Make Plans Today for the Morningside Christmas Concert Series!

Christmas Concert Series 2017 Christmas Concert Series 2017

By Kami Klein

Morningside Christmas is always so special.  This time of year can become so hectic that many of us may lose sight of the happiness that Christmas brings to our hearts! After all it IS Jesus’ birthday!  This December, let the sweet melodies from yesterday and today warm your spirit with the true meaning of Christmas! Join us and our families on Grace Street for an amazing Christmas Concert Series experience! Make plans today and let’s bring on the joy of the season together!  

PTL Band and Singers Concert – Friday, December 9th at 7 pm

What better way to open our Christmas Concert series this December than with the PTL Band and Singers!  The Jim Bakker Show would not be the same without this talented group of entertainers whose joy for the Lord shines through with every note!  Join us on Friday, December 8th at 7PM and jump start your Christmas Spirit with the entire family!  

The Chrisagis Brothers Concert – Friday, December 15th at 7 pm

Feel the spirit of the season with the music and warmth of Christmas as we welcome The Chrisagis Brothers in concert Friday, December 15th at 7pm here at Morningside.  These dynamic twin brothers are known for their wholesome family entertainment and fun.  Nationally they are loved for their inspiring life story about God’s Miracle Healing Power and their popular Christian music with 6 successful CD’s to their credit.  Their CD, “Playing with Life & Death” was so successful that they were the first Christian artists to be on MTV with their music.  In 2016, the Chrisagis Brothers won “Best Christian Duo” in the Extraordinary People Awards and have won powerful acclaim, nominations and awards for many other incredible albums.  Bring the family and welcome in the Christmas joy with The Chrisagis Brothers!

Tammy Sue Bakker Concert- Friday December 22, at 7 pm

There are a constant stream of requests from Partners all over the world wanting to hear Tammy Sue Bakker sing!  On Friday, December 22, at 7pm our Christmas concert series will conclude with our own Tammy Sue Bakker on Grace Street.  In her dad’s words, “Tammy Sue’s voice has never been more powerful!”  Your heart will be filled with the true meaning of Christmas as you relax into the music and experience the spirit-led, clear and beautiful songs from this amazing entertainer.  Tammy Sue brings a humility and joy from her voice to the stage of The Jim Bakker Show, reminding others of the healing and power found in God’s love.  We are thrilled to have a whole evening with her!  Hope to see you there!  



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