God Has Need of You!

Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us that there’s a time for every purpose under heaven.  God wants us to understand the times we live in and He wants us to treat them with awe and the proper respect for what is about to take place.

It’s one thing when the world doesn’t respect or acknowledge that God is about to shake things up for one final manifestation of the truth of His Word; it’s another for His own people to be so in love with this world that they don’t want to know anything about the final days of it… as we know it, anyway.

This is a year to choose how you spend your time very wisely.  We have heard from the most authoritative prophetic voices of our times that we are entering a very serious year, and a season of magnificent signs with the Blood Moons that point to something very big, very soon.  Continue reading

Deep Wells Coming Forth!

I knew in the beginning of this year and I had an urgency in my spirit that I had to get my body prepared for the difficult days ahead.  I knew that the physical body had to get well and be strong to live through these final days to help others because this is the “Harvest Time.”

Heaven forbid that the “Harvest Time” becomes a cliché to God’s people.

God chose me, and He chose you to occupy this earth and to work the harvest fields in the very last days and hours before the end of this age. We are not here by happenstance. That’s a hard thing for most people to realize and completely comprehend – and what’s even harder is to grab a hold of the very thing God ordained for you to do before the foundations of the world in this season! Continue reading

A Greater Day is Coming

This is a wonderful time to be alive – a time like none other when the signs of Jesus’ Second Coming are all around us and are screaming from the news headlines every day. These are great days we are living in… but an even Greater Day is coming.

We are definitely privileged to be living in these last days and we know that because we are, there’s a mission and a purpose that is only unto this generation. While the generations before us were charged with going unto all the world to spread the Gospel, our charge is not only spreading the Gospel but standing strong without wavering in the face of vicious attacks by an angry devil (because he knows his time is short). Continue reading

Thank You For Being a Friend!

Whether it’s just a casual “how are you?” or a heartfelt, “sit down and tell me what’s going on in your life,” or a caring comment on Facebook… friends can bring you great joy and comfort. I’ve never needed friends more than now as I go through this health crisis – and I have old and new friends that have been so comforting and supportive.

Proverbs 17:17 says, “A friend loves you all the time, and a brother helps in time of trouble.”  That goes for sisters, too!

When I think of our new friends like Rabbi Cahn or John Shorey, or perhaps YOU, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness to God for enriching our lives with such wonderful people!  Continue reading

Do You Believe in Destiny?

Do you believe in destiny? I do. I have often marveled at the fact that God chose you and me to live in this specific time in the history of the world. We could have been born in any century or any millennium, but He chose this amazing time; what we now know is the last of the last days before He returns, for you and me to be alive. It is not happenstance. It is not coincidence. We are here right now because we are destined to be.

How do I know that? Because the God I serve is the Alpha and the Omega – the God who knows the beginning and the end. He knew Adam and Abraham and Moses and David. He knew Eve and Deborah and Ruth and Esther. Each had a time and a purpose for their lives, and so do you and I. He knew you would read this very blog, and He came via Lori today to tell you that you are born with a purpose and a destiny unto Him! Continue reading

It’s About Finishing Well

I just want to thank you all.  I have literally felt the prayers of the saints during this process of taking these medications to get well.  I know that God is the Great Physician and He is the one who gives medical help so I’m grateful for the process I’m going through even though it’s rough some days.

In the past year or so, I watched my body decline in different areas and I thought my liver was having a hard time.  But, I felt an urgency that I had to get well because of the days we’re living in.  I had to be strong for what God has for us to do!

Jim always thanks me for coming and sitting next to him on the shows when I really should be home in bed.  But that’s my place and my joy because that is what God has given us to do and I want to do it to the best of my ability. Continue reading