Rabbi Jonathan Cahn “Following God’s Heavenly Blueprint”

Whenever Rabbi Jonathan Cahn comes to Morningside, a unique peace falls over Grace street. The presence of the Holy Spirit embraces the audience and a calmness sweeps quietly from person to person. Rabbi’s voice has the ability to flow from his heart and into the listener’s spirit. There has never been a time when he has spoken here where he did not have a powerful message that God wanted us to hear. This time the words spoken over the crowd were powerfully personal.

Before God acts, he plans, and the Bible is a blueprint for the course of humankind and this world. We can see the movement of that blueprint throughout history but many wonder about the role that they play and for the purpose of their life. No one but Rabbi could make the answer feel so clear.

“The whole Book of Revelation is like a blueprint of what God is going to do. It talks about the lamb that was slain before the foundation of the earth. First it (the plan) is revealed then it comes. There is a pattern. If you have any question as to whether God has a purpose for your life I tell you this, God has a blueprint for the lives of ALL of His people. There IS a heavenly pattern to your life! “

Rabbi reassured the audience that God knows each and every one of us and that HE has had a divine plan for our lives all along. Many of us wonder how we will fulfill God’s plans for our lives? How do we do it?

According to Rabbi, the number one thing we can do to discover His plans for us is obedience to His Will. The more that you obey the Will of God, the more He will lead you into the destiny that is yet to come. Reading the Word of God and living by it is the second thing. The Word of God is the Will of God manifest, so the more you live your life according to the Will of God and the Word of God, the more the plans of God come to fruition. By living in the Word, you are following a general pattern of how you should live your life.

Another key to following God’s divine blueprint for your life is “living by faith”. Faith is what connects you to the will and the plans of God.

Rabbi continued by explaining that there is also something very sacred that will allow the plans and destiny of your life to be revealed.
“When God created the World, when he began the creation, the Bible says the Spirit of God was upon the waters. So, as He is creating, the ‘spirit of God ‘ is part of the act of creation. The spirit is the agent of God’s will. It translates the will of God into reality. The more you live your life according to the Spirit, by the HOLY spirit, the more the plans of God will be manifested.”

Living in the Spirit, moving to His Will, living in the heart of God, will lead you to the exact plan that God has for you.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn knows God’s Word and creatively related story after story within the scriptures and in his own life regarding God’s Divine plan for ordinary people, just like you and me, whose lives became extraordinary once they bowed to the Will of God in their lives and captured the blueprint that God had drawn up for them.

Imagine how much is given from heaven that has not been received. Imagine how many times people have begun living the pattern of the divine plan for their life, feel they have messed up and then just quit? But God does not give up on us. And if we go off track HE has a plan to get you back. Rabbi assures and encourages us not to be afraid to live this life that God intended for us.

“He does have a plan for you. God placed every one of you for His purpose. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are His workmanship!. You were conceived to glorify God! You were made to glorify God! You have a destiny to enter into that blueprint that he prepared for you … you have been called … a high and holy calling! Dare to take the Higher Ground! “

God is asking us to have faith. All it takes is one step in obedience towards His loving will, which will immediately set us on the path to finding the pattern and plan that He has created only for YOU! Are you ready to fulfill the glorious plans He has for your life? It is entirely up to you to make that choice!

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