Why I Share My Testimony

It is never pleasant to relive the past when I share my testimony.  But I do it because God uses it to comfort others.  A hurting woman knows I understand her pain and suffering when she hears that I have been down the same road.  And when she receives healing from God, she will extend that same comfort to yet others so that the circle of wounded healers widens.

I’ll never forget the first time I shared a short testimony before a group of women at Phoenix First in the fall of 1990.  I had panicked at the thought of standing before the pastors’ wives and the matriarchs of the church and telling them even the briefest highlights of my sordid past.  I had been a Christian for only about eighteen months, and I still carried a dump truck size load of shame about my past sins, even though I knew God had forgiven me and completely changed my life—in fact, he had called me into full-time ministry. Continue reading

The Healing Ministry of Kathy Troccoli (Pt 3)

This week I am continuing to share the ministry of Kathy Troccoli because it is so needed in today’s culture – inside the church and outside.  Life and it’s circumstances can be harsh at times, and we all need to know that there is hope… that God loves us through all the pain.  On one show recently, we talked about how you are defined by the people who love you. For some out there, this is definitely a blessing, but for others, it can seem like a curse… until you are born again and realize that the God of the Universe loves you unconditionally!

Let’s hear from Kathy. Continue reading