Rick Wiles: “God Is Whispering to You”

Recently, we have been listening to the prophets as we enjoyed our Prophetic Conference September 14 – 18. From morning until night we heard from God, we heard truth being spoken from many gifted voices. On Friday night, our prophetic conference concluded with our special guest Rick Wiles.

Rick Wiles, founder of TruNews, was led to speak to us about truly listening to what the Lord is saying to all of us. Rick addressed the question of whether the Holy Spirit has stopped talking.

“Where does it say that the Holy Spirit went mute and stopped talking two thousand years ago? There are some people that believe every single thing someone says that God is saying to them, but there has to be discernement. Satan gets in and confuses people. Discernment is key to knowing what God’s voice is.”

Wiles encouraged people to remember that God is talking to us all the time, wanting us to feel close to him. We expect him to be yelling out to us with signs and hearing His voice loud and clear but sometimes we have to listen harder and it is only because God is whispering.

“The reason God whispers to us is to beckon to us. If I am speaking to you in a very low whisper you have to get to the place where you are cheek to cheek with me to hear me. The reason God lowers his voice is to draw you closer to him. He is not being silent. You have to turn off the distractions. Society is inundated with distractions. Turn it off and listen to God’s voice.”

Reminding us too that God is not all flash and signs but desires a personal relationship with us. Every day He is sending His gifts and signs of His love for us, but we are not paying attention. We are not taking that time to spend and listen to what God wishes for us and what He is willing to show our hearts. Rick went on to say,

“People tend to want to know about the dramatic stuff. It’s always on the extreme. God moves in a quiet way and you have to look and listen and discern what God is doing in our lives. If you are going to walk in this time that we are in, you are going to have to listen to the whisper. We shouldn’t need huge signs all around us! We should be hearing his voice! Hearing, discerning and obeying.”

Learning to hear God was what this Prophetic Conference was all about and the amazing speakers found here at Morningside filled us with truly heartfelt revelations of these times. We do hope you will consider ordering these very valuable teachings. This is an incredible DVD set containing all of the show tapings, afternoon sessions and evening services. We wish you could have been here with us but we made sure you wouldn’t miss a single moment!