Caffeine Addiction Linked To Emotional Problems

Millions of Americans drink excess amounts of coffee every day and many others drink energy drinks and energy shots. 

Now, a study is showing that excessive use is creating addictions that lead to a dependence so strong it causes emotional problems.  The problem has become so prevalent that there is now an official diagnosis for it: caffeine use disorder.

“We have people who say caffeine is interfering with their life. They keep saying they’re going to stop, but they can’t,” American University professor Laura Juliano said. “I’ve seen people who have gone to great lengths to get caffeine when it was unavailable. I knew one woman who pretty much ruined her husband’s tropical vacation because she spent half the day looking for caffeine.”

Some studies are suggesting that up to 90 percent of Americans consume caffeine on a regular basis.

Juliano said that despite the widespread use of the drug, there is very little research into the depth of the addiction problem.  She speculated that because most people don’t see caffeine as a dangerous drug, it’s not a priority among researchers.