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Pastor Jim & Lori Bakker discuss Morningside Master’s Media on The Jim Bakker Show.


I Know Who Holds Tomorrow


“This is a new beginning of the next generation of Christian television, which is going to come from the generationNOW network. God spoke to me to build the school and eventually the students will run their own school. He told me not to do it, but to allow the students to do it.” -Pastor Jim Bakker

“When you support us, when you do send us money, it is not just for us but also for the legacy. It is for the people who are going to be here in years to come that will keep coming and building this place. -Sasha Volz (Masters of Media student)


The Master’s Media students have great responsibilities as worship leaders and producers of the next generation. These young people march to a different beat, as their heart desires to please God in a special way through their talents. These students help to produce the broadcast each and every day. From cameras, to sound and lights, these students dedicate their lives to sharing the gospel with those who may not be able to hear it.

Pastor Jim gives some powerful prophecies to some of the Master’s Media students. Brandon, who now works the cameras, was once a youth in a great deal of trouble. Agora, he is using his talents to produce Christian rap.

Josiah, another student, began writing songs when he was just 12 anos. He never embraced the gift until he reached the age of 15 anos. He lived on the mission field with his parents. When he began showing the gifts that he had hidden, his parents were amazed as they had no idea. From the age of 15 until now, he has never stopped but has further expanded his talents. He counts it an honor to sing and write beautiful music to please God.

These students have helped to build the tabernacle and while they support Pastor Jim in his ministry, they will be the ones to take it further. Building a network for young people requires money and a great deal of time. The equipment is expensive, but worth every penny. The goal of Pastor Jim and Lori is to have a ministry that will be broadcast all over the world and show the love of Christ to all. These media students are willing vessels that God is using for His glory to be broadcast.

Those who want to become involved in the Master’s Media program can become a student by simply calling or visiting the website. There is an application available for those who are interested and want to become involved in this amazing program. Pastor Jim shared a video that was produced by the Master’s Media students. The video was thought provoking and really shows the type of work that is being done in this school.

Pastor Jim and Lori continue to urge people to prepare for the upcoming disasters that are sure to happen. Earthquakes, tornadoes and other natural disasters are proving Matthew 24 to be accurate in its prophecies of end times. The children of God should heed the warning and they need to be ready.


I Pedro 2:9 KJV Mas vós sois a geração eleita, sacerdócio real, uma nação santa, um povo peculiar; que vos publicarão os louvores d'Aquele que vos chamou das trevas para a sua maravilhosa luz;

I Pedro 2:11 NIV Queridos amigos, Exorto-vos, como estrangeiros e exilados, abster-se de desejos pecaminosos, que a guerra contra a sua alma.

Marca 16:15 KJV E ele lhes disse:, Ide por todo o mundo, e pregai o evangelho a toda criatura.

Mateus 10:41 KJV Quem recebe um profeta na qualidade de profeta, receberá a recompensa de profeta; e quem recebe um justo em nome de um homem justo, receberá a recompensa de justo.

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