PTL Television Network Now Providing Video on Demand!

Watch PTL TV Network Video On Demand

PTL Television Network; the Voice of the Prophets, is now providing Free Video ON DEMAND, available right now!  This is wonderful news for those who do not have ROKU!  Now you can have unlimited access to all of the amazing programs on the PTL Television Network anytime you wish!

One can define a prophet as a person thought of as an inspired teacher or proclaimer of the will of God. PTL Television Network IS the Voice of the Prophets!  God has guided some of today’s greatest teachers and biblical scholars to the PTL Television Network.   Every program, from those that were taped long ago to those that are still in production, have been blessed by the inspiration of God.

You can enjoy PTL Network inspiration anytime with programming the entire family can watch!  We are so proud to offer a voice for today’s prophets and teachers!  Keep watching to see what we will be adding next!!  

Watch and experience the following programming currently available on the PTL Television Network:

Don’t miss one single episode of The Jim Bakker Show.  Through PTL Television Network you catch up on special interviews and guests at your convenience, including the Jim Bakker Show episodes that haven’t even gone on out over the air!  Join Jim and Lori Bakker with co-hosts, Zach Drew and Sasha Volz as they bring to the stage today’s greatest prophets, health experts, and leaders of the Christian world to discuss and understand Biblical prophecy and the Revelations of God’’s Word.

Join hosts Zach Drew, Sasha Volz and Andrew Bellers for Revelation in the News as they explore current news topics, the implications of these events and the perfect timing that is contained in the Word of God.  You only have to look at all that is occurring in the world today to see God’s revelations being revealed.

The Classic Jim Bakker Show was launched in 2003 in Branson, MO. From Studio City Cafe to the beautiful Grace Street at Morningside, these classic episodes feature truly inspirational guests with amazing messages that are still relevant in today’’s world!

Guests include Pat Boone, Gary Smalley, Tommy Reid, Billye Brim, Matthew Barnett and John Paul Jackson just to name a few!

Classic PTL Club was broadcast into the homes and hearts of America with the messages of hope and unconditional love! Taped before a live studio audience and reaching beyond the border of the Heritage Village Church and Heritage USA, The PTL Club featured the best in Christian music, dynamic testimonies and faith-building messages. Enjoy classic episodes with hosts Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye Bakker along with Jamie Charles and Tammy Sue Bakker.

Every program of The Underground is fused with Biblical prophecy, current events, and the global missions movement. Join host, Joel Richardson, on the front lines of Christianity as he reveals a raw glimpse of what God is doing among the nations. The Underground focuses on the most important issues of the day while challenging viewers to not just understand what is happening throughout the world, but how they should respond.

Jim Bakker teaches Revelation Revealed,  an epic journey through the Book of Revelation! You will see Revelation events unfold before your very eyes using examples from motion pictures and real life events! Read the Scriptures along with Pastor Bakker, complete with direct translations and word studies in the original Greek and Hebrew to enhance your understanding of this prophetic text.  This is a the most comprehensive study of Revelation around. With Video on Demand you can watch an episode as many times as you wish and get a true understanding of one of one of the most misunderstood books in the Bible that there is!

Join your host Rick Joyner for Prophetic Perspectives.  Covering a multitude of topics happening now in our world, Pastor Rick’s unapologetic insights provide a prophetic twist and biblical perspective along with riveting discussions that are both timely and thought provoking. You will not want to miss a single program!

SkyWatch TV covers the latest-breaking news and information on cutting-edge topics such as religion, prophecy, discovery, and the supernatural through in-depth, investigative reports. Hosts Tom Horn, Derek Gilbert and the News Raiders Team along with renowned experts, investigate and uncover mysteries in the field of theology and prophecy.

Morningside Seminars showcase some of the greatest guests who have appeared on Grace Street.  These amazing teachings were taped exclusively for our audience.  

Rick Wiles, Bill Salus, Dr. Chuck Missler, Joel Richardson, Rick Joyner, Michael Snyder, Mark Biltz, Dr. Paul Williams and John Shorey are a few of the prophets and teachers that God has brought to help Christians understand the world today, live healthier lives, expand our spiritual knowledge, and prepare and manage their finances.

Our Ready NOW Expo videos have too much information to list! These amazing programs teach preparedness through informative seminars featuring exciting speakers who provide vital information on security, health, food storage, emergency medical information and much more! These experts inspire with the Word of God and bring understanding regarding events that are happening in this world RIGHT NOW!

The Watch with Michael & Meranda Snyder is one of our new shows in our programing lineup. This half hour program is absolutely packed with news, information and teaching with a special focus on Bible prophecy. Just as millions of readers have discovered on The Economic Collapse Blog, Michael Snyder has a unique ability to dig up and report stories that are of absolutely critical importance to believers today.

TRUNEWS hosted by Rick Wiles is the world’’s leading news source for a conservative, orthodox Christian worldview providing a positive alternative to the mainstream media. Although world events are indicators that His return is drawing closer, Jesus told us that the end would not come until the Gospel of the Kingdom is preached unto all nations. Rick Wiles hosts a variety of experts in the topics of politics, world news and Revelation as they report, analyze, and comment on global events and trends.

Bishop Ron Webb has been considered by many to be “A Pastor To Pastors”. His new show, Leadership from Behind the Scenes taped here at Morningside studios provides biblically-based advice for leaders and ministers of all faiths!  Bishop Webb has wise counsel for those parishioners in leadership roles and a unique understanding to those devoted to their church family.  His open and heartfelt talks create an environment of truth as he teaches others to become better shepherds, more loving and accepting Christians and how to better live a life of service to others.


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  2. I would also I’ve heard many teachers on this but you know when a person heart isn’t ready or is closed to the Fullness of the Holy Spirit , they are unteachable until their open themselves up to the Lord. I love hearing about the Baptizm of the Holy Spirit . I learn more each time and this way I can present it as simple as I can..

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