South Korea responds to China and Russia entering their Air Defense Zone by scrambling Jets. Japan has to do the same

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Important Takeaways:

  • South Korea scrambles fighter jets after Chinese and Russian warplanes enter air defense zone
  • Two Chinese H-6 bombers are spotted repeatedly entering and leaving the zone and later returned from the Sea of Japan with six Russian warplanes, the South Korean military says.
  • “Our military dispatched air force fighter jets ahead of the Chinese and Russian aircraft’s entry of the KADIZ to implement tactical measures in preparation for a potential contingency,” the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said.
  • Japan also scrambled fighter jets after the Chinese bombers flew from the East China Sea into the Sea of Japan, where they were joined by two Russian drones, its defense ministry said later.
  • An air defense zone is an area in which countries demand that foreign aircraft take special steps to identify themselves.
  • Moscow does not recognize South Korea’s air defense zone. Beijing said the zone is not territorial airspace and all countries should enjoy freedom of movement there.

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