Another great believer
    ..leaving this earth seemingly too soon. What a mind!! Smart. Insightful.Curious.Interesting
    My only exposure to who he is..was on the Jim Bakker show.
    Thank you again Jim & Lori for your faithfulness to keep on keeping on!!

  14. very sorry to hear of chris putnams passing he was excellent in his work & findings we shall all miss him with sadden hearts.

  15. Chris Putnam, such a loss too soon. Reading his books. Amazed at his knowledge and insight. My prayers for his family.

  16. I am so sorry to hear about the passing of our dear friend. May the one to whom peace belongs bring comfort to the family.

  17. Mr. Cris David Putnam:

    Thank you for all the knowledge you have shared with us believers & non-believers.

    Because of your research & writings, my understandings within the Word of God has had another dimension added into it. I still have much study within your research left to be done. Such intrigue you have set up for us all.

    Any & all unfinished works by you, I do pray that such will be put together & released for us to dive into. Even if in manuscript(s) or unfinished notes, such would get all the more gears turning for those of us whose foundation is strong & established in the Lord God Almighty.

    Thank you, gladiator Putnam.
    I will see you later.
    But not yet. Not yet.

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