The weekly devotions on this page are written by our staff, volunteers and those involved in intercessory prayer ministry. We are grateful for their contribution and heart after God.

A new devotion will be posted every Monday.

Vamos Conversar 2015 (Pt. 2)

Sharon Couchman

Eu realmente acredito que 2015 will be an amazing year in God. The heavens are speaking to us through the blood moons, eclipses solares e lunares, flares solares, asteróides que se aproximam da atmosfera terrestre, etc.

Let’s join the good company of the sons of Issachar who could identify the current season. (I Crônicas 12:32) A mighty move of God is heading our way. We serve an amazingly, amoroso, Salvador bondoso e misericordioso, que deseja que nenhum pereça! God is hearing the cry of His people and He will not turn a deaf ear. Continue lendo

Vamos Conversar 2015 (Pt. 1)

Sharon Couchman

Bem, aqui vamos nós outra vez! For you devoted readers you will recognize that this “talk” happens at the beginning of every year. Let’s first start by looking back and then we will move forward into the new year.

Na minha própria vida e com muitos dos meus conhecidos, 2014 Foi um grande desafio, yet rewarding year. Many doors of ministry opportunity have opened, bem como portas de fechamento, because assignments from the Lord have been fulfilled. In the Prayer Center we have heard many wonderful testimonies of answered prayer and we give God all the glory! Continue lendo

Uma noite, acima de tudo Nights

O que foi aquela noite, por que foi especial para você e para mim?

It was the night our Saviour was born. Why was He born?

Isaías 35:10 - "Eles devem obter prazer e alegria e tristeza eo gemido fugirão." NVI Continue lendo

Estratégias da batalha

I wanted to share some messages I recently received from the Lord during my personal time with Him. I pray they will be a blessing and encouragement to you as well.

Eu ouvi o Senhor dizendo::

"Caros Amigos,

I am here. Here with you, here in you. Não tenha medo. Look to me and be enlightened and saved. Isaías 45:22. I will show you the short and simple message that people need to hear and live by in these days.” Continue lendo

O Chamado de Deus

Betty Dewhirst

Eu queria compartilhar com vocês uma verdadeira história de uma jovem britânica chamada Gladys Aylward que atendeu o chamado de Deus em sua vida. Ela enfrentou muita oposição quando ela disse "sim" a Jesus. I pray that her legacy will inspire you to answer God’s call on your life no matter the cost.

What Gladys accomplished in her ministry was beyond what anyone ever expected. She was rejected by a mission board as being unqualified but she decided to trust the Lord completely for provision. She stepped out in faith and walked in obedience to the Lord. Continue lendo