The weekly devotions on this page are written by our staff, volunteers and those involved in intercessory prayer ministry. We are grateful for their contribution and heart after God.

A new devotion will be posted every Monday.

To Be Like-Minded

Not too long ago my husband and I went home to Michigan for our nephew’s wedding. We also spent time with family members on all sides. Two years ago we moved from Michigan to Blue Eye, Missouri. It was a calling of the Lord to leave all and go and learn to be a servant of the Lord.

A short time after we returned home from the wedding, I realized one day how much I had missed sharing with those of Like-mindedness while I was away on my trip. Continue reading

You Can Trust God’s Word

Clete Snellenberger

I am so thankful for God’s Word and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Continue reading

What Will Your Answer Be? (Pt. 2)

Sharon Couchman

Fear – we’ve all experienced it. Perhaps the enemy has you convinced that you will never be delivered. Maybe you have already resigned to living in anxiety. Well, Jesus said He came to set the captives free! That includes you and me and anything we are captive to — including fear.

Stay close to God. The more we understand who God is, the less fear we will have. Does this mean that we won’t ever struggle with temptations to fret or that worry will never invade our thought life? No, but as we spend more time with God, better comprehend and experience His love, power and strength, the more we will rely upon Him. Continue reading

What Will Your Answer Be? (Pt. 1)

Sharon Couchman

Christian persecution in America and throughout the world is definitely on the rise and is becoming more common. More and more Christians are being martyred every year. Now with the escalation in killings by various terrorist groups, that number is increasing daily. Just today I read about Christian women missionaries being targeted, raped and crucified. God help us!

The recent mass shooting in Roseburg, Oregon, pierced my heart and drove me to pray fervently for the families of the victims and survivors. Those of you who have experienced a loved one dying suddenly, no matter the cause, know the devastating impact it has on your whole being. My heart broke for those who lost loved ones, the injured survivors, and everyone who experienced this trauma. Continue reading

Trust in the Lord!

Sharon Couchman

If ever there was a time to put your trust in the Lord, the time is now!  Prophetic events are occurring at an amazing pace and even for those trying to keep up with the latest happenings, it has been challenging.  During these troublesome times — the likes of which we’ve never seen before — commit to trusting God in every area and circumstance in your life.

Many of you have walked with the Lord for a long time and have learned to trust God through very difficult trials.  However, even devout and committed Christians are struggling now more than ever with thoughts of fear and apprehension about the future.  We are witnessing horrific violence, unrest, threats of war, water and food shortages, apocalyptic weather patterns throughout the world, political upheavals, and earthquakes (to mention a few.) Continue reading

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