A Powerful Outpouring On Grace Street

Last night, the Holy Spirit rained down on those in attendance at a special service led by Pastor Lloyd Zeigler, Bill Mulder and the members of the Master’s Commission team leading the worship.

After a powerful opening of worship that extended much longer than anyone had planned, Pastor Ziegler shared a powerful word about the chains that the enemy places upon us and the significance of Jesus paying the price for us.

“I was in Memphis, Tennessee,” Pastor Ziegler said, Continue reading

Pastor Lloyd Zeigler – October 11, 2011

Pastor Jim & Lori Bakker are delighted to welcome their dear friend and ministry colleague, Pastor Lloyd Zeigler back to Morningside for a live show taping on Tuesday, October 11th, at 10:30 a.m. on Grace Street. Lori Bakker was discipled and trained for ministry under Pastor Lloyd and his wife, Chris, through their Master’s Commission program at Phoenix First Assembly for 10 years prior to meeting Pastor Jim. Pastor Zeigler, along with others, officiated at their wedding in 1998, and at their daughter, Maricela’s, wedding last year at Morningside. Continue reading