High speed Passenger Train collides with Freight Train in Greece

Smoke rises from trains as firefighters and rescuers operate after a collision near Larissa city, Greece. (AP)

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Important Takeaways:

  • Fiery train crash in Greece leaves 36 dead, at least 85 injured
  • A fiery train collision in Tempe, Greece, killed 36 people and injured at least 85 others on Tuesday after a passenger train carrying hundreds of people struck an oncoming freight train at high speed.
  • Multiple cars derailed and at least three of them burst into flames following the wreck, which occurred just before midnight. Rescue crews illuminated the scene with floodlights as they searched through the smoking debris for survivors.
  • Survivors said several passengers were launched through the windows of the train cars because of the impact, while others attempted to free themselves after the passenger train landed in a field next to the tracks near a gorge.
  • “Carriage one and two no longer exist, and the third has derailed,”
  • It was not immediately clear what led to the collision.

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