My Miracle in the Upper Room

by Zach Drew

A couple of weeks before we left for the Old Heritage USA in North Carolina, I was standing next to Pastor Jim as he was on the phone with a wonderful lady named Julie Pigg. He told her to contact every single network that the Jim Bakker Show was on and ask them to put on Generation NOW.

As soon as he said that, I couldn’t have been more excited! Pastor Jim had also asked me to start writing up a letter to send to the OWNERS of the networks and on the bottom of every single letter he would add a hand written note to those powerful men. If that didn’t say that he supported and believed in Gen NOW, I don’t know what would! So, Andrew Lietzen (the Vice President of Broadcasting) and I started working on these letters and gave them to Pastor Jim so he could start the handwritten notes.

On 2/22/13, I got my Gen NOW team together in the prayer chapel under the “Wall of Agreement” and I had the whole team pray over these letters that were in manila envelopes sitting on the communion table ready to be shipped out to the owners, and we agreed in the name of Jesus that he was going to do a miracle!

Well…five days later, I was in the upper room in Fort Mill S.C. at the old Heritage USA, waiting for the first show of the “Restoration Celebration” to begin. I saw Julie Pigg, the lady Pastor had called, walk by me. And THAT’s when MY miracle happened that day in the upper room!

I went up and asked her (honestly not expecting anything to have happened yet) if she had heard back from any of the networks concerning Gen NOW yet. She looked at me, right in my eyes, and with a smile she said, “Well, so far we have heard back from two networks that will run your show. These two networks will put you on DIREC TV and Dish Network. So that comes out to 42 million homes in America.”

… I was speechless! I didn’t know what to do. I believed it! But at the same time, how could I!?

I had been working up to this point for nearly four years, day-in day-out, trying to make it work, ALL because I believed I had a calling from GOD to change the world through media. My calling, since my radical experience with the supernatural realm my junior year of high school, was to create the new dimension of Christian Television for my generation. I’ve been through several internet shows from hosting a show called “Safelock” to “The Vision” to “The Plug” to “Master’s Media Presents” and now finally, “Generation NOW!”

As I sit back and think about how thankful I am that I NEVER gave up; all those times it became sooo difficult when the easiest route would have been to go right out the door. Those long nights crying before the Lord, wondering if He was still there by my side. Wondering if I had truly heard from God. On those nights, all I craved was confirmation that I was still on the right path.

The only thing that was coming into my head was, “We did it! We did it! Ahhh! We did it! To God be all the glory!!” There were wooden pew-like benches in the upper room and all I was able to do at that moment was sit down and try to contain myself. As I started to feel the tears forming in my eyes, I repeated in my head over and over again, “God, you are so good!!!” When I just couldn’t contain myself any longer, I jumped up with my head down towards the floor and made my way to the back door of the upper room.

I flung open the back door and placed my arms on the stone railing of the sidewall of the upper room. As I hung my head there, I  started to bawl. The Joy was overwhelming! I couldn’t believe what God had done! Its true! It’s really true! All the things He had told me that He called me to do! He was right there next to me the entire time! He is so faithful! He is so good! So worthy to be praised!! And it’s all so awesome to me that it all happened in the middle of the Upper Room!

If that’s not prophetic, then I don’t know what is!! Wow! God is good!

I hope this story gives you hope, even in those times where you feel alone – questioning what God is doing. Don’t EVER EVER EVER give up on what God has told you to do!

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