The weekly devotions on this page are written by our staff, volunteers and those involved in intercessory prayer ministry. We are grateful for their contribution and heart after God.

A new devotion will be posted every Monday.

Why Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Clete Snellenberger

Multitudes of Christians are praying for the peace of Jerusalem, but why? What good does it do? Is praying about this really necessary? What does God have to say about this subject?

God Himself instructs us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. He also tells us that this nation is the apple of His eye! When one hears the Shepherd’s voice, praying for Jerusalem is a mandatory requirement, not an option.

Just a quick history lesson is needed here: Continue reading

The Presence of the Lord

Betty Dewhirst

In my last devotional I shared about my husband being healed at a camp meeting. That experience was the beginning of a real turnaround in our lives.

We returned home from the family camp we attended in Southern California with a deep hunger in our hearts for more of God. Just a few years earlier we had been consumed with building and furnishing our new home, but now our hearts were focused on spiritual things. The things of earth had faded in significance and had been replaced with a burning desire to know God. Continue reading

Light Up!

Sharon Couchman

Okay, okay, before jumping to the conclusion that I’m promoting smoking, please continue reading.

Jesus said that He was the light of the world, but before He left planet Earth He described His followers as the light. We all need to be reminded of our identity in Christ and that God’s light is within us. Así, since you are the light, how do you “light up?"

First of all, acknowledge that you are a child of the light! Continue reading

A House of Prayer

TerryLynn Stubblefield

Marca 11:17 Is it not written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations’?

God has called the Church to be a house of prayer for all nations. We are to be known for prayer. It’s not that other issues are not important, because they certainly are. But when we line things up with God’s priority, it’s like buttoning a shirt. We button the top button first, and then everything else begins to match up and begins to work.

Somewhat similarly, it’s like when we fail to tithe or honor the Sabbath in an effort to have enough money and enough time for ourselves. These efforts are in vain because we are denying God’s blessings on our own efforts. Continue reading

The Priority of Prayer

Shirley Nickle

Prayer changes things. Prayer changes you! And prayer is essential for a Christian’s life to be victorious. Is your prayer life just a ritual? The plague of prayerlessness is rampant throughout the Body of Christ, but this should not be so. The real enemy of your soul, the devil, does not want you to communicate with the God of the universe! In fact, the sly fox has even convinced some today that you can’t hear from God!

Neglecting to pray can open the door for the enemy to have access to your life. Prayer requires discipline and obedience. To me prayer is my life sourcewithout prayer it is difficult for me to even function. Prayer is life. It is our bread. Prayer provides oxygen to every cell of our body. As a fish is out of water so am I without prayer with Him. Continue reading