Религиозные обряды

The weekly devotions on this page are written by our staff, volunteers and those involved in intercessory prayer ministry. We are grateful for their contribution and heart after God.

A new devotion will be posted every Monday.

Что такое Честь?

Когда я был студентом в церкви Билла Джонсона в Реддинг, Калифорния, one thing amazed me even more than the many miracles I saw taking place there. It was the unrestrained, lavish and joyful outpouring of Honor which was a daily occurrence at Bethel. Конечно, we students stood and clapped and cheered loudly for at least five minutes whenever Bill or Associate Pastors Chris or Danny came to the podium to teach us. But we also did it for anyone who stepped on the stage: an administrator, бухгалтер или даже однокурсник. Продолжить чтение

Христианина Yellow Pages

Where do we look when we need service? Some people actually use the Yellow Pages, что книга составлена ​​из услуг, предоставляемых.

Чтение моя Библия один слез ночь слова в Исаии 9 became alive to me. “His Name shall be called, Замечательный, Консультант, Бог крепкий, и Князь мира ".

Страдая от лет злоупотребления, безнадзорности и неверность, my family was all but destroyed. Help had been sought from pastors and counselors of all kinds. All advised me to get out of that relationship as it was killing me. Продолжить чтение

В ролях Ваши заботы

Sharon Couchman

Как многие из вас хотели ловить рыбу? The first requirement of fishing is to have the right equipment! Now in the old days if we didn’t have a rod or reel, we would improvise using a flexible tree branch or twig. Then we attached some strong twine and tied on a hook. We would catch a live grasshopper or dig up some wiggly worms and put the live bait on the hook.

The next step was to “cast” the fishing line into the water. When we felt a tug on the line we would retrieve the make-shift rod and reach for the fish. Sometimes the hook would get caught on something and in our excitement, думая, что это рыба, мы бы рвануть линию только, чтобы найти там ничего. Продолжить чтение

Радость! Радость! Радость!

The other day I woke up with not a lot of joy in my heart. So much has been going on in my life this past month. God has been so very good, but for some reason I didn’t feel the JOY that I normally do each morning. After a quick conversation with the Lord, и молитва, Я продолжал собираться на работу и заниматься делом Отца Моего на день.

At work we corporately come together for prayer each day. It wasn’t long after we started praying that my supervisor shared the importance of maintaining Joy in our daily duties as the enemy comes to steal, rob and destroy it. She mentioned how important Joy was in every aspect of our lives. И противник знает важность Это для нас. Продолжить чтение

День мой отец сказал Good-Bye

Betty Dewhirst

Recently I was sharing with two friends and they suggested that I might want to share with you what I had related to them. As I thought about it later, Я решил сделать так, надеясь, что Святой Дух служить другим, которые в период скорби по поводу потери любимого человека.

Во-первых, Я хотел бы дать вам некоторый фон, где наша семья была в то время в нашей жизни, так что вы сможете иметь четкое представление обо всем. Продолжить чтение