Mummy Mask May Contain Oldest Discovered Gospel

Daniel 12:4 NLT “But you, Daniel, keep this prophecy a secret; seal up the book until the time of the end, when many will rush here and there, and knowledge will increase."

A team of researchers accidentally discovered what could be the oldest known copy of a gospel in existence.

The scientists were looking at a papyrus wrapped mummy mask when they discovered a piece of the Gospel of Mark.  The papyrus dates back to around 90 A.D., at least 10 years older than any previously found Biblical gospel text.

The Smithsonian said that the mummy mask for the average person turned into a mummy was recycled material like papyrus.  The classic image of ancient mummies with jewels and golden sarcophagi was only for the wealthy.

The research team will be using a method to unglue papyrus that will keep smearing the ink.

“We’re recovering ancient documents from the first, second and third centuries,” Craig Evans, a professor of New Testament studies at Acadia Divinity College in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, told Live Science.

Evans said that the mummy mask’s text could show that the Gospel of Mark has been changed over time by multiple translations.

5 thoughts on “Mummy Mask May Contain Oldest Discovered Gospel

  1. The scriptures were very rare in 90 A.D., it seems wasteful to use such rare writings as recycled material. Perhaps this copy of Mark was recycled because it was inaccurately copied. Instead of throwing it away, it was used in a mummy mask.

  2. very interesting, there has been hundreds, if not thousdans of people copying translating ,the bible. and all it takes is one changed word, or comma to change a meaning of a sentence.

  3. Really? Could have been changed? How much could all of the translations been changed in just ten years time? And why would this one be considered more authentic than all the other copies we have? And where was this mummy? It looks very well preserved. Hmmm.Were they still frequently mummifying bodies then? This all sounds a little fishy.

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