Who Ya Gonna Call? (Pt. 11)

“It sounds as though you have your own little club going here,” said Stan with a smile.

“Oh, not alt all.  In fact, our church is winning more people to Jesus than ever before.  Every day new people show up at our door.  Some come, of course, because they heard that we have food available and are willing to help.  Others come because they have no place else to turn.  But a lot of people want to be a part of a church that cares.” Continue reading

Woe is Me (Pt. 2)

Woe to Him Who is Alone

Up until I went to prison in 1989, I had always had lots of people around me.  Most of those people were slight acquaintances, some were co-workers, some were friends, some were church folk, and some were family.  I must confess that back then, I often got the priorities in my relationships out of order.   I let my slight acquaintances and other working relationships preempt the most important ones that I should have nurtured. Continue reading